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Negative Reviews of Vetiver by Elizabeth W

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A lot of mid-priced spa product and candle companies use a note they like to call clover. To me, it's a mix of really artificial-smelling Tang-ish citrus over a leafy green backdrop. Elizabeth W's Vetiver seems to be mostly based on this note. There's also an upfront smell of green tea extract (which doesn't smell like green tea, but instead like a sort of creamy green, vaguely soapy smell), so I end up smelling mostly like fake oranges mixed with creamy green soap.

Eventually, some of the green undertones turn out to be vetiver, but placed in a very mossy green base that borders on gross. So this essentially smells like creamy green fake orange-scented soap over Lancome's Sagamore. Not really a winner for me...
08th April, 2012
This one smells like a cloying old blue haired lady lingering over fruit in the produce section of an unairconditioned grocery store.
15th July, 2010
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United States
Can you say barbershop? I knew you could.
18th November, 2007
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