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Neutral Reviews of Terre d'Hermès by Hermès

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I'm so sad I can't rate this one a winner. I'm almost through my 2 ml sample sprayer, and have given it several wears. Today I may as well join the 500 other reviews because, well, I don't know why. Maybe I'm just trying to up my number of posts. First, I love the smell. It is earthy and mineral-y to my nose. Though a couple florals are listed, it doesn't strike me as a floral. Instead it has that green hit that a flowering shrub would have. Is that what geranium smells like? Though typically strong-funky wood resins are mentioned, I don't get a dirty wood vibe (which I love, love, love!). I don't know how to smell pepper, so it hasn't revealed itself to me. The smell is surely unique among fragrances, and I'm not surprised that it is copied and loved. There is a strange accord, maybe like lotion or makeup, but I can't find any other references to it. My nose is a very amateur one, so I may be mis-reading it: it seems that maybe that's the mineral smell, the smell of earth. Or maybe the green of a flowering shrub. The woods and citruses make me think of a walk through a conifer forest on a late Spring day, but after a bit of a rain. But, as an amateur sniffer, I cannot separate the notes effectively, so I cannot give a quality review. Others, obviously, have done this before me, so no loss for the BN'ers that I can't render a qualitative review. I do, however, wonder which Giono story Ellena had in mind? The woods and Earth make me think of "L'homme qui Plantait des Arbres", but the addition of "gunflint", and my perception of a slightly disturbing mineral scent bring to mind the anti-war novella "Le Troupeau", where destroyed, overturned, blood-soaked earth yields the blessings of new life. Honestly, that last sentence sort of describes this fragrance for me. So why a neutral rating? Even after a half-dozen squirts, on my torso, below the pits, on my throat, wrist, even in conjunction with spraying the clothes (my never-fail when a scent won't linger), Terre d'Hermes is just gone after an hour or two. I mean gone, and though it haunts me, it doesn't satisfy my desire for it. Sad neutral, but a masterful scent that is also a literary and philosophical reference, which I never thought possible.
10th April, 2016
Tested this a week ago and after half a day it gave me a headache. My initial reaction was positive, however, and I thought I'd give it another try. Nope. Same headache.

I wish it would've settled into something less jarring. I really enjoy the top and heart, but something about the lingering, linear "sharpness" (for lack of a better term) ruins it for me. Perhaps it's the Iso E Super?

For that, I'll give a neutral rating. I can see how this would be a winner for many, but it doesn't work on me.
12th February, 2016
This is an odd duck. Smelling it in the bottle, I get cedar and dill (yeah, I know, weird - I'm aware there's no dill in the notes). When I spray it on me I get cedar and rotten orange, with some dirt. The notes are high quality, and hours later I can smell the cedar and mysterious pickle note, but it's just a bit odd. I could see how some people could like this, but this is just too much on the odd duckling side for me.
28th January, 2016
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Went neutral on this because I have a love/hate relationship with TdH.

On one hand, it is very powerful - unmistakeable even. It goes on thick and just keeps getting thicker - for the days you just need to be a two-legged airfreshener, TdH is superb.

On the other, it can be too strong. I've found myself putting one or two spritzes of this on in the morning, and still reeking of it by the evening. If you work or wear it in an enclosed environment, be warned - althought it is a generally 'nice' fragrance other people may not thank you for wearing it!

I do like it, I like how it goes on, I like how it dries down but it is no longer a go-to fragrance, it gets used when I'm out in the fresh air, rather than in the office, or as a "I can't be bothered" type of fragrance when out on an alcoholic night out.
05th November, 2015
Very chemically, unfinished, blend of some incredibly interesting notes. I find TdH to be overrated in the extreme, but as a sensibly priced (though not budget) fragrance it's worth trying out.

Not for me, I much prefer Bleu Noir by Narciso Rodriguez, which is a real man's fragrance with some craft to it.
19th October, 2015
It's loaded with Iso E Super so people without an interest in fragrance will tell you you smell good, if that's what you're after. Calone or Iso E = compliments. Okay, I'll be in the other room stinking of Amouage Gold which everyone hates but which makes me feel like the evil prepubescent maharajah from Temple of Doom, whatever.

