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Aquatic floral. Lotus and peony dominate here. The base is weak with only a hint of wood. A good, quick, spritz-and-out-the-door fragrance. Summery.
14th May, 2018
Sweet and very fruity, the scent is found in many of perfumes that targets teens and early 20's crowd. It is a very pleasant yuzu dominant opening, heart notes of peony and magnolia mix, no detection of lotus. No detection of base notes on my skin.

Although this is a very young scent, sweet and fruity, it is non cloying and it is very refreshing. It would be a great summer scent, but not so much for office use or conservative type of business.

Color I think of: baby pink, light yellow
words I think of: young, fun, chic.
suitable age (objective): late teens, early and mid 20's.
24th December, 2016
Linea and very generic. This is fresh slightly fruity floral which is soft, synthetic and hard to distinguish from so many others. It smells like walking through the perfume department at a department store.

Still I didn't really find it to be that much of a problem until after about 3 hours it began to make me feel nauseous. Very few fragrances have this effect on me but this was one.
17th September, 2016
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The epitome of fresh air. It's crisp, fruity, aquatic, sweet and simple. Perfect for summer. It's quite inoffensive and is appropriate to wear anywhere.

I mainly get yuzu, pomegranate and peony.
14th September, 2016
This scent is very romantic in a "holding hands in a spring garden" way. Sure, it's predictable, as others have remarked. But I can count on it to make me feel cheerful and open-hearted before a first or second date on a lovely spring afternoon. Unlike many other floral scents, Versace Bright Crystal is feminine yet not overwhelming / cloying. I'm a fan.
05th January, 2016

Truly i am a Huge fan CRYSTAL NOIR but this one is so far from it. The bottle is Cute but the scent is a Disappointment for me as I can not say something Unique about this one.A fun feminine fragrance with a combination of Fruity,Clean and Youth. Simple, Summery,Fresh,Soft,Youthful,Joyful and Casual

A fresh opening with yuzu is pretty Nice however the alcohol smell is too strong to my nose then The scent faded a bit too quickly on a Soapy,Common and poor dry down. Totally it Gives a feeling of Cleanness and Freshness but not a Lovely and Cute feeling like ADDICT 2.

BRIGHT CRYSTAL should be worn in the SPRING/summer weather.I recommend it for DAYTIME wear,It is also Good for office use because it is not Offensive. Suitable for a Happy character who likes a Modern,Clean,Casual yet Simplistic scent with a Misleading Bottle!


Longevity?Weak on my skin.

10th May, 2015
A pleasant and charming feminine fragrance which is mostly on the generic and common road but it's a good one.
The opening is semi fresh citrusy and fruity scent mixed with some floral and some sweetness in the background.
The citrus in the opening isn't very bright and so fresh like summer fragrances. it's just there, right behind the fruity scent to give it a fresh aroma. you can easily smell the freshness of the citrus.
The fruity smell which is the main note of the fragrance in the beginning, smell fresh because of the yuzu note and it almost smell like peach, but when you take a look at note breakdown you will see it's pomegranate that smell really close to peach.
I believe there is pepper note in this fragrance which is not in the note breakdown but I've smelt it.
It's not that strong, it's just there to give the scent just a small kick!
In the dry down the citrusy scent in gone and floral and sweetness come in front and push the fruity note in the background.
The mid and the base are almost the same and there is no big difference between them.
The mid and base note is very common to the nose. The simple sweet floral scent is a very common in women fragrances and this one has it too.
Both projection and longevity is really good. no problem at all.
02nd June, 2014
My girlfriend saw this at Ulta about 3 months ago and she really loved after testing this so I bought it for her on Valentines Day. I must say I liked it at 1st but now im really starting to love it. It starts out smelling fresh,slightly floral and has a sparkle to it but to me this really shines in the drydown when it becomes really creamy and smooth...

Like I said the more I smell it on her the more I like it so give this 1 a few tries before gathering an opinion as this went from a like to a love pretty quick :D
19th February, 2014
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United Kingdom
Interesting notes

The top notes disappear in minutes, and the magnolia and lotus are pleasant and a mix not that frequently found. The base is a bit dull though. Longevity of three hours. Hm. A bit average.

