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I get it. I finally tried TdH and I get why it's so talked about. It came in an order of samples that I based on positive BN reviews.

To me, the opening is spiced oranges and lemons. It seems both bitter and juicy, and the presence of peppers is fleeting but influential. It is much tamer than I expected, but it remains curious in spite of its understatedness. I suppose "subtle but interesting" fits perfectly.
the drydown is like the crunch of dry twigs under walking feet, undeniably evergreen. It reminds me of elemi, almost pickled in a way: peppercorns, peppers, and the back-end of citrus.
The kind of subtle, okay-in-an-elevator fragrance that is unlike anything I've ever smelled. Glad I followed suit!
06th October, 2016 (last edited: 05th October, 2016)
Terre D'Hermes
- Smells old, like an older man who goes to a very rigid or strict job/workplace that he doesn't particularly like. It doesn't smell pleasant or relaxed. It totally reminds me of an older man. Like I could see my father or a grandfather wearing this.

In terms of the actual scent, I'm not sure how to describe it. Terre is not a good description -- it doesn't smell earthy. It smells like cologne. Like when I envision what cologne smells like, this is it. Unpleasant, "masculine", a
bit weird. It just really isn't pleasant; I don't get it. It doesn't smell BAD, but it detracts from a person's presence, in my opinion. It's not a positive attribute, to wear this fragrance.

This fragrance is classified by others as "citrusy." I feel like this description isn't useful. Sure there is a slight citrus note to it, but that's not what characterizes this fragrance at all. I get a lot of really strong woody notes. I almost picture the inside of a cigar box. Perhaps rubbed with a bit of pinesol, but not too much, as it's mostly the wood you smell.

It's ultimately not a fragrance that I like AT ALL.

In summary, this fragrance might suit a very uptight old man (60+) who never smiles or enjoys life. That characterizes this fragrance well. It is not for the young, it is not for the joyful. It is for some old high ranking military official or government official. It smells very stiff and uptight. Certainly unpleasant.
30th September, 2016
This is a fantastic fragrance and used to be my go-to every time. Over the production years, however, it has become slightly weaker in strength and now has a much 'fresher' and less 'earthier' smell than it used to have.
It is still, however, a beautiful scent that attracts many comments and should still be a staple in every man's cabinet.
12th September, 2016
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Whoopee, yet another TdH review. I can understand how some might find this fragrance off-putting -- it's quite assertive at the start, especially if applied too liberally. But I'm definitely in the camp that finds its spiced orange opening, as well as the fresh-cut cedar and underlying note of vetiver that soon come to the fore, to be not just attractive but nearly addictive. Because it is a forceful scent I'll admit I do use it judiciously, but a little seems to go a long way.
08th September, 2016
This is not the typical seductive scent but it's manly and it's pretty damn versatile. It's the most well blended scent with orange and earthiness and one of the best orange based scent out there.

Depending on your style, some people may not like the dirty earthiness of this fragrance but dial down the sprayer trigger a bit and forget about the note composition and this should be every day scent worthy.
04th August, 2016
It seems like cedar and gunmetal, especially oil that has picked up the smell of the case. It's sharp and woody, and extremely masculine, with a ripe flower scent that stays dark and serious.

I could see how this could be confused for OFF bugspray, and yet I like it very much. The cedar wins me over and takes me right into the forest with the musk.

You truly get a sensory experience with this; the smell of air scented by evergreens and the branches you have snapped as you walk; the earth rich and damp from a recent rain, the musky smell of sweat and the salt of it running down to your upper lip. And yet it could be buttoned up, and very formal. But definitely primal.

I really like this.

edit: I had to come back and revise this review. I cannot stop smelling this on my wrist. I'm upping my rating from 4 stars to 5, bc I would 100% wear this and get tingles every time I smelled it on the wind.
19th July, 2016
Acrid, pungent, headache-inducing. I pick up strong wood and petrochemical smells. Sour. Perhaps I am sensitive to Iso E Super?

Stings my nostrils and produces an strong, inescapable olfactory aura that lasts ALL DAY. This stuff is unique, very strong, but just doesn't work my body chemistry.
17th July, 2016
I can actually see why people would not like this. This scent, depending on what note you catch a whiff of, can be anything from bug spray-like to mineral or inert.

That's the thing though, depending on what you pick up your opinion might change throughout its wearing. Dirty orange, flint, black pepper and/or is an interesting mix.

On me, this easily projected and had a good lifespan, maybe 6 hours or so.

