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Neutral Reviews of Just Me for Men by Paris Hilton

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I'm not sure I completely follow the ADG comparisons, but Just Me by Paris Hilton is interesting in its own right, and I opted to buy a 30ml bottle (less than $10 on FragranceNet) due to the heap of praise it's received.

Dominated by a sweet, citrus, and somewhat floral mix of top notes that don't give way to anything else, Just Me is bright in the way of a women's designer fragrance but occupies a pleasant unisex space that men can enjoy as well. I was intrigued by the reported blueberry note, but I don't smell this exactly, just an ambiguous tartness/sweetness. It's not blue, but slightly green, and slightly candied.

For the price, it's surely worth trying, knowing that you can have a bottle without much investment, but I cannot add much to the heap of praise. For the money, it's good, but it's a little too congested to be a go-to warm-weather option. Still, it's provocative in its own right.

5 out of 10
18th August, 2015
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United Kingdom
The initial citrus impact is quite gentle, and soon develops notions of a mild green with a touch of ozonic notes and with some lotus, the latter appearing a bit contrived in this context. The drydown introduces some woodsy notes that are a bit too generic, with a soft patchouli that us hardly developing on my skin. Silage and projection are limited, but the longevity is quite good at about five hours, although quite faint after the first two. In summary, this is a fresh quite nice scent that not bad at all, albeit a tad generic nut not without the attempt of a twist. Overall a neutral score
23rd April, 2014

Not super original, but a good scent anyways.

26th July, 2013
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Other new copy of: Aqua de Gio, 360 Red, more fruity but less floral, overpower, super long-lasting and cheaper.
07th October, 2008
WHile this smells pretty good, I would be embarrassed to say what I was wearing subjectively speaking. I'd lie and say I was wearing a Hugo Boss scent, Perry Ellis 360 Red or Aqcua di Gio which are quite similar. A spicy floral (jasmine on top, blue watery notes in the middle and a musky patchouli base) that has character for a few minutes but fades away into oblivion. A safe smelling clone that's slightly different but the longevity is atrocious. Good but could be considered a secret shame.
15th June, 2008
Paris Hilton really knows what she likes her men to smell like! This fragrance is a more masculine reflection of herself. It is rather floral and fruity, but at times smell like boiled candy. This fragrance features a heavy watermelon scent; and unfotunately does not get balance out by any other scent! However, kudos to Paris for trying.
22nd January, 2006