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I think this is a thumbs up if you are searching for a value for money scent. Please don't expect wizardry in this isle of the perfume section.

Its an ADG clone that seems to have good lasting power. It's of course more synthetic, with a rough alcohol opening that dries down to a pleasant (if boring) sweetness.

The price, dry down and performance (6-8 hours) make it a buy for me.
24th October, 2017
I'm a new kid in the block, don't know much about fragrances.. But I've smelt a couple of good stuffs, and this is pretty decent. Amazing low budget scent, this fragrance and 360 perry Ellis red for men are often preferred over Aqua do gio in reviews I watched.. And are far cheaper alternatives.

Decent smell, fresh I all I can call it, obviously citrusy(only notes my inexperienced nostrils can pick up) lasts 5-6 hours on my skin. Moderate projection the first 2 hours, and it just close to the skin afterwards. The dry down is pleasant.. My first purchased fragrance.
21st June, 2015
Wow, this has definitely been reformulated, and for the better. It says discontinued but I scratch my head on that one.

I bought Just Me on the spot in 2006 when it came out because my girlfriend at the time loved the smell on me. We were walking through the mall, tried it, and that's a wrap. I wore it a lot at first, but then I got tired of it. Bought it again some years later and a cheap price, didn't like it at all. Wrote a bad review of it on here.

Recently I read some people saying how great it was, how it smells identical to AdG, but with a more masculine dry down. This sounded different than the Just Me I knew. The one I knew smelled a lot like AdG, but with a bland musky dry down, and a hideous tomato leaf note that smelled like wet farts in the opening/mid.

It appears that either my nose has changed, or the tomato leaf note is gone, and the dry down has become more bold. Either way, I am digging it.

This is very much like a more masculine AdG. There's a metallic thing going on here which I really like about it. The dry down is deeper with woody notes and maybe some patchouli.

Basically this is a slightly darker AdG with better longevity, about the same sillage, and a very cheap price tag. Possibly reformulated too. My review was as harsh as the others who give it a thumbs down.
10th April, 2010 (last edited: 19th November, 2016)
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What a surprise! I have never imagined Paris Hilton making a scent like Just Me. This cologne has a very nice fruity smell, better than Acqua di Giò in my opinion. Lasts a very long time on my skin. Rated with 5 stars!
07th March, 2010
A really great, inexpensive scent.

There's a bit of "woodiness" in the opening that I'm not fond of. But that fades quickly.

The drydown is VERY nice.

Definately a "younger" scent though.
09th January, 2010
Just Me actually really surprised me. No, it's nothing new at all, and yes it's a copy cat/morph but for the price you can't beat it! Very similar to Aqua di Gio as others have suggested as well as Burberry Summer(AdG copy with pepper). Top notes scream citrus-lemon(almost like pledge or citronella but not in a negative way) but it mellows out fairly well and the sweetness balances it out in the dry down. Did I mention it's cheap yet? For being reasonably priced, it doesn't have a detracting synthetic smell like most cheap fragrances. Great for everyday wear or whenever you don't want to waste your more expensive stuff. I would say this isn't for anyone above the age of 30, but it is appropriate for teens-mid twenties.
29th October, 2009
i have to say i like this one its got a GREAT opening and is absolutely sexy and ive heard its an aqua di gio copy yea its got the background but she made her version

definately unoriginal but a well made scent
28th August, 2009 (last edited: 01st October, 2009)
Smells almost exactly like 360 degrees red, just with a touch more fruit. I smell a hint of lemon in the top too for about 5 minutes that isn't in the perry ellis, but besides these factors it is almost exactly the same. Both are great scents in my book!
11th November, 2008
This is a really nice modern EDT that avoids the synthetic, metallic head-hurting freshness of the last decade. Sadly, it isn't terribly original -- its bergamot-heavy crispness is heavily reminiscent of Aqua di Gio, which came out a decade earlier. Its slightly heavier on the floral and fruity elements though -- ever so slightly. The bottom line, though, is that in spite of the dreaded PH brand and an equally dreadful sprayer (that requires you to practically whack it with a hammer -- whereupon it sprays the juice all over like a garden hose), this smells really, really good. There's simply no arguing with that.
31st August, 2008
Not bad for the price and a lot better than her other one "PH for Men" Which was awful. This one is safe for everyday use it stays very close to the skin so fine for office work.
22nd April, 2008
Just Me for Men is amazing! And it does not have a watermelon scent at all, that reviewer was most likely confusing it with Paris Hilton for Men. Just Me for Men is a very clean, softly citrus, and mixes very well with your natural scent. Thanks Paris!
14th July, 2007
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United States
Just Me has proven to be a good investment. I found it to be long lasting (when layered with the body wash), not overpowering and I have received many positive comments when I wear it.

The blend of the fresh citrus with the crushed grass and musk make for an interesting combination, and a pleasant, clean scent.

Personally, I find "Just Me" more masculine than the original "Paris Hilton".
30th April, 2007
Just Me for Men does resemble Acqua Di Gio when first sprayed but it is much sweeter with a fruity candy smell after a while (or after a good sweat for me). Overall, it is simply outstanding and it has now replaced my previous 360 degrees red. The only drawback is that it is not very strong and it needs at least 4-5 sprays for longer lasting effect.
02nd January, 2007
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Smells a lot like Acqua Di Gio but cheaper and lasts longer.

It STARTS like Acqua Di Gio and changes into something very deep, LOVES it.
23rd October, 2006
This one as opposed to the first Paris for men scent, is not as groundbreaking and is very "safe". Again, not a bad scent at all, a bit sweeter (but not as sweet as PH for men)than regular EDTs for men but this fruityness is very welcomed. It is not the most elegant of scents, but it's fun, it has nice sillage and good lonegvity. Too bad about the sad design of the bottle and the messyness of the spray. But the juice is what's important and its not a bad one, in fact is very nice.
01st August, 2006