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Neutral Reviews of HypnŰse by LancŰme

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Genre: Woody Oriental

HypnŰse take quite a beating from Luca Turin in Perfumes: The Guide, but I donít think itís all that bad. As a very sweet rose and vanilla floral oriental on an ambery foundation itís not all that original, but itís still an amiable, pretty , and entirely unpretentious little scent.

The rose and vanilla remind me of Maurice Roucelís Tocade for Rochas, but Tocade is a smoother and more elegant scent that leaves HypnŰse smelling crude by comparison. I think the fault lies in the quality of HypnŰseís florals. Theyíre just not as full, rounded, or nuanced as they could be, and in an arrangement this simple that tells.

HypnŰse projects quite a distance and leaves plenty of sillage, all to its advantage, as itís much more pleasant smelled from afar. Sniffed at close quarters the shortcomings of the floral accord are more obvious, and the sweet amber base notes have a cloying, chemical quality thatís far less evident at a distance. HypnŰse doesnít smell like a disaster to me, but there are certainly finer things to be found in this genre.
16th June, 2014
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
The opening is nice and the passion flower and vanilla result is a sweet floral note that is very pleasant. There is a whiff of vetiver adding freshness, and also jasmine in the drydown. On my skin this is never really very heavy, but in the second half the vanilla really takes over and makes the last phase a bit boring. Not bad, though, with reasonable silage and projection, with five hours of longevity.
24th February, 2014
In the final dust of vanilla, amber and vetiver i detect something gummy (that reminds the bubble gum's artificial and colored juice), brash and bitter-dark may be because of a link of licorice, jasmine , sour citrus, passion flower and dry, purple, bitter-sweet fruits of the forest. The outcome is a powerfully soaring (the projection is nuclear), deliberately synthetic, sophisticated, †a bit exotic and †outrageous concoction that reminds me a bit some Lutens's fragrances (just in some of their features - exoticism, dry fruits and boise'-anyway) as A la nuit, Arabie and Fille en Aiguilles which are more natural and syrupy concoctions.The final vanillic purple outcome is slightly spicy and not particularly creamy in my perception. You can perceive till the end the woodsy temperament of vetiver and a touch of citrusy crispiness though plunged in a plastic fruity juice. The density is perceivable but just while inhaling the parfumed skin because in the air at distance the smell is powdery and averagely dense. We are not discerning the features of a masterpiece being this scent a synthetical, pungent (a bit crude) and chemically sophisticated fragrance of the new millennium but everybody can detect the experimental attempt to appeal the noses with something that deliberately stresses few tickling notes regardless for the meticulous combinations and balances of the most punctilious parfumer art.
28th August, 2011 (last edited: 29th August, 2011)
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A generous SA gave me a big sample of this scent at Macys. I wore it yesterday and as soon as it hit my wrist I thought... Guy magnet. It was so pretty. Almost too pretty. In its initial application it was a delicate unusual vanilla but not too sweet. I thought I would need to have a bottle. Then the unfortunate happened. It turned sweeter and sweeter to the point of nausea. I hate orientals that are heavy handed with vanilla and sweet things. In fact I detest them. I couldnt wait to shower so I could ease my senses with something more dry and close to nature. My beloved Prada Infusion D'Iris.

But I will say that it could just be my chemistry. This may smell great on others. I have noticed that there is some similarity between Hypnose and Ange or Demon by Givenchy. But Ange or Demon is much more sophisticated and mysterious and doesnt have that overbearing sweetness.
05th July, 2011
If Ghost designed cleaning wipes, they would doubtless smell like this: an utterly fake white floral-vanilla better suited for toilet seats and infant undersides. It's not a bad fragrance, per se, but it landed in the wrong sect of application.
21st April, 2011
Is anyone else getting mothballs? I am going to return to this after some more testng!
15th December, 2009
Am I the only one that things that THE ONE by D&G smells very similar to Hypnose? I smelled The One first and until now I received a 5ml sample of Hyponse and I found the same notes: bergamot, vanilla... Both are very strong and "migraine-unfriendly"... but I can say that the mexican women loooove them.

It's a fragrance for a classic woman, with pencil skirt, stilettos, an executive job and attitude.

20th September, 2009
I get why Lancome called it Hypnose. That first sweet sweet smell of Lilac stays a long time in a penetrant way. Its like a floral attack of just one kind of flower. After 30 minutes I like it better. But by then a powdery smell takes over which is not bad, but very young and so inoffensive. I guess its just not my taste.

Love the add with Daria Werbowy though.
13th December, 2008
It's a quite pleasant fragrance, but nothing marvelous on me. Just vanilla....Somewhat boring. And it didn't last very long.
05th December, 2008
nthny Show all reviews
United States
I too was a little surprised. I imagined a brooding, darker, richer fragrance but this actually smells of innocence, a young girl, a delicate flower resting on a reassuring cloud of resinous vanilla. The first minutes reminded me a great deal of the uberfreshness of Gucci Envy, but that faded quickly to reveal a warmer, softer side reminiscent to my nose of Chanel Allure.
21st June, 2007
A floriental? Actually I think Body Shop's Altaro had more oomph for about 1/4 the price. Totally inoffensive vanilla. That's about it. Didn't get much vetiver, just a tad of passionflower for about 20 minutes. A good choice though for teens/pre-teens.
27th July, 2006
If you like 'Pleasures Exotic', but are looking for an evening/warmer fragrance than Hypnose might be the right choice for you. Same mango and passionfruit notes, but where Pleasures Exotic is frsh and floral, Hypnose is oriental (vanilla) and a little earthy (vetiver). Though not heavy at all.
06th April, 2006