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Positive Reviews of Jack Black Signature Blue Mark by Jack Black

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A big thumbs up from me for Jack Black Signature Blue Mark! It is fresh and clean in all the right ways! I'm not a "blue" aquatic fragrance fan, but this is the way they should be done. It is excellent and I will have it! I must say that I seem to like Jack Black's aesthetic. Nice fragrance here...
27th December, 2018
This is my daily signature scent. The first time I smelled it, it did SOMETHING to me. I just kept smelling my wrist over and over and over for hours. This is my favorite cologne in the world. It remind me of sipping gin and tonic on a yacht. It get a lot of compliments from women, as well.
19th December, 2013
Fragrance notes: juniper, ginger, herbaceous thyme and vetiver
This is a crisp, invigorating scent, in the breezy summer splash mode. Minty juniper and a very light green/woody notes are its essence. Thankfully, there are no artificial-smelling ‘fresh’ notes here – all seems natural and is satisfying. I don’t really get any ginger (mind you, I have yet to find a ginger scent that actually smells anything at all like fresh ginger). This is not a complex scent, but who cares? The price is moderate, and it is well done. If you need a nice summer splash, check it out.
18th August, 2008
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