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Thought it might be too sweet for me, but the sweet softens in the dry down and feels less screechy. There's also some slightly bitter brownish note - not sure what - that helps tamp down the sweetness.
07th November, 2016
Immediately, it smells as if you're dripping honey directly onto your skin. Intoxicating! The orange perfectly complements the vanilla and jasmine combo, and the ginger gives it just a little spiciness. This is an incredibly sweet fragrance, but not at all cloying - just sensually sweet. And mature, too - not in an 'old lady' way, but made for a woman oozing with confidence and sophistication. In my opinion, Armani Code is absolutely perfect for evening wear, casual daily wear, or even special occasions - making it a very versatile scent. A perfectly balanced blend.
13th June, 2016
Armani Code has a sweet, innocent vibe with a hint of sexyness, in a fun and flirty way, like the essence of "the girl next door".

I first got my sample and did not like it much at first, but a week or so later I sniffed it on my coat and wondered what the hell smelled so good in my wardrobe. It was the Armani juice and I bought it that same day.

It begins with a fruity accord of orange blossom, spicy ginger and fresh pear, to be followed by sweet vanilla, honey and a bit of sandalwood. The drydown is exquisite, and it might struck you with strong orange at first, but let it still and you will be enchanted just as I was.

I'm a sucker for anything with jasmin and orange in it, but I have to admit that I was expecting a bit more from that combo. The ad doesn't mix the fragrance, as in the way that it smells too casual to be elegant.

It's sensual in a sweet an innocent way, but it's not quite a head-turner, heady and strong scent. It's the jeans+white tank sort of fragrance, perfect for casual day/evening wear.

I think the more you wear it, the best you discover for when or how much -or if- it suits you. It's not a sillage monster, but I have had compliments from people from the next table at a restaurant.
06th April, 2016
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ARMANI CODE is a Enthralling Modern mix of The best Flowers and Without doubt is Carlos Benaim Style That Jasmine is Essence his products. Fresh,Floral Scent,Not Too Heavy,Delightful,Sweet, Sophisticated Chic and Romantic.

When you wearning it you feel it is a Part of you.All notes are at a Nice harmony.Strong opening with Fresh notes.Within a minute The Floral notes Definitely Jasmine Comes in.I find it Seductive and Charming.The base notes is kind and Lovely.

In my opinion it is like a Charming Freind that you will not never forget.Great with a Black Dress and Perfect for AUTUMN Evening Specially a Garden Party.Generally if you want to Feel Feminine and oomph You must wearning this Beautiful EDP.


Longevity?Very Good on my skin.

16th December, 2014
Bubblegum. I like it. It's childish in a fun way. It makes me hungry to chew a wad of sweet, dripping Bazooka bubblegum. Armani Code is juicy with flavor, tasty with sugar and vanilla. I was looking for a vanilla fragrance when I tried this, but it doesn't quite fit the bill due to its abundance of citrus fruit. Initially, the top notes impressed me as grapefruit, but later the fragrance seemed to be dominated by orange and lemon softened by vanilla. Someone here described it as "Cream-sicle," and I do agree with that assessment. I couldn't wear it daily even though I find it amazingly attractive. My appetite poses a problem for me wearing fragrances that smell like sweets; I can't take my mind off of eating. If I were out, driving around at night, this one would cause me to stop at the nearest gas station convenience store buy a big handful of gum.
28th January, 2012
I smelled this on a female co-worker and was dumbstruck at how beautiful it the air.

On the skin, the first impression I got was funny. Animal crackers! Sweet and sugary and buttery.

Perfumes are so complicated now, compositions using aromachemical molecules that are often imperceptible to the wearer (olfactory fatigue, anosmia) but that hover in the air in a brilliant cloud for those around them...paradisone, berryflor, International Flavors and Fragrances does nothing but try to produce novel molecules for this purpose, but it has rendered review and recognition of any single new fragrance almost impossible. They have become postmodern "simulacra" where the copy is so pervasive it is mistaken for being the true original. We cannot imagine what real deer musk smelled like anymore..

Armani Code for women is one of those mysteries. It is not a wrist sniffer. Near the wrist, it comes off as a cloudy, velvety "me too" fragrance. But the suederol, musks, and maybe even Iso E Super are blunted and blended so craftily that they equal a whole that does not represent the parts. Under it all is a lightly used touch of soapy generic Avon, but smudged with an ozone-like matrix scaffolding that comes across like the smell of a dirty refrigerator. Almost a metallic or mineral feel, dusty and cold.

