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United Kingdom
The opening blast with its lemon and petitgrain promises a bright and refreshing citrus-based experience, but this is not a very bright version, but a bit darker and more restrained - more gently uplifting than truly refreshing. This is partly due to the nature of the added litsea, which is a darker citrus-style scent, and partly due to a darker and a hint earthy vetiver that contributes to the top notes.

The drydown is woodsy, mainly a somewhat bland cedar, whilst the basenotes are more convincing with a offering of a light musky foundation, which is given a nicely balancing sweetness by a vanilla impression that is actually as well done as it is unobtrusive, with whiffs of a sweetish amber are making an appearance at times.

The performance is very good, with moderate sillage, good projection and ten hours of longevity on my skin.

This is one of those summer fragrances whose citrus-fresh notes are tones down; Versace's old formulation of the vintage Versus for men and the green Jaguar, inter alia, come to mind; they are great for daytime on days that are not too warm. A nice composition. 3.25/5
18th December, 2015
Lux is a moving scent for its progressive aroma and for the story behind its creation - Mona di Orio's tribute to her mentor Edmond Roudnitska - quite beautiful in many ways . Lux meaning 'light' in latin but also I feel this scent is about the marriage or union of opposites.

Light and dark, masculine and feminine , happy and broody and so it goes on.This scent IS yoga- a union. It begins light and ends dark ,it is both male and female ,it 's both uplifting and thoughtful .

It starts intensely citrus yellowy -lemