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United Kingdom
For me this perfume is headturning and I simply love it
This is in my top 10 of all time
My rating 10/10
05th January, 2018
I'll echo what one reviewer said about this having a similar fragrance to the Colorado Rockies. I think that sums it up well. A lovely scent.

However, I'm not getting great performance from this either in sillage or longevity. I have the parfum. Its requiring about 4-6 sprays for minimum desired effect, and I hate over spraying. Lasts about 2-4 hours on my skin.

4/5 stars from me. Recommended with reservations.

30th November, 2017
Like seemingly many others who now love it I wasn't really a fan of Terre d'Hermes on first wearings. Or I should say: I respected it a lot but thought it wasn't for me. Times really change! But make no mistake about it, like basically anything that is different, it's not for everyone.

It has this very unique ability to blend both dirty and clean at the same time in a tremendous but unusual way. And it's the first part that can be too much or disliked by some people. It's a yes dirty, earthy even mineral, warm (and lightly smoky), peppery mix of zesty orange peels with a natural feel, like many Hermes' have, with some grapefruit to make it brighter and sharper. The prominent base is very woody and a bit resinous. Vetiver and some cedar share the main spotlight with the earthy citrus. The fragrance also has an aromatic facet, with geranium, which makes it really a 4 seasons one to me as a nice bonus. But the first one coming to my mind when I wear it is clearly Fall. And it has an outdoorsy vibe to it actually.

It is a mature, serious scent while not smelling dated to my nose. One for a classy, confident man with a strong character. So if you're looking for a playful, young fragrance, you are looking the wrong way here. It's a fantastic amalgam of classic, masculine and old school perfumery with the new age of contemporary clean citrus based fragrances. Put all that together and you have my all time favorite fragrance in the thousands I've tried.

Jean-Claude Ellena created a masterful liquid piece of art with Terre d'Hermes and an absolute classic. Brillant!
11th November, 2017
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Turn in the road by Paul Cezanne 1881
01st September, 2017
What a wonderful, mature and classy fragrance. 'Terre D' Hermes' by Hermes is a great scent for the spring, summer and even fall months, with superb performance.

Initial blast is oranges and vetiver, with a hint of cedarwood. A hint of pepper and what seems to be floral notes are also detected. As it dries down and settles, the vetiver and orange really stay fairly prominent, layered over what is undoubtedly cedarwood and a bit of patchouli note.

The base is mainly vetiver and cedarwood, and surprisingly the orange top note carries itself mildly all the way through the life of the fragrance. It smells very nice, an expensive and distinguished smell that is very likable but definitely for the 30+ man who dresses to impress and is well spoken.

Longevity with a liberal application of a dozen sprays (neck, shoulders, chest and wrists) is about 10-12+ hours, and at least a week or two on clothes and fabrics. The projection is steady, and sillage is good and never cloying or headache inducing. Very safe for work, close encounters and professional engagements.

This is a perfect signature fragrance for the professional man over thirty years of age who dresses well, speaks articulately and wants a scent that can be worn in any season and at any occasion.
17th June, 2017
Terre d'Hermes opens with a short blast of semi-sweet citrus and bright, freshly-sanded cedar. Very quickly, the citrus retreats into the background and the cedar, prominent but suddenly mellowed and aged - is joined with earthy moss and maybe just a tiny hint of musty mildew. It reminds me of rainy fall days spent at my family's cottage in the mountains. This will definitely be in my fall/winter rotation.
09th May, 2017
Ticks all the boxes.The only fragrance I smelled on another man and had to go out of my way to ask what it was. I was literraly blown away all those years ago! My most complimented fragrance ever. Smell expensive and classy. Goes great with a suit. Makes you feel at the top of your game. Wouldn't be without it! Nothing more to say.
02nd May, 2017 (last edited: 22nd November, 2017)
I feel like this is a really unique scent beyond my ability to describe in any helpful way. I smelled the orange, the gunflint and the vetiver. It's elemental, earthy.

The more I smelled this and wore it, the more I liked it and came to appreciate its quality.

If you're like me and you expect your scents to last, this one gets you through a whole day easily. Really terrific longevity for me.

It's very unique IMO, but not something I imagine women falling over themselves to smell.

However, this one gets a 10 from me.

30th April, 2017
Stopped in for a tie, left switching from a tie connoisseur to a fragrance aficionado. The Hermes employee had opened up the world of fine fragrance to me with Terre. When I smelled it all I could think of was just how high class it smelled, as if I were in a very nice house with the finest woodwork you could imagine and it was giving off a citrus vibe after just being cleaned, and that is why this is my signature fragrance, that and a bundle of memories that go with it!
25th April, 2017
I'll be honest. This type of scent is not my favorite - I'm not really a fan of the more earthy, woody, or for that matter, aquatic/blue sort of scents though that last one doesn't apply as much here.