How this all falls into place is not detectable to the wearer. It is for all of us around him or her to decide. I finally found this fragrance to be a good way.
23rd January, 2012 (last edited: 24th January, 2012)
Sexy, Mysterious, Exotic without being cloying... and yet Fresh, Feminine and Fun....

It makes me feel sexy and yet social, a bit of a paradox really....

It's classy and sophisticated and yet really accessible and youthful...

12th July, 2011
Armani Code is in one word; divine.

The best description that I can give: it's like a mixture of Deep Red by Hugo Boss, (not as sweet), and Euphoria by Calvin Klein. It also smells very much like Diesel Plus Plus Feminine in the drydown.

Ok, so obviously this isn't a unique scent, but it certainly is appealing. It's musky, mysterious, dark, hauntingly beautiful and spicy.

The bottle and the commercial suits this fragrance perfectly. It is quite a sophisticated, yet sensual night-time fragrance.

Of course you can never go wrong with Armani fragrances, they almost always exude quality and class.

I was quite surprised that Armani Code wasn't heavy with the citrus notes. I expected the bitter orange note in particular to be strong like in Moschino Funny!, however the citruses were soft and nicely blended with the jasmine.

The jasmine in this fragrance is most intriguing because instead of being soft, pretty and feminine, it is the opposite becoming daring and sexy. The honey and vanilla notes in the drydown are also worth raving over because together they create a scent that is truly breathtaking.

For something that speaks confidence, sexiness and allure, you simply can't go wrong with Armani Code.

04th June, 2011
When l first tested the EDP in the store, l thought it was a nice, sensual fragrance, & l too thought it was a "light" version of Alien. But like others have mentioned, it seemed to break apart on my skin after a couple of hours. Then l saw a bottle of the parfum for sale online, & wondered if it might have a little more staying power; l couldn't resist ordering it. lt appears the parfum has been discontinued, but looking at the notes for the Elixir on Armani's website, it would appear that they are one & the same. The notes listed, as well as those above, are; violet, tonka, ginger & sandalwood.
l find this considerably more satisfying than the EDP. The orange blossom is more pronounced, l get all of the notes described, as well as some incense, & the base is a more "solid" amber & honey combo. lf you're looking for a less in-your-face version of Alien, l highly recommend this. lt's suitable for day or evening, l've even worn it to work a few times, & l think it will really bloom in summer. The longevity could still be better- it lasts around 5 hours on me, & the sillage is soft, but this is a very feminine, warm, not-too-sweet oriental.
14th February, 2011
I was quite surprised by this as I am not a big fan of florals. That being said, when it first goes on it's a combo of fresh (citrus), floral (white flowers), and lightly spicy (ginger).

The citrus fades into the clean floral but then the mysterious sultry, sexy element comes in (woods and amber would be my guess).

In the end the woods/amber note takes a backseat to the honey and vanilla. It ends out sweet w a warm undertone that really makes it pleasant. I was afraid the vanilla and honey would make it too sweet but it's not a sugary sweet, it's more mellow and definitely not overdone.

I plan to wear this as my winter work scent (maybe even late fall too).
22nd July, 2010
I was looking for something oriental without being out of the park dark and rich. I mean I love my Opium but I cannot wear something so "temple mystic in Morocco" all the time, I needed a break that wasn't a floral (I just purchased Rose Essentielle for that purpose and I have Stella as well). I had tried Alien a few weeks ago and a part of me loved it but....I was not sure it was me, there was a brightness or sharpness to it that made me question a commitment some people have described it as a strange "windex" smell. Code is the answer to my Alien problem. When the SA sprayed this on a card for me my mind went immediately "this is Alien light!" it has such a strong similarity I was wondering she had sprayed the wrong bottle on the card but as it dried I noticed no strange sharpness!!! Code has a very similar jasmine and vanilla kick on my skin that is very appealing without the sharp "solar" accord in Alien that made me worried. I like this very much and may commit to Alien at some point after wearing Code for awhile. I would be very interested in seeing what someone who owns both thinks of the two.
27th June, 2010
this one gets good once it gets going
behind the knees and under the bress
too much for me on wrists
there's a creamsicle thing on my skin that takes about 20min-an hour to fade

