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Negative Reviews of Greyland by Montale

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What a lovely blend of spices and incense................. and then.........


Cumin and sweaty armpits

No thanks
07th December, 2012
Rubbery. Scrubber.

I love Montale, both in terms of scents generally and how they develop on my skin, but this one just doesn't cut it. Too rubbery, too industrial, too synthetic. Nothing sexy or inviting about this one, other than ironically the decent sillage.
27th February, 2011 (last edited: 14th April, 2011)
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United States
very intense and right at u.associated with pepper. this is strong. i didnt wait for the complete drydown. just a scent i dont wanna smell like or be remembered by
21st February, 2009
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United States
Notes: Ingwer notes, pepper, elemi, cardamom, woods of teak, kayak, cedars, Aromatic Cystus Albidus from the coast of Southern France, grey musk, the finest sandalwood, leather

Greyland is a spicy woody fragrance to the extreme. Upon contact with skin, Greyland immediately releases a smelly cloud of woods, cedar, and cumin. Especially cumin. Greyland is cumin-ed out to the max. The overriding accord driving Greyland is a salty spicy woody smell with loads of cumin, which inturn makes it a bit "smelly". I kept waiting for the musk and sandalwood base to appear and tame this cumin-ized accord, but it never happened. Cumin won it all, and conquered Greyland. Longevity is average.

Greyland smells like "Jean Pascal by Jean Pascal" without all the citrus-lavender notes taken out and the salty spicy wood notes bumped up in concentration. I like Jean Pascal because of its great mix of spicy woody fresh and faintly animalic smell. Greyland on the other hand smells like the spicy-salty part of Jean Pascal...and feels overdone and unbalanced. Theres only so much cumin a person can take. Grab a bottle of Jean Pascal and drive past Greyland without stopping.
03rd November, 2006