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Jack Black is a men's line that gets pushed vehemenly at most Nordstrom stores in the US, and is one of their best-sellers, undoubtedly as it serves the role of store exclusive for them in most markets while also being entry-level. I went in testing Jack Black Signature Blue Mark (2005) knowing that this is likely marketed to guys who probably otherwise don't shop Nordstrom much due to high prices, but also to the guy who buys all his stuff there and sees this his haute bourgeois version of Axe. Because this likely serves two disparate levels of the market, it has to be both of mass appeal and a cut above the usual health and beauty aisle accoutrements, while being sold about $20USD below the average designers with which this must share shelf space. I'd say that's a pretty tall order and even for $75USD, Jack Black Signature Blue Mark doesn't quite "hit the mark" (pun intended), but is an adequte "better than most" aquatic if found somewhere on discount.

The opening of Jack Black Signature Blue Mark is the usual aquatic fare, with dihydromyrcenol "freshness" and some fantasy captive notes like "watermint", with a noticeable bergamot and coriander floating around in the ocean of clean. The mintiness of the opening sticks around and is joined by juniper in the heart. Note listings call for vetiver and ginger; I get traces of the former but certainly not the latter, althuogh the mint juniper accord that comprises the character of the scent into the wear is anchored down by a nice oakmoss and musk base which becomes my favorite part of the whole thing. By the end of it all, this draws some parallels to the later Brooks Brothers New York for Gentlemen (2008) but much lighter, cleaner, and without mandarin orange roundness. Jack Black Signature Blue Mark is perfectly serviceable as an office or casual scent, but really isn't too interesting beyond that, with moderate longevity and somewhat weak projection. Use suggestions are late spring through early fall on this one, unless you live in air-conditioned spaces.

Overall, the Jack Black line does serve its purpose dilligently, being that sort of "upper-crust basic toiletry" line for the man too proud to use anything Unilever or Proctor & Gamble sells, but also the man who can't really afford "good cologne" but wants something that he can say he bought from a high-end store rather than the high street store. For me, these kinds of things always come across as a bit of a reach, but I'm also not against using American Crew or Old Spice varieties if they're pleasant, and I'm a frequent wearer of the old drug store aftershaves anyway, so "if it ain't broke" etc. Still, Jack Black (and I don't mean the actor) isn't without his fans, so my words will fall on some deaf ears, but I don't 100% feel Signature Blue Mark is a worthwhile pursuit for the average Joe when for just $20USD more you can move into a proper Chanel or Dior masculine that is leaps and bounds more interesting while also being just about as versatile. Solid Neutral.
10th September, 2019 (last edited: 11th September, 2019)
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United States
A very crisp and cool scent, somewhat reserved and straightforward.

There's a burst of ginger in the very first splash of the opening, which disappears into a soapy gin (juniper). This remains fairly constant through the drydown, with a slight citrus (bergamot) note and a significant aromatic, cooling, minty component. Sweetness and a hint of warmth appear at the end.

Projection is decent for me (those herbal/aromatic notes really carry), but longevity is on the short side.

For someone who likes super fresh, crisp, clean scents, this is worth a try. It will make you feel and smell like you just got out of the shower and brushed your teeth. For me, it's my least favorite of the Jack Black Signature trio.

Rating: 6/10
19th February, 2012
Mild, slightly spicy (maybe ginger, but don't think ginger root), slightly citrus, vaguely reminiscent of John Varvatos Artisan, Perry Ellis 360 Red, or even Burberry Sport. Pleasant enough, but not on my "to get" list.
09th December, 2011
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Nice, inoffensive spring to early fall scent. Hints of juniper and musk. Bottle claims to have note of ginger which I can't detect but it might be because I'm looking for a ginger like in Gucci Envy for Men. This is nice but not highly noteworthy.
10th June, 2008
A light summery scent. Nothing spectacular nor original. Nice.
29th April, 2007