But having said that, I don't always like to stay inside my box and as I'm on a fun journey to try as many great fragrances as I can, I enjoy trying ones with great reviews, even if the notes aren't my usual thing (my usual thing, incidentally being variations on the theme of Oriental, whether it be oriental spicy or fragrances that are quite fruity and/or floral).

But anyway, I thought this was very good! Despite my resistance to these sort of scents, I was able to appreciate this one's clean and pure freshness. And I agree with those that said it smells "expensive" and "classy".

However, I didn't find it had that much projection or great staying power with me. I tried the EDT. I would be curious to try the EDP. I mean, it wasn't bad for a couple of hours, but then it became much more subtle or as my co-worker described it - "mild".

Overall, probably too "mild" for me to fall in love with, but a nice, likable and safe scent overall, and good for spring.
19th April, 2017
I get largely orange and cedar. An award winner, it's nicely done with good power, projection and longevity. It's spendy; but, not outrageously so, IMO. It works for me; however, probably wouldn't at a higher price point.
07th March, 2017
To me, perhaps because of reformulation, this smells fresh, inoffensive, and is quite weak. Good thing I got the big bottle, as extra sprays are needed.

Clean laundry with a hint of orange. I like it, but it isn't amazing. I wish I had the original.
17th November, 2016
Very distinct in the opening, comes out with razor sharp pepper in combination with flower and wood.
It gets more flowery and citrus-zesty as it dries down.
It stays clean, sharp and woody, very masculine .
This cologne would in my opinion be perfect for the 40+ aged man in suit and tie.If moderately applied it would be OK to use in the office .Perfect for formal occasions.
The longevity is very good , and projection is great.
Quality stuff, definately on my top 10 list.

But hey, somehow i smell hyacinth in this , especially in the opening.Am I the only one?

03rd November, 2016
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My biggest compliment getter so far.
This is fresh, long lasting, dirty, stimulating and I haven't smelled anything quite like it in my relatively short time exploring fragrances.
People have complimented the vetiver note in the dry down and my wife has definitely picked up the pepper.
For me, the dominant notes are the flint and then the benzoin and cedarwood. The citrus opening for me is fleeting.
Great longevity and I can see myself wearing this all year round adjusting the sprays accordingly.
02nd November, 2016
I get it. I finally tried TdH and I get why it's so talked about. It came in an order of samples that I based on positive BN reviews.

To me, the opening is spiced oranges and lemons. It seems both bitter and juicy, and the presence of peppers is fleeting but influential. It is much tamer than I expected, but it remains curious in spite of its understatedness. I suppose "subtle but interesting" fits perfectly.
the drydown is like the crunch of dry twigs under walking feet, undeniably evergreen. It reminds me of elemi, almost pickled in a way: peppercorns, peppers, and the back-end of citrus.
The kind of subtle, okay-in-an-elevator fragrance that is unlike anything I've ever smelled. Glad I followed suit!
06th October, 2016 (last edited: 05th October, 2016)
This is a fantastic fragrance and used to be my go-to every time. Over the production years, however, it has become slightly weaker in strength and now has a much 'fresher' and less 'earthier' smell than it used to have.
It is still, however, a beautiful scent that attracts many comments and should still be a staple in every man's cabinet.
12th September, 2016
Whoopee, yet another TdH review. I can understand how some might find this fragrance off-putting -- it's quite assertive at the start, especially if applied too liberally. But I'm definitely in the camp that finds its spiced orange opening, as well as the fresh-cut cedar and underlying note of vetiver that soon come to the fore, to be not just attractive but nearly addictive. Because it is a forceful scent I'll admit I do use it judiciously, but a little seems to go a long way.
08th September, 2016
This is not the typical seductive scent but it's manly and it's pretty damn versatile. It's the most well blended scent with orange and earthiness and one of the best orange based scent out there.

Depending on your style, some people may not like the dirty earthiness of this fragrance but dial down the sprayer trigger a bit and forget about the note composition and this should be every day scent worthy.
04th August, 2016
It seems like cedar and gunmetal, especially oil that has picked up the smell of the case. It's sharp and woody, and extremely masculine, with a ripe flower scent that stays dark and serious.

I could see how this could be confused for OFF bugspray, and yet I like it very much. The cedar wins me over and takes me right into the forest with the musk.

You truly get a sensory experience with this; the smell of air scented by evergreens and the branches you have snapped as you walk; the earth rich and damp from a recent rain, the musky smell of sweat and the salt of it running down to your upper lip. And yet it could be buttoned up, and very formal. But definitely primal.