Really, it smells good but ZZZZzzzzzzzzzz. Feels like something given to men who will never wear it except on "special occasions" which just means they'll never wear it.
02nd October, 2015
I have only a sample. This is fresh and clean grapefruit scent. I don't get much woody . This is too fresh ,light and grapefruit for me.
There is something like dill which I don't like much. This is compared to Guerlain l'eau Boisee , which I don't understand. This far more lighter , more citrus and not so woody than Boisee. I would not buy whole bottle of this. 7/10 .
21st May, 2015
To my nose, Terre d'Hermes opens with a sharp, refreshing blast of cedar, and then settles down to a musky orange. If there are other notes, I can't detect them. Excellent projection and longevity. By no means a bad scent, but not my cup of tea, and not worth the premium. Once the cedar note fades, it smells much like Pinaud's Citrus Musk, available in drugstores ($10 for a 12 oz bottle).
29th April, 2015
Sorry I don't get the hype with this one. Sure it is a clean citrus based fragrance but doesn't jump out to me as being anything special. I'm glad I sampled it but I would rather spend my money on a fragrance that isn't so generic.
13th March, 2015
I don't want to wear this. I might like it on someone else, but on me it's really strong, and it chokes me out. I don't really like it. When I bury my nose in it , I'm a little put off by the smell. It's edgy. In my collection, I have two scents that give me the effect that I like in this one: Platinum Egoiste and ADG Essenza. Those have a sharp edge to my nose, and they're plenty. Terre d'Hermes takes it to another level, and I personally do not want to go there.
13th December, 2014
As original, and diffusive, masculine, and elegant as I find it, I can only enjoy it when other people wear it. I have tried it on myself and have had to endure a great discomfort for long hours due to the high amount of Patchouli which I find too heavy for me. Regardless, the combination of top qualities of Geranium, Patchouli and Vetiver in this fragrance makes it a modern classic and a masterpiece of a creation.
12th December, 2014
Genre: Woods

The first thing I notice in Terre d'Hermes is vetiver, tempered with a very light touch of citrus. Dry woody notes soon follow, and I think that these, in combination with the vetiver, create the "earthy" or "soil" accord so often noted in this scent.

The woods and vetiver stay very much front and center, rounded out by some very discreet floral notes. I get an occasional whiff of spice and incense, especially in the remarkably pronounced sillage. There is also an unusual note that suggests ash. Not tobacco ash, and not smoke, but old, cold ash, as from a long abandoned fireplace. The drydown reveals quite a bit of conifer, which melds with the vetiver in a lingering "forest" accord that I find quite pleasant.

I place Terre d'Hermes as a cumin-free, vetiver-seasoned derivative of Elléna’s earlier Déclaration. Terre d’Hermès is every bit as dry as Déclaration, but it’s also a cleaner, less angular, and less aggressive scent, which may account for its great popularity. It’s still a somewhat austere fragrance, though very easy to wear and very unlikely to offend. For this reason I could see it as a really fine business or office scent. A perfectly good, if not a terribly exciting fragrance, and certainly nothing that I have to own.
05th July, 2014
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United States
A mostly "nice enough" fragrance that isn't worth the hype and accolades or the premium price point. Opens with a nice, but very common, pure orange oil note. This softens to a watery, mineral vibe that is somewhat unique...but only a little. Dry down presents very light, almost ephemeral peppery floral heart. I really don't get much cedar or patchouli. I think those notes should be bold and unequivocal. They are not in TERRE d'HERMES. Very minimal projection...undiscernable from 10 feet away. This isn't bad at all, just doesn't make much of a statement...
13th June, 2014
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I bought this perfume mainly because of the hype and also since I like fresh/lemony/citrusy fragrances. They tend to work well in an office environment. I get the earthy orange accord and nothing else.
On my skin, longevity sucks. Projection & sillage aren't wonderful either.
It doesn't get a thumbs down because I don't think its a bad fragrance.
11th May, 2014
In its form its not a bad fragrance, the idea is great.

Like peeling an grapefruit at the beach after a swim on a hot day while a fresh breeze gently dries your towel on the hot sand and your wet t-shirt thats sweating on one of those big, really hot rocks...

If only Ellena had put in more time and natural stuff to really give this scent a living vibe, this would have been great.