Various people on YouTube reviews keep on mentioning that it comes across as an "old man" type of scent.
Definitely over thirty type of scent but seems too sophisticated to fall into only the mature demographic.
22nd June, 2016
It smells like mosquito repellent spray.
28th May, 2016
Hard to believe that this sour, miserable little thing is from the same house that sells $10K saddles.

The parfum version is much better, but much better than absolute zero is not that fantastic.

Awful. Pointless. Let's move on.
21st May, 2016
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United States
It seems a shame to have my first review be a negative, but I suppose most of us new to fragrances are better at recognizing what we do not like vs what we do. I have a sample of TdH from Surrender To Chance, and have worn it twice on my arm, and again this morning; a large spray's worth on my chest. 40 minutes later I was in the shower scrubbing it off. This flinty vibe, that rises and hovers a couple feet off me, was intolerable. The smell under my shirt was pleasant enough; the vibe doesn't cling to the skin, and if the whole affair smelled like that I could be happy wearing this. My guess is the Iso E Super and I do not agree. I get the same from Encre Noir.

For most of the scents I have tried, my response has been indifferent. A few I like enough to have purchased. Terre d'Hermes is the first to which I can say definitely no. Perhaps I am making progress?
06th May, 2016
I'm so sad I can't rate this one a winner. I'm almost through my 2 ml sample sprayer, and have given it several wears. Today I may as well join the 500 other reviews because, well, I don't know why. Maybe I'm just trying to up my number of posts. First, I love the smell. It is earthy and mineral-y to my nose. Though a couple florals are listed, it doesn't strike me as a floral. Instead it has that green hit that a flowering shrub would have. Is that what geranium smells like? Though typically strong-funky wood resins are mentioned, I don't get a dirty wood vibe (which I love, love, love!). I don't know how to smell pepper, so it hasn't revealed itself to me. The smell is surely unique among fragrances, and I'm not surprised that it is copied and loved. There is a strange accord, maybe like lotion or makeup, but I can't find any other references to it. My nose is a very amateur one, so I may be mis-reading it: it seems that maybe that's the mineral smell, the smell of earth. Or maybe the green of a flowering shrub. The woods and citruses make me think of a walk through a conifer forest on a late Spring day, but after a bit of a rain. But, as an amateur sniffer, I cannot separate the notes effectively, so I cannot give a quality review. Others, obviously, have done this before me, so no loss for the BN'ers that I can't render a qualitative review. I do, however, wonder which Giono story Ellena had in mind? The woods and Earth make me think of "L'homme qui Plantait des Arbres", but the addition of "gunflint", and my perception of a slightly disturbing mineral scent bring to mind the anti-war novella "Le Troupeau", where destroyed, overturned, blood-soaked earth yields the blessings of new life. Honestly, that last sentence sort of describes this fragrance for me. So why a neutral rating? Even after a half-dozen squirts, on my torso, below the pits, on my throat, wrist, even in conjunction with spraying the clothes (my never-fail when a scent won't linger), Terre d'Hermes is just gone after an hour or two. I mean gone, and though it haunts me, it doesn't satisfy my desire for it. Sad neutral, but a masterful scent that is also a literary and philosophical reference, which I never thought possible.
10th April, 2016
Today's my first day wearing Terre d'Hermes. A very intriguing fragrance. I've enjoyed it. The orange and "flint" combo is unique and conveys a classy feeling. I'd say it's a very transparent fragrance. It feels very light and sheer compared to the Creed fragrances, which feel much more robust and layered. I get a more synthetic "vibe" while wearing this fragrance that I do from the Creed's or the Serge Lutens, at least the ones I've tried so far. I'm wondering if that is the flint, or the Iso E super. I had to laugh when I read MustardSalad's review. I think the flint is what gives him the scent of dill, but that's just a thought as I sit here and sniff this juice. Overall, a nice addition to my rotation, but in my opinion, this fragrance isn't nearly as good as Aventus, Royal Mayfair, Green Irish Tweed, Spice & Wood, Fille en Aiguilles, Ore, and several others. Of course that is my opinion. I know many feel this is the best of the best as shown in the top 500 right here on Base Notes, but it's down the list a ways for me, maybe top 10 or top 12. I'll have to keep wearing it and comparing.
15th March, 2016
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In comparing a batch from 2007 Tester to that of 2009 Regular issue, there is a clear difference to me. The tester has a plushness and a lack of prominent astringent orange-aid citrus.
The 2007 is almost exact to the 2006 issue that I purchased in 2006.
The 2006-2007 original until possibly 2008 was excellent and deserves 5 Stars. Anything after 2008, in my opinion deserves at most 3 stars.
19th February, 2016 (last edited: 22nd June, 2016)
Tested this a week ago and after half a day it gave me a headache. My initial reaction was positive, however, and I thought I'd give it another try. Nope. Same headache.

