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The Viking-sounding name* notwithstanding, Hoggar brandishes no sword. Instead it is so squarely in the noughties’ ‘masculine’ mainstream it hurts. The formula goes: overwhelm with talcy sweetness and call it tonka, give it a squeeze of citrus to remind peeps of the sting of aftershaves, round off with sugared ‘woods’ – et voila! So popular is it that even Guerlain muscled in on the act recently with its ideal bloke, though that chappie had chewed on a few almonds to appear a bit more interesting.
Alas, poor Hoggar, thou may be inoffensive, nay though wagst puppy dog tails most eagerly, but thou be lacking sorely in cojones.

* Hoggar is actually a mountain region in central Sahara.

29th May, 2015
I smell cardamum, cardamum, cardamum ... If you love this spice like I do, it is a very fine, pleasant scent (and - why not - suits well for women, too.)
24th July, 2012
shamu1 Show all reviews
United States

Hoggar is a reference masculine oriental fragrance for me, the kind I'd have someone smell if he wanted to know what an oriental fragrance smelled like. It's warm, spicy, woody and mildly sweet with its amber base, good to wear all year long because it's not a heavy or overly sweet scent. It's dry and transparent enough to wear in the heat of summer, but spicy and rich enough to warm your heart in the dead of winter. What I like most about Hoggar is its woodiness and a bit of an almondy smell underlying everything. I must respectfully disagree with foetidus' comment about Hoggar smelling synthetic; I find Hoggar to be very natural smelling, in large part because of how well balanced and blended this is.

The only negative thing I can say about this is that it's not particularly inspired or unique, though I can't point to one single fragrance that it's similar to. Hoggar is simply an excellent oriental masculine that just smells great, with excellent all-day longevity and good sillage. It's not some raging powerhouse by any means, but rather a classy, tasteful and rich scent that represents excellent value for your dollar. Another really good release from Yves Rocher..

19th May, 2010
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I love hoggar, it is a sweat fragrance.On me it s verry creamy,chocolaty whit a little bit of spiceness and last a long time
23rd December, 2009 (last edited: 28th February, 2010)
This is not as glorious as many reviews proclaim. Its OK, a bit spicy, sweet gourmandish, some fuzzy notes (not rounded, just fuzzy). I have tried to "like" it, but with sooooooo many other options, I don't see why I would go out of my way to wear this. I prefer such popular sweet spicy offerings as Givenchy Pi, (albeit Pi Fresh), Mugler's A*Men/B*Men and flankers and more.
21st November, 2009

The synthetic combination of bergamot and cedarwood is pernicious. I have known very few fragrances that I found as annoying as Hoggar is when it hits my skin. I bought a bottle blind and it’s another one of my regrets of blind-buying decisions. Regardless of when it was developed, I find Hoggar one of those ‘90s offerings that have that synthetic, conglomerate miasma thing going – only this one is worst than most. In four attempts I have never been able to keep it on my skin for more than fifteen minutes – in the past that has only happened with leather, violet leaf, or orchid prominent fragrances. There is no note listed in Hoggar that I dislike, so I’m guessing my problem with it is the quality of the ingredients or the proportions of the assembly, or maybe it’s the skin reaction thing. In any case, this is an emphatic thumb’s down.

10th August, 2009
This is too sweet smelling and strong, if using too many squirts. Go easy on the trigger, fellas! But, I smelt caramel? I found this to be similar to Obsession, but not as nice. Too nauseating in the warmer months, so stick to cooler days. It does seem to last a looong time, too!
25th January, 2009
vawallpa Show all reviews
United Kingdom
I wanted to love this scent but simply couldn't. It has a note that makes me feel a bit sick, too gingery. Don't get me wrong, it isn't a bad smell but is a bit too much after a while of wearing it. I recommend Désir de Rochas pour Homme, which seems to have perfected the undesirable note that this scent posesses.
15th July, 2008
Very, VERY pleasant stuff! Starts fresh (bergamot) and developes into a smooth combination of chocolate, coffee and vanilla (tonkabean). But very subtle, not in a "smells edible"-way.
One of the nicest fragrances I ever smelled!
Comes in a simple bottle in a nice box with a picture of the Hoggar-desert.
Quality compared to price (no money!) is maybe the best one can get.
01st July, 2007
mjclark Show all reviews
United Kingdom
So complex it's surreal!Chemical opening like A*Men moves quickly into citrus oriental and finally settles down to something akin to a vanilla and fruit D&GPH with a hint of camphor.
First time I put this on I couldn't work out whether I liked it or not.There's a strange synthetic tang which initially deterred me but that I soon found myself relishing.Definitely an acquired taste,bizarre and fascinating.
25th May, 2007
Rich, stylish and long lasting. Smells like a fresh Oriental, like a very traditional formula reworked in order to be less cluttered and lighter. The opening is marine, yet not a synthetic watery, the drydown has an ambery, almost leathery warmth, reminescent of Tuscany or Sienna plus the advantageous cost factor- being both moderately priced and long lasting, theregfore twice a bargain.
25th March, 2007
I love this scent very much. Very warm, lots of vanilla. Got the roll-on too and the price is low. Will get more once I finish this bottle.
24th April, 2006