Instead, for me, that synthetic grapefruit-note is too bold and crude and goes on and on, and cant seem to settle down with the dry notes, cederwood, in this perfume. A typical overdosed iso e super perfume that so many of us are addicted to nowadays, so its no wonder it sells good.

This interacts better with the fabric of a cotton t-shirt than on (my) human skin.
23rd April, 2014 (last edited: 27th May, 2014)
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United States
Wow, I couldn’t understand the negative reviews of this stuff considering how people raved about it. I get it now though. I have a novice nose for fragrances but all I get out of this is rancid orange zest, and a grassy pickle smell. I was really looking forward to this stuff after reading the reviews but my reaction to my first smell of this stuff reminded me of trying red wine for the first time thinking it will taste similar to grape juice.

However, it goes to show you how much people’s taste vary though as I let a female friend smell it and she liked it quite a bit.

Going neutral on this only because the lady liked it.
04th February, 2014
Starts out with a nice orange blast that I really like. Unfortunately, after a couple hours on my skin it turns into a distinct vinyl smell exactly like an inflatable beach ball or raft. Really wanted to like it bu can't get past the plastic/vinyl smell it turns into.
21st December, 2013
When I received a sample of Terre d'Hermès I was all excited. I was excited until I put it on. It didn't smell bad. It just wasn't what I expected. My was said it was "okay", but didn't comment much after that. My daughter said it was "okay", but smelled like dirt. DIRT! Anyway, I tried it on for two for days and even though I'm still on the fence about it, every time I take a whiff of it I am liking it more and more.
18th November, 2013
Gateway Fragrance

This review is for the EDT. I’m not going to break down the notes or rate it. Yes, this is Jean-Claude Ellena’s mainstream fragrance packed full of ISO E super; it smells good, but lacks subtly and the trademark whimsical touch. Blah-de-blah-blah. I would recommend this to someone not really into fragrance. Basically, it could be a great gateway fragrance for people trying to convince their spouses to step over to the dark side and start a creepy perfume collecting hobby. It just might work—he said "It’s O.K." and tossed it into the neglected pile of samples next to his computer. Fingers crossed.

18th June, 2013
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United States
I don't see the big deal..

I've tried this many times, I never understood why it stands out or sells so much. That bitter orange is repulsive and disgusting. This smells almost as bad as Guerlains Vetiver. 

Pros: Nice leather/coffee aroma
Cons: Bitter orange

23rd May, 2013
What happened to my signature scent?

I LOVE this fragrance...well at least I did until my most recent purchase from Nordstrom. I first purchased TDH back in 2009 and it quickly became my signature scent...I couldn't get enough of it, so recently, when my last bottle was almost empty, I ordered another bottle (as I mentioned before, from authorized retailer). This is NOT the same Terre d'Hermes that I've been wearing for 4 years. Either I got a fake (which would shock me) or this has been reformulated to a mere whisp of the original fragrance. Anytime I put TDH on before, I'd always sneeze after the initial spray because the juice was just that strong - a trade-off I was willing to make to have a fragrance that would simply NEVER wear off. I could smell this fragrance on myself all day long and still catch whiffs after showering. This new stuff I can barely smell right out of the bottle (okay, so that's a bit of an overstatment, but it is a seriously weaker fragrance). Don't get me wrong, it still smells good, but not only has it lost some of it's power, it's also lost some of it's depth (I'm not getting that minerally/flinty note I love and the vetiver in the drydown seems more...I'm not sure the word, but more 'watery'. I'm devastated...this was the first fragrance that I ever found that I loved enough to use as a signature scent (and I'm no young kid, so I'd been searching a while). Now it's back to the drawing board I guess. Suppose I'll either trade this for something else or sell it on eBay. It's a real shame.

Pros: Smells lovely
Cons: Sillage, projection, longevity and depth have suffered in new formula

21st May, 2013
No doubt that this is not a bad scent but I certainly don't understand the hype. This probably could be in my top 5 for spring use but overall it can't even be in my top 20. However, if you like the smell of synthetic oranges, be prepared to be in heaven!!
14th March, 2013
I don't really know how to feel about this. I love Voyage d'Hermès ... a lot really, and i smell it before i got my hands on Terre. I think both smell very close in a way, but to me Voyage is more refined and balanced.