I wish it would've settled into something less jarring. I really enjoy the top and heart, but something about the lingering, linear "sharpness" (for lack of a better term) ruins it for me. Perhaps it's the Iso E Super?

For that, I'll give a neutral rating. I can see how this would be a winner for many, but it doesn't work on me.
12th February, 2016
This is an odd duck. Smelling it in the bottle, I get cedar and dill (yeah, I know, weird - I'm aware there's no dill in the notes). When I spray it on me I get cedar and rotten orange, with some dirt. The notes are high quality, and hours later I can smell the cedar and mysterious pickle note, but it's just a bit odd. I could see how some people could like this, but this is just too much on the odd duckling side for me.
28th January, 2016
Original, sophisticated, alluring, classy, elegant, long-lasting.
Masterpiece. Best designer fragrance release between 2000-2010, imho.

25th December, 2015
I won't buy again, but I like this fragrance. The orange note is more orange rind and smells organic, very earthy. I find this scent oldmanish and I am an old man. It is just very thick and pungent. The orange saves it from being moth balls in a hot wood closet or sweaty gym socks. So i would call this a fresh old man fragrance. Aventus is a better all around interpretation of this IMO.
04th December, 2015
This to me smells like a lemon/orange completely dried in hot sun + the smell of the earth when it rains for the first time.

Love this stuff.

Projection: 9/10
Longevity: 10+ hrs easily

16th November, 2015
Generally fragrances that I don't like still have some pleasing aspect that keeps me from giving them a thumbs-down. It's a rare rating for me to give. Unfortunately there's not a single pleasant part to this entire fragrance. It feels like a work in progress I might have made in my own kitchen with chemicals from The Perfumer's Apprentice that I'm on the verge of scrapping.

It starts with synthetic-smelling, dry citrus. Cedar and vetiver are sort of poking through. I get the "flint" pretty quickly too. It all winds up smelling rocky and metallic.

Then there's the Iso E. What happened? It smells like a mistake to me. It's not a scent I find pleasing unless it's blended with something else at a fairly low level. Of course it projects and gets compliments so if that's what you're after this scent would certainly be effective.

The first time I tried this it was a scrubber. I wore it some more but just never "got it". I'm not a snob for natural ingredients but this is too much. It really does smell like scaffolding for a fragrance around which the true scent hasn't been built yet.

There are few things I think would improve this. In the top, some natural citrus. In the middle, maybe a light floral accord. It can even be tucked in the background. Even an herbal accord with no florals would help. In the base maybe some nice true-smelling woods. Cut the Iso E by about 1/10, replace it with real woods, and this would still be a projection monster but would actually smell pleasant. Any one of those three changes would bring it up to neutral, and all three would be a thumbs-up. As it stands though, it's a stack of plywood and 2x4s claiming to be a house.
13th November, 2015
Went neutral on this because I have a love/hate relationship with TdH.

On one hand, it is very powerful - unmistakeable even. It goes on thick and just keeps getting thicker - for the days you just need to be a two-legged airfreshener, TdH is superb.

On the other, it can be too strong. I've found myself putting one or two spritzes of this on in the morning, and still reeking of it by the evening. If you work or wear it in an enclosed environment, be warned - althought it is a generally 'nice' fragrance other people may not thank you for wearing it!

I do like it, I like how it goes on, I like how it dries down but it is no longer a go-to fragrance, it gets used when I'm out in the fresh air, rather than in the office, or as a "I can't be bothered" type of fragrance when out on an alcoholic night out.
05th November, 2015
Very chemically, unfinished, blend of some incredibly interesting notes. I find TdH to be overrated in the extreme, but as a sensibly priced (though not budget) fragrance it's worth trying out.

Not for me, I much prefer Bleu Noir by Narciso Rodriguez, which is a real man's fragrance with some craft to it.
19th October, 2015
It's loaded with Iso E Super so people without an interest in fragrance will tell you you smell good, if that's what you're after. Calone or Iso E = compliments. Okay, I'll be in the other room stinking of Amouage Gold which everyone hates but which makes me feel like the evil prepubescent maharajah from Temple of Doom, whatever.