but for what's left it's worth it
and it's not quite a cheapie
but it won't break the bank

has the plushness and billowyness of a "fine" fragrance
and the sense of fun of a drugstore perfume
the attitude itself is a blonde smiling in the sun
then lounging on a hammock
still game for jokes or a game of pool
22nd April, 2010
Definitely my favourite evening perfume at the moment. Very fragrant and rich, full bodied. I LOVE orange blosson, and this is a fruity, sexy perfume. Bit too heavy for day wear, but perfect for a night out. Comes alive on a warm evening or in a warm restaurant.
Beautiful bottle as well, in my favourite colour!
12th March, 2010
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09th October, 2009
This one is very popular right now. It's Armani's first real hit with women.
I too find Alien and Code for women quite similar. On the street I'm often puzzelled if someones sillage is one or the other. Compaired next to each other, Code is creamier with almost a suntan lotion quality. Alien is more woody. Code is more casual and easier to wear. With a stronger concept (image), I used to prefer Alien. Now I'm not so sure anymore.

Now, I have a nice tip. Don't waist your money on either bath & body line as there is a cheaper alternative. Yes, there is third fragrance with a similar structure... The Body Shops Neroli Jasmin. Maybe the edt is not that similar but you won't find much of a difference in the bath gel or body lotion. They match Alien or Code perfectly.
31st July, 2009
When I smell Armani Code, I immediately think of Hypnotic Poison and Alien. IMO, they have many simalarities. I would classify this fragrance as a gourmand/ oriental fragrance. Hints of warm vanilla, orange blossom, and soothing honey. Sweet, but not overly sweet...warm and cozy but light, soft, and subtle at the same time. Very feminine and pretty. The bottle is absoutely gorgous...I probably would have bought it just for the bottle, so it is a plus that the juice inside smells nice. I like wearing Armani Code on special or romantic occasions...
30th March, 2009
It's strange to read the reviews of this fragrance, because on me it smells nothing like orange blossom, and yet everyone mentions this. It is spicy, warm and barely floral on me, and lasts a pretty long time. It may be a little generic, but for me it is perfect for evenings going to someone's house for dinner or hanging out with the girls. I actually purchased this spontaneously and wore it pretty often this past fall/winter. My husband really loves it on me.
21st March, 2009
when someone puts a comment about perfume a begin smelling that,and i put miself into your word,yeapo i like that parfume also,especialy for night.i love the orange blosom-in our country it says flori de portocal-and in spring time it smells like u are in heaven!!i love spring time and i love orange blossom smell.
18th January, 2009
Initially, a sweet little floral. Ah, the orange blossom! And then something a little TOO sweet happens. While I do not dislike the fragrance (Turin & Sanchez really tore into this one), it is no L'Heure Bleue, the ultimate floral oriental perfume. It is similar to the oriental sweetness of Sacre Bleu but lacks the maturity and smoky incense drydown.I think that Code was an attempt to be all things to all people, and instead it is a little too sweet for mature women and a little too oriental for young women. I give this one a reluctant thumbs up.
06th January, 2009
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United States
I find this very comforting and soothing. Sweet, maybe powdery. I enjoy wearing this to bed. Seems feminine and gentle. Love the orange and vanilla. I bought the extrait, and it seems so strong at first, but eventually it softens, and it does last longer.
16th September, 2008
I really love this stuff. It's probably my favorite perfume of all time. What's ironic is it was actually one of my first. It's what kinda got me looking for new scents to try, but I never found one I liked this much....
05th September, 2008
Smooth and suave, this is a very dignified feminine scent that owns a true beauty and definitive character in its subtlety, tenderness, and polished finish.

To me, this is a perfect example of a well-put together scent. It is alluring, proud, seductive, and expensive smelling. There is a sense of class, and true honesty to its delivery. Simplistic in its notes and progression, this is a type of feminine scent that would not stick to your skin, but rather surround it with a soft caress. There is an undeniable softness to its character, yet also a youthfulness. It doesn't try to be sexy, but rather remain calm and elegant.