05th September, 2013
I also get the "bitter grapefruit" scent that others have noted. It is fairly linear. Just strong bitter grapefruit for hours and hours.

Glad I tried this one before I bought it. I own Crystal Noir and LOVE it (it smells like Dr. Pepper soda). This one however, is just unpleasant. Yuck, yuck, yuck.
30th May, 2012
This was given to me as a gift, and whilst I like some fruity scents, every time I wear it, the only fruit I can smell is not of pomegranate, but that of a bitter grapefruit. It lasts a good 4-6 hours on me, which is fine given I would not have chosen it for myself.
20th January, 2012
When I first smelt this, I immediately thought of Baby Doll by YSL. They are both rather strong fruity scents that are youthful and vibrant.

The bottle is adorable and very feminine. Versace always manages to make unique and creative bottles for their perfumes.

The scent itself, although pleasant and uplifting, is a little fruitier than what I'm usually used to. It's an interesting fruity floral, I'll give it that, but there was something rather sour and bitter when I smelt this. If anything, it smelt like hair just after it had been washed with citrusy shampoos. For some people they will enjoy this fragrance because of its clean and crisp scent.

As in regards to what I like, Bright Crystal is not my cup of tea, however this shouldn't persuade anyone not to try this fragrance. In my opinion, this is either a love it or hate it type of perfume.

26th April, 2011
LOVE this! I was searching for a new fragrance and getting frustrated with the current crop of designers and celebrities with the latest "thang" ...all of them seem to have a note (perhaps vanilla?) that smells dirty and skanky to me, especially after dry down. Then I stumbled on Bright Crystal. It is young and sexy without being trashy and it actually has an interesting deep woodsy note that I especially love to smell in my purse (I had to dispense with the bulky cap...too much for lugging around!) I get constant compliments when I wear it and I'm now on my third 100 ml bottle!
15th July, 2010
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a distillate of the young and pretty
05th February, 2010
This is an amazing perfume for daywear especially for people in their 20s. It has a very sharp, fresh scent which always puts me in a good mood. It is a fruity/floral but its not that usual sweet. It lasts for about 4-5 hours on me and this is one of the few perfumes which have never given me a headache. I really really like this scent but I don't love it so I don't know if I'll buy it again, but I'm definitely very glad about buying it the first time.
14th May, 2009
The huge crystal stopper that looks like a diamond and the pink liquid inside the bottle caught my eye...I just had to try it...and then I purchased a FB. The bottle is so adorable, and yes I am a sucker for perfume bottles as much as I am perfume =). I like this scent but I like the bottle even better. Bright Crystal is a lovely, uplifting fruity/ floral. The staying power is o.k. (2-3 hours) I wish it lasted longer. It is innofensive and just smells wonderful on my skin. Very feminine, girly scent that I would wear for any occasion. Bright Crystal is a keeper for me.
17th April, 2009
Tony T Show all reviews
United States
fruity and floral again. there are cheaper one's. there are more expensive one's. i like versace's take on magnolia, peony and musks. i am not familiar with vegetal amber but my friend wears this and it's lovely on her.
29th January, 2009
I like magnolia. In fact, I like magnolia a lot. But to me Bright Crystal is simply a nice fruity-floral based on magnolia. Hey, at least I said it was a "nice" fruity-floral. There's plenty more that aren't! But I expect better than "nice" from Versace.
08th November, 2008
Not as close it its older sister Crystal Noir as I would want it to be, but still incredibly pleasant and sparkling.

This is the 'cuter' one of the duo. Much like the relationship between Gucci Eau de Parfum and Gucci Eau de Parfum II. Smells a bit younger, this is a perfect day-time scent, when Noir is best kept for sultry/steamy nights. The exotic coconut/fig vein of Noir is replaced with pomegranate and yuzu. It is slightly more feminine, well-behaved and familiar. The mid-notes are the most precious and luscious flowers like peony, magnolia, and lotus. I love its heart notes: they are simply sublime.

Peony tends too make scents smell innocent and young anyways, and being one of my favorite flowers of all time along with magnolia, these flower notes smell exceptionally beautiful and very authentic at the same time. The flowery heart moves into a musky and amber-y drydown, while keeping its flowery/fruity identity.

