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Negative Reviews of Terre d'Hermès by Hermès

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Just could not get into this. From reading the reviews I feel like I was wearing a completely different fragrance than everyone else. Silage is good. Longevity was around 10 hours. Just too bad that this wasn't for me.
15th June, 2017
OK, i was so excited about all the positive review here on basenote and decided to order 50ml EDT. I just hope i can get a pleasant scent like Bvl marine, Issey Miyake pour home (I'm a blind buy guy). But no, from the first sniff it disappointed me. It smells like lemon soaked in water for a long time with salt. I don't understand why people like this. REALLY, YOU SHOULD SAMPLE IT BEFORE BUY. BIG THUMBS DOWN.
28th January, 2017
Sorry, but its smog to me. The ISO E seeps through horribly. I concur with emberfly's evaluation. TDH has a quite unique fragrance throughout, unmistakable. But it is unfriendly. It's uptight. " It just really isn't pleasant; I don't get it. It doesn't smell BAD, but it detracts from a person's presence, in my opinion. It's not a positive attribute, to wear this fragrance." It would be a great fragrance for an attorney to wear in chambers or with opposing counsel. It is intimidating. It does not befriend. I'd pick it as the House Fragrance for the IRS. Smog.
25th December, 2016 (last edited: 26th December, 2016)
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Terre D'Hermes
- Smells old, like an older man who goes to a very rigid or strict job/workplace that he doesn't particularly like. It doesn't smell pleasant or relaxed. It totally reminds me of an older man. Like I could see my father or a grandfather wearing this.

In terms of the actual scent, I'm not sure how to describe it. Terre is not a good description -- it doesn't smell earthy. It smells like cologne. Like when I envision what cologne smells like, this is it. Unpleasant, "masculine", a
bit weird. It just really isn't pleasant; I don't get it. It doesn't smell BAD, but it detracts from a person's presence, in my opinion. It's not a positive attribute, to wear this fragrance.

This fragrance is classified by others as "citrusy." I feel like this description isn't useful. Sure there is a slight citrus note to it, but that's not what characterizes this fragrance at all. I get a lot of really strong woody notes. I almost picture the inside of a cigar box. Perhaps rubbed with a bit of pinesol, but not too much, as it's mostly the wood you smell.

It's ultimately not a fragrance that I like AT ALL.

In summary, this fragrance might suit a very uptight old man (60+) who never smiles or enjoys life. That characterizes this fragrance well. It is not for the young, it is not for the joyful. It is for some old high ranking military official or government official. It smells very stiff and uptight. Certainly unpleasant.
30th September, 2016
It smells like mosquito repellent spray.
28th May, 2016
Hard to believe that this sour, miserable little thing is from the same house that sells $10K saddles.

The parfum version is much better, but much better than absolute zero is not that fantastic.

Awful. Pointless. Let's move on.
21st May, 2016
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United States
It seems a shame to have my first review be a negative, but I suppose most of us new to fragrances are better at recognizing what we do not like vs what we do. I have a sample of TdH from Surrender To Chance, and have worn it twice on my arm, and again this morning; a large spray's worth on my chest. 40 minutes later I was in the shower scrubbing it off. This flinty vibe, that rises and hovers a couple feet off me, was intolerable. The smell under my shirt was pleasant enough; the vibe doesn't cling to the skin, and if the whole affair smelled like that I could be happy wearing this. My guess is the Iso E Super and I do not agree. I get the same from Encre Noir.

For most of the scents I have tried, my response has been indifferent. A few I like enough to have purchased. Terre d'Hermes is the first to which I can say definitely no. Perhaps I am making progress?
06th May, 2016
Generally fragrances that I don't like still have some pleasing aspect that keeps me from giving them a thumbs-down. It's a rare rating for me to give. Unfortunately there's not a single pleasant part to this entire fragrance. It feels like a work in progress I might have made in my own kitchen with chemicals from The Perfumer's Apprentice that I'm on the verge of scrapping.

It starts with synthetic-smelling, dry citrus. Cedar and vetiver are sort of poking through. I get the "flint" pretty quickly too. It all winds up smelling rocky and metallic.

Then there's the Iso E. What happened? It smells like a mistake to me. It's not a scent I find pleasing unless it's blended with something else at a fairly low level. Of course it projects and gets compliments so if that's what you're after this scent would certainly be effective.

The first time I tried this it was a scrubber. I wore it some more but just never "got it". I'm not a snob for natural ingredients but this is too much. It really does smell like scaffolding for a fragrance around which the true scent hasn't been built yet.