It is not unisex at all: in fact there is absolutely nothing masculine about it. At teh same time, it is not very sweet. Slightly powdery and maybe creamy, the scent's superstar ingredient is honey -to me. It is the most extravagant thing included in this fragrance. That adds some sense of sweetness, but also a youthful nature as I mentioned before. Before this note though, the scent creates a smooth progression by starting with a healthy dose of tender and milky jasmine smell, and with that orange and bitter orange notes, which surprisingly are not that citrus-y at all. They seem to be on the background when jasmine plays the field. Then the middle notes develop with more jasmine but tamed with orange blossoms this time. Then a simple drydown, which is heartbreaking-ly elegant with honey and a bit of vanilla.

Jasmine lingers on you for a long time. Even though honey and vanilla are big parts of the scent, jasmine is what stays on you for the rest of the day. Honey and vanilla are plenty, but noone can claim that this scent smells 'edible' in any way. Honey is surprisingly warm here, and complement the sultry jasmine/orange blossom combo really well. That being said, this is a very tame scent. It is not provocative at all. I would put this together with other fragrances like Prada Tendre, Coco Mademoiselle, Stella, Versace Bright Crystal etc. They don't all smell alike, but they are all tamer florals with fruity or light gourmand accords in them. The result is special, yet subtle and light. The only problem is, it may get really boring after a while, as these types of scents tend to become after weeks of constant use.

Armani Code doesn't offer adventure, but it smells lovely and pure. If this is Armani's code, then I am all about him. Also, it is a much better creation then 90% of what the company has put out all these years. At least, it does not imitate anything out there in the market -not all that much at the very least.
05th September, 2008
My first impression of Code for women was, "Meh, another mainstream floral." Fast forward two years later; tried it again, and it clicked. It's quite special. Code is that rare oriental that could be worn all year - even in the heat of summer, this would never overwhelm. Not too sweet, either, just right. The orange and ginger are very refreshing. My only complaint is the sillage...after about an hour or two, it becomes more of a skin scent. I'd like it to have just a little more projection. Otherwise, very good, versatile scent for day or night. Will become a staple in my fragrance wardrobe.
18th May, 2008
This fragrance is breathtaking - in a good way. It is a sexy, lingering fragrance that is very warm. You want to keep smelling yourself. Initially, the fragrance is overpowering. The dry down is well worth the wait!
22nd April, 2008
I blind-bought a bottle of Casmir by Chopard for my wife and she loves it. I can't stand it however, too much cardboard for me. Then i found Armani Code and bam! I found exactly what I was looking for...but it doesn't last long. Blend it with Casmir and double whammy! Love the combo. The resulting scent is like an EDP plus Intense version of Code. Since I can't get that heavenly combo without code, I will give it a thumbs up.
10th November, 2007
I wore this religiously for almost 2 years. I am decidedly a fan of oriental fragrances, however, this one is a little too "tame" for me on its own. After the first month, I went out and bought a small bottle of sandalwood fragrance to wear with this. It made all the difference! The scents together turned into this mysterious, elusive, captivating fragrance that lingered for days.
03rd November, 2007
Awesome scent. I seldom smell a woman's fragrance that catches my attention, but this one is great all around. Its fresh opening makes it versatile enough for daytime use, while the oriental drydown makes it perfect for evenings. I find Code for men boring and simple. Code for women is rather complex and a lot more interesting to my nose.
29th May, 2007
This stuff is amaaaaazing! Code for men is horrible, I wonder if it smells good on men? Love the orange blossom!THUMBS WAAAAAY UP
11th April, 2007
Definitely a unique scent.. I love how it smells, but it seems to bother my nose a bit.
03rd April, 2007
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United States

I was suprised by this offering from Armani; Black Code for men was pretty disappointing, but Armani Code for women is a fragrance worth investigating.

The excellent top notes of Orange and Jasmine are probably the highlight - not overly floral, yet just the right amount of floral aura surrounds the beginning. The solitary middle note of orange blossom is an excellent design decision - with the orange being the highlight of the top note, the orange blossom in the heart notes carefully transitions the fragrance flow to the basenotes. The note reminds me of the rich orange blossom note in Original Santal and it smells equally great here. The base of vanilla and honey, sweet but never cloying, give warmth and longevity to the composition.

Armani Code for women is what Black Code should have been - it can be easily be worn by men, and is an excellent orange blossom and honey fragrance which works in all situations.
20th October, 2006