This is not a gender-bender scent though: it is a testament to everything that is 'woman.' I hold this scent in very high esteem for its jewel like character. Most importantly, it smells expensive and sophisticated even though being young in character. That is hard to create/find. Not as sensual as Noir, but equally respectable nonetheless. The bottle is identical to Noir with a clear crystal top and pink juice inside instead.

It is truly bright: another respectable creation from the brand.
03rd September, 2008 (last edited: 04th August, 2011)
Noraed Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Soft and tender I would say. It is nice, but an amazing.
This is a Floral - Fruity type of perfume.
The scent is not as beautiful as its bottle.
The design of this bottle is what tricked me into buying it, but I do enjoy the scent sometimes.
23rd April, 2008
For so long I have been sniffing this perfume from some superstore in our area... i loved it so much because it smells so clean, refreshing, light, sweet, and mellow.. the good thing about it was that it stays for a long time! I spray once in the morning before work, around 7am then go to work - smells it, lunch -- still smelling it, afternoon -- smells it again, dinner -- smells it so much!! it stays on my clothes!! when i get home around 10pm.. it still lingers! i just love it!! this is the scent for the young fashionable workers!
21st December, 2007
Too much pomogranite. I love to eat pomogranites, but this one smells too, um, bright. Yes, that is the word. Too sharp and fruity. I liked Crystal Noir, but not this one.
27th October, 2007
Refreshing, light & floral fruity, sheer & pink, nothing of interest coming thru, very youthful & innocent peony scent. Nice if you like that kind of thing.
25th June, 2007
An unwanted trip to do an errand this morning, turned into a mini fragrance sniff session.
I disturbed a bored SA and made her spritz me with this Versace sent, plus one other she decided I needed to smell.
So I have Versace Bright Crystal on my right wrist and Armani Code for Women on my left.
VERSACE BRIGHT CRYSTAL wins, hands (wrists) down!!! It had a so so start, but now a couple hours later, I can't stop sniffing my right wrist (god I hope nobody is watching!! LOL) It is subtle, lingering, very lovely, just beautiful on me! Must add to my WANT list!!
11th June, 2007
Starts out a bit bright and somewhat biting, but develops into a full-bodied, lush, yet not overly powerful floral. Beautiful and classy.
09th January, 2007
I really like this floral for its base and middle. The topnotes however are quite strong and I have to put it on atleast 10 to 20 minutes before i leave the house for that reason. my dad loves it and so does my mom. The bottle is gorgeous. be careful however before you buy it because it is so strong.
26th December, 2006
I first discovered Bright Crystal by reading Cosmo with a guy friend. At the time this was a guy friend that I was interested in so when he told me that I should buy the perfume because he thought it was sexy, I was immediately interested. So then when I went to Sephora while on a class trip to NYC i sampled the perfume and now I'm in love with the sexy aroma it has!
06th November, 2006
I agree with Margareta. I sprayed Bright Crystal on my wrist at a department store and thought, yeah, OK , nothing much going on here! I ran my errands and after a while was thinking what IS that heavenly magnolia scent? It was me, well, my wrist anyway. nice sillage! I like magnolia so this was an unexpected surprise. A week later, I ran to the store just to re-try it, sprayed it on both wrists, and sniffed it all night. that settled it, It goes on my main wish list. I thought the bottle was kind of gaudy but it grew on me once I liked what was inside.
26th October, 2006
I'm in agreement with Margareta, this fragrance begins with very generic top-notes...then dries down to a warming powdery amber/woodsy base that wears close to the skin. Sexy in an understated fashion. I find the notes in Bright Crystal true to the basic composition of Crystal Noir. I might describe it more LIGHT than bright though...As usual with Versace, the bottle is a work of art. Lovely modern vanity accessory!
26th October, 2006 (last edited: 17th April, 2008)
It seems like I am a Versace-fan! I do like Bright Crystal very much, as I do with other Versace-frags!
The first sniff was a dissapointment. Just another floral... It was after 15 minutes I started to like it. And I liked it more and more the longer it was on my skin. The drydown is almost powdery and beautiful, and also very longlasting on me.
If you are interested in this frag. give it at least a try on your skin, and let it develop for several hours before you form an opinion abut it.
Thums up for Bright Crystal from Versace-fan Margareta.
02nd September, 2006 (last edited: 10th April, 2011)