Really, it smells good but ZZZZzzzzzzzzzz. Feels like something given to men who will never wear it except on "special occasions" which just means they'll never wear it.
02nd October, 2015
Terre d'Hermes was the fragrance that turned me on fragrances. A friend of mine was wearing it while we were on a boat cruising around the Puget Sound on a sunny day. The mixture of the fragrance, the salt water, and the pine trees was hypnotizing to me and I knew I must have it! It is citrusy and woody with a hint of pepper and some spices. Very masculine and earthy, yet sporty. Unfortunately it isn't as amazing on my skin, but still a wonderful fragrance nonetheless. I give it an 8.5/10.
03rd September, 2015
Earthy,sweet but to me it reminded me of "Beachballs"....the new plastic smell like plastic orange scent.....Yeah i know...odd huh!...Overall though despite that weird likening its a nice smell but i sold it so for me i wasnt to enamoured!
26th July, 2015
Terre d' Hermes I made into my signature scent.
I learned to love its smell of rotten oranges and grapefruits smoldering in a vinyl sack on a sunbaked, blistering rock while the wood is on fire, drenched in Iso E Super, the Mono-sodium glutamate of the perfume world.
12th July, 2015
I owned a sample, at first I wasn't too keen on TdH, but it grew on me. The scent of oranges is very prominent, more so than the grapefruit in my opinion. I've seen it being recommended for a summer scent because everyone assumes oranges and citrus are for summer. I disagree. This is a fragrance that performs substantially better as a fall/winter scent. The drydown is beautiful and you have to get up close to get a good smell of it. Best of all it lasts FOREVER on my clothes. You'll have to actually wash it get the drydown off. It's amazing.
I plan on purchasing this in the future.
29th June, 2015
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United States
I was so looking forward to the launch of Terre d'Hermes--the notes and the creative brief all sounded great and, even though I am not a fan of Jean-Claude Ellena's work, I had high hopes. On me, it just does not work. It is flinty/minerally, woody and vegetal but very synthetic smelling and just smells off to me. It smells unfinished and unfortunate. I have tried it several times but just cannot get on board with it. The ISO E Super that he uses so heavy-handedly does not work its magic the way Ellena thinks it does. Commercially, an enormous success and I am happy for Hermes, but I won't be one of its buyers.
10th June, 2015
Here we are in front of a concept of perfumery. Perhaps many people do not understand what I mean to say, but surely if the reader had the ability to use his nose as his ears he would understand this mystery.

There is a perfume, Eau Dynamisante (1987), whose Nose has created without any market scheme, and this one is a great work of Jacques Courtin.

Currently I can consider this scent more creative than 90% of Niche fragrances.

This fragrance introduces a new concept of unisex elegance! Magnificent, considering when it was launched, a link between past and future.
If this perfume were music it would play as the Elegy of Rachmaninov!

Using the same elegance accord after 7 years we have another masterpiece, L'Eau D'Issey pour Homme (1994) whose Nose, Jacques Cavallier, created with Japanese citron and mandarin playing with geranium and vetiver.

There are three ingredients really interesting, the ones which give originality to this perfume: cinnamon, verbena and sandalwood!

The character of this fragrance is certainly less pompous than the Clarins one, abandoning all connections with the past giving up the power of flowers.

If this fragrance were music would be a topic of Turandot by Giacomo Puccini shooting from Elegy of Rachmaninov.

Now we have a perfume by Hermes, ten years later! In this one we have only elegance without originality,Terre d'Hermès (2006). Here Jean-Claude Ellena used grapefruit and orange playing with geranium and vetiver.

There are three ingredients really interesting which trivialize this perfume: pepper, patchouli and benzoin.

If this perfume were music? It would be a child who is learning to play!

This reviewer may have conflicts of interest

07th June, 2015

TDH is Identity HERMES fragrances. However i am not a fan this EDT but one thing is obvious,TDH is a GREAT and SPECIAL product. Bitter,Woody, Complex, Different and well balanced.

In my opinion It is a reality,A love it or hate it fragrance.It is citrusy at first.The middle/Base are Unusual as combined with Pelargonium,Pepper Cedar,Vetiver and Patchouli and creates an EARTHY MAGICAL on my skin.In fact TERRE is the perfect name for it.

Unfortunately Give me a headache but is still a respectable fragrance for me.It is suitable for AUTUMN and SPRING if you are in the right mood.If you are looking for something different in your collection then you can like this but test before you buy!

SIllage&Longevity?The best part TDH for me as are EXCELLENT.

24th May, 2015