There are few things I think would improve this. In the top, some natural citrus. In the middle, maybe a light floral accord. It can even be tucked in the background. Even an herbal accord with no florals would help. In the base maybe some nice true-smelling woods. Cut the Iso E by about 1/10, replace it with real woods, and this would still be a projection monster but would actually smell pleasant. Any one of those three changes would bring it up to neutral, and all three would be a thumbs-up. As it stands though, it's a stack of plywood and 2x4s claiming to be a house.
13th November, 2015
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United States
I was so looking forward to the launch of Terre d'Hermes--the notes and the creative brief all sounded great and, even though I am not a fan of Jean-Claude Ellena's work, I had high hopes. On me, it just does not work. It is flinty/minerally, woody and vegetal but very synthetic smelling and just smells off to me. It smells unfinished and unfortunate. I have tried it several times but just cannot get on board with it. The ISO E Super that he uses so heavy-handedly does not work its magic the way Ellena thinks it does. Commercially, an enormous success and I am happy for Hermes, but I won't be one of its buyers.
10th June, 2015
Here we are in front of a concept of perfumery. Perhaps many people do not understand what I mean to say, but surely if the reader had the ability to use his nose as his ears he would understand this mystery.

There is a perfume, Eau Dynamisante (1987), whose Nose has created without any market scheme, and this one is a great work of Jacques Courtin.

Currently I can consider this scent more creative than 90% of Niche fragrances.

This fragrance introduces a new concept of unisex elegance! Magnificent, considering when it was launched, a link between past and future.
If this perfume were music it would play as the Elegy of Rachmaninov!

Using the same elegance accord after 7 years we have another masterpiece, L'Eau D'Issey pour Homme (1994) whose Nose, Jacques Cavallier, created with Japanese citron and mandarin playing with geranium and vetiver.

There are three ingredients really interesting, the ones which give originality to this perfume: cinnamon, verbena and sandalwood!

The character of this fragrance is certainly less pompous than the Clarins one, abandoning all connections with the past giving up the power of flowers.

If this fragrance were music would be a topic of Turandot by Giacomo Puccini shooting from Elegy of Rachmaninov.

Now we have a perfume by Hermes, ten years later! In this one we have only elegance without originality,Terre d'Hermès (2006). Here Jean-Claude Ellena used grapefruit and orange playing with geranium and vetiver.

There are three ingredients really interesting which trivialize this perfume: pepper, patchouli and benzoin.

If this perfume were music? It would be a child who is learning to play!

This reviewer may have conflicts of interest

07th June, 2015
Despite all the positives I simply could not get along with this one.

I usually like a citrus fragrance, but this just made me feel a bit sick, I don't know what it was but it just didn't do it for me.

Unfortunately I tried this on myself instead of a test card at a Duty Free, and then had to sit with it for the entire flight.

Can't get on the bandwagon with this i'm afraid.
01st October, 2014
A fan of citrus and wood, I was eager to try this one based upon the reviews here. Even the negative reviews intrigued me. "An old shoe grinding a baby aspirin into a gravel road." (Cedarmoth) How cool is that?


This one smelled pretty good on the test strip, so I took a spray on each wrist. The opening blast of pepper was appealing, if a little overpowering. I did not detect citrus in this fragrance at all (unless the odor of rotting orange peels which appeared later counts.)

After about ten minutes, this fragrance became wildly unappealing and stayed that way. For days. (I got a little on the sleeve of my jacket and watch strap, where it's still going strong. More than a week later! The test strip, strangely, still smells reasonably good.)

This one is difficult to characterize. To me, it is very linear and smells like roasted red peppers fermented in fabric softener (with plenty of expensive ground pepper) and then left out on the sidewalk in the sun to dry.

I know I am in the minority on this one, but I strongly recommend that you test it before you buy (and avoid getting any on your clothes!)
24th January, 2014 (last edited: 29th January, 2014)
Just as a man is judged by his enemies as well as his friends, once in awhile you have to write about the things you don't like. This is one of them. Along with many of the other negative reviewers I cannot comprehend the popularity of Terre d'Hermes. To me it is simple, boring, and vaguely unpleasant.

Then something amazing happened. As I was thinking about this review, and scanning down through the 'Negatives' for inspiration and moral support, my EXACT word-for-word feelings about this bad-vibe orange thing with the dusty, flinty feel were staring back at me from 2006:

Cedarmoth: "An old shoe grinding a baby aspirin into a gravel road".

Like haiku, not one word can be added or taken away. I just wish I wrote it.