I really like this.

edit: I had to come back and revise this review. I cannot stop smelling this on my wrist. I'm upping my rating from 4 stars to 5, bc I would 100% wear this and get tingles every time I smelled it on the wind.
19th July, 2016
Acrid, pungent, headache-inducing. I pick up strong wood and petrochemical smells. Sour. Perhaps I am sensitive to Iso E Super?

Stings my nostrils and produces an strong, inescapable olfactory aura that lasts ALL DAY. This stuff is unique, very strong, but just doesn't work my body chemistry.
17th July, 2016
I can actually see why people would not like this. This scent, depending on what note you catch a whiff of, can be anything from bug spray-like to mineral or inert.

That's the thing though, depending on what you pick up your opinion might change throughout its wearing. Dirty orange, flint, black pepper and/or is an interesting mix.

On me, this easily projected and had a good lifespan, maybe 6 hours or so.

Various people on YouTube reviews keep on mentioning that it comes across as an "old man" type of scent.
Definitely over thirty type of scent but seems too sophisticated to fall into only the mature demographic.
22nd June, 2016
Today's my first day wearing Terre d'Hermes. A very intriguing fragrance. I've enjoyed it. The orange and "flint" combo is unique and conveys a classy feeling. I'd say it's a very transparent fragrance. It feels very light and sheer compared to the Creed fragrances, which feel much more robust and layered. I get a more synthetic "vibe" while wearing this fragrance that I do from the Creed's or the Serge Lutens, at least the ones I've tried so far. I'm wondering if that is the flint, or the Iso E super. I had to laugh when I read MustardSalad's review. I think the flint is what gives him the scent of dill, but that's just a thought as I sit here and sniff this juice. Overall, a nice addition to my rotation, but in my opinion, this fragrance isn't nearly as good as Aventus, Royal Mayfair, Green Irish Tweed, Spice & Wood, Fille en Aiguilles, Ore, and several others. Of course that is my opinion. I know many feel this is the best of the best as shown in the top 500 right here on Base Notes, but it's down the list a ways for me, maybe top 10 or top 12. I'll have to keep wearing it and comparing.
15th March, 2016
The 2006-2007 original until possibly 2008 Vintage was excellent and deserves 5 Stars. Anything after 2008, deserves at most 3 stars. The difference is in the quality of Citrus.
A brilliant piece designed by Ellena and made bland by the Hermes accountants.
19th February, 2016 (last edited: 23rd April, 2017)
Original, sophisticated, alluring, classy, elegant, long-lasting.
Masterpiece. Best designer fragrance release between 2000-2010, imho.

25th December, 2015
I won't buy again, but I like this fragrance. The orange note is more orange rind and smells organic, very earthy. I find this scent oldmanish and I am an old man. It is just very thick and pungent. The orange saves it from being moth balls in a hot wood closet or sweaty gym socks. So i would call this a fresh old man fragrance. Aventus is a better all around interpretation of this IMO.
04th December, 2015
This to me smells like a lemon/orange completely dried in hot sun + the smell of the earth when it rains for the first time.

Love this stuff.

Projection: 9/10
Longevity: 10+ hrs easily

16th November, 2015
Terre d'Hermes was the fragrance that turned me on fragrances. A friend of mine was wearing it while we were on a boat cruising around the Puget Sound on a sunny day. The mixture of the fragrance, the salt water, and the pine trees was hypnotizing to me and I knew I must have it! It is citrusy and woody with a hint of pepper and some spices. Very masculine and earthy, yet sporty. Unfortunately it isn't as amazing on my skin, but still a wonderful fragrance nonetheless. I give it an 8.5/10.
03rd September, 2015
Earthy,sweet but to me it reminded me of "Beachballs"....the new plastic smell like plastic orange scent.....Yeah i know...odd huh!...Overall though despite that weird likening its a nice smell but i sold it so for me i wasnt to enamoured!
26th July, 2015
Terre d' Hermes I made into my signature scent.
I learned to love its smell of rotten oranges and grapefruits smoldering in a vinyl sack on a sunbaked, blistering rock while the wood is on fire, drenched in Iso E Super, the Mono-sodium glutamate of the perfume world.
12th July, 2015
I owned a sample, at first I wasn't too keen on TdH, but it grew on me. The scent of oranges is very prominent, more so than the grapefruit in my opinion. I've seen it being recommended for a summer scent because everyone assumes oranges and citrus are for summer. I disagree. This is a fragrance that performs substantially better as a fall/winter scent. The drydown is beautiful and you have to get up close to get a good smell of it. Best of all it lasts FOREVER on my clothes. You'll have to actually wash it get the drydown off. It's amazing.
I plan on purchasing this in the future.
29th June, 2015