To me personally Terre smells like sundry orange peels, that are stored in a box of makeup with old oranges . Very strong and woody and at one point it almost have an "after shave" kind of a vibe to me as it develops. I like the head notes though.

The notes that are similar to Voyage is what makes me not hate Terre, but i don't really get the dry and wood kind of vibe that it has and i am a woody and vetiver guy. Towards the end of the perfume, it leaves a very synthetic almost metallic like smell that i hate on my skin (reminds me of YSL L'Homme in that), it becomes rather soapy with time as well.

I can understand why people love it so much, it isn't a complex perfume, it's "easy" to wear and has a strong masculine unique smell (without being very overpowering) which can be a turn off for younger folks and a major turn on for people that want to smell smart. It is to me a very versatile fragrance for all year around, even though summer isn't really Terre place.

A major advice, try it on your skin not on paper. This might sound cliché, but Terre really smell completely different on your skin.

Overall Terre isn't for me, i would wear it of course, but i don't love it. I will buy it on a sale or other kind of promotion sale for my collection. Terre or Voyage? Voyage without any question.
18th February, 2013
A fragrance that brings elegance, exudes quality and feels the typical seal Helena puts his great creations! Despite all that, it is a fragrance that not convince me. I was giving more back to a top, but I dismissed it as the final option. The Pure Perfume worked it seems much better, more polished than the EDT, but still feel that they are not for me.
09th January, 2013
Opens orange peel and pepper, and Vetiver The vetiver is overpowering. Oranges smell over ripe, rotten. When I get past the Opening notes, I like it. It Dries down dry, stone-dust, spice wood cedar. Reminds me a little of Black Tourmaline...very expensive smelling...a good fragrance if you can hold your breath the first hour. Over-hyped though.
22nd October, 2012 (last edited: 24th February, 2013)
Terre is crisp, dry, graphite-like, and dusty. Pleasant enough. I imagine it to be the smell you'd experience upon opening an antique, wooden pencilcase where there was nothing inside except a tiny, ancient candy fragment.

But it doesn't take me anywhere. It's not the gust of memories from an old, mysterious traveller's cedar chest. Just the dusty little pencilcase.
22nd September, 2012 (last edited: 10th December, 2012)
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
A good pepper and citrus combination with a wood-and-leather drydown, but none of the components excite me or stand out as unique or exciting. This said, the quality of the ingredients is very good. A pleasant scent that is as versatile as it is uncreative.
14th July, 2012
Pleasant, green, radiant.

Terre D' Hermes is a solid fragrance, but fails to impress after its initial grapefruit / orange / vetiver opening.

22nd May, 2012 (last edited: 03rd September, 2012)
yess guy below! well done spot on.. it does smell like someones father lol.

what a perfect way to sum this up..

is very wintery and for cold weather..if you are a boss at a city office and travel abroad on meetings a lot..then you qualify. i own this yes is true but it was a gift. and is still full so get the drift.

im 25 and im not a classy father yet. this is for the city gentlemen whom meet their mistresses after work for a drink catch up before heading home to see the wife lol. i mean it smells like you cheated it lol i dont mean to offend anybody this is just my imagination going places.

but hey theres something for everyone i guess. not a bad scent..
21st May, 2012
If you have been in the fragrance community long enough, you should know that this is one of the most popular and highly acclaimed fragrances in the designer world, as well as one of the most talked about.

It has a lot to like about it. It is clean, but still earthy, spicy and peppery. It is unique. The ingredients are high quality. It has great projection and longevity. It is professional and versatile: good for a day out, good for a night out, good for the office.

This is one of the many fragrances that I appreciate as a work of art, but I would not want to personally wear. I sampled it on a tester card about 6 times and I tested it on my skin three times. I personally liked this one, but I didn't love it enough to want to purchase. If you didn't tell me this was one of the most acclaimed and respected fragrances of all time, chances are I probably never would have returned to it. It would have just been no different from the hundreds of other fragrances at the mall.

I still acknowledge and respect many of the good qualities of this scent but I can't find myself to see this as anything more than nuetral. If you want an alternative fragrance that is fresh/fruit and peppery/spicy, try Silver Mountain Water.

The moral of the story: Don't blind buy any fragrance just because the reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Try it yourself.
10th May, 2012 (last edited: 02nd August, 2012)