14th November, 2013
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I bought it this morning and I already really don't like it, thought it would please me as it's a popular perfume and I heard many people talk about it.
But I regret my choice.
Smells like something burnt.
04th April, 2013
"Smells like pencil shavings".
03rd April, 2013
A cacophony of notes. That's all I have to say about this product, popularity whereof is beyond my understanding.
30th December, 2012
I was finally able to sample Terre d'Hermes after hearing so many recommendations here at BN. I expected it to be wonderful with so many positive feedback. Unfortunately, I did not like the smell. It smells rough and unrefined. After sniffing it on my wrist many times trying to justify all the praise it gets, I eventually got a headache and started sneezing. This is definitely NOT something I will wear in my age bracket (20s) and location (tropical climate), but I guess this works wonders in colder climate and older people.
13th October, 2012
when i saw the advert for this , dry dessert land, i thought this will be one dry opulent masculine rich parfume, does Hermes have such?
although much better then pale nonexistant Voyge...this was again dissapointment, so dull at the begining, thats why i undervalued it completely, later develops into nice powdery, dry parfume that smells of cleaness with just little touch of bitter orange
10th October, 2012 (last edited: 11th October, 2012)
This had to be the most synthetic fragrance I've smelled. I detect no natural notes what so ever. I guess that's why it's a projection/sillage monster. What I smell:

Imagine a beach ball sitting all afternoon in the sun. Now spray it with paint thinner or any other type of cleaner/chemical. Now take a big whiff- you are now smelling TdH! Why all the love?
12th August, 2012
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United States
I liked this the first time I smelled it, but since the second wearing it's been awful. I don't know if the juice went bad or what, but now all I get is a pungent industrial bombardment of burning plastic and sawdust.
15th April, 2012
People praise this fragrance so much. I was so excited to try it until i got to sephora and did. I was so disappointed. It opened up with a really masculine scent that i couldn't tolerate. it's so powedery that i really just wanted to wash it off of my arm so quick. I let it dry for an hour, the powder just keeps on going through out the fragrance with woody unpleasant notes.

I didn't like this fragrance at all. It's not worth the price tag, so complicated that it turned out to be so unpleasant.

try before buying, don't jump on the bandwagon.
01st November, 2011
I am HIGHLY disappointed with this fragrance. Prior to buying it, I had great regards for it, but since I got myself one, sadddd!!! I hardly get a whiff of it after two hours on me, never gotten any compliments while wearing it and to top it up, my girlfriend doesn't like it. SAD!! A massive letdown (or maybe i just got a defective bottle!)
14th October, 2011
I am really astounded.

When i sprayed this on my arm today, i was overwhelmed by the opening notes. Overpowering! So much so that i gagged and choked. My girlfriend had the same reaction too.

Afterwards, in the lift, everyone around me looked uncomfortable and covered their noses.

Just these reactions, are enough to stop me from buying it.

But i'll say it is indeed an uniqe fragrance, extremely masculine. Not everyone can carry this off.
08th September, 2011
It's like an unwanted guest (wearing TdH!) who dropped in on a nice Sunday morning and just won't leave. I'm talking about the opening synthetic Orange notes. They overpower everything else all through to the end. The drydown, which you finally smell after a couple of day, is quite nice. But which civilised being stays unshowered that long?

I cannot believe how overrated this fagrance is! Three thumbs down (even my feet voted).
27th August, 2011
All I get is a huge, overpowering amount of cedar. This just makes me think of hamster cages.
25th August, 2011
It smells on me like a cleaning detergent.
28th June, 2011
Sickly, sickly, sickly. Literally makes myself and my wife want to be sick. How strange, all the positive reviews! Have tried it twice now. Never again.

Who would have thought people would have different noses?(!) ;o
23rd May, 2011
I got this fragrance today - bought it blind based on the numerous favorable reviews here. First blind buy for me and a big mistake that will never happen again.

To test this I sprayed a single shot on my forearm - it hit me immediately, so hard as if a mule has kicked me in the face onto a busy highway only to be run over by a semi and a cement mixer, repeatedly. It felt like a gruesome combination of dried up orange juice and a dark asphalt/gasoline/brunt rubber combo. It struck me as extremely powerful and very very offensive.

I kept it on for about an hour and at that point I could barely take it anymore. My girlfriend, who did not like it a tiny bit gave me an ultimatum to either go outside or wash this off. I washed my had three times with soap but the scent would not go off. I took a long shower and this did not remove the scent full, albeit it lessened to a somewhat acceptable level and almost pleasant scent. It has been 8 hours and I can still smell this on me. I am hoping I will finally be able to wash this off for good with my morning shower. I would bet money that you can swim in a chlorinated pool for 2 hours and the moment you come out this stuff would still drown out any scent in the gym... I must say that the power and longevity here is absolutely monstrous. It only the scent was not so monstrous...
20th May, 2011
Spray some orange juice on your skin and you´ll basically get the same scent. For a lesser cost...
13th April, 2011
This might be one where skin chemistry comes into play. I tried this twice, and definitely did not like it. Geranium. I can definitely see why people think this can smell like bug spray. I did not think the citrus was detectable over the geranium/earthy scent after it dried. Wife hated it.
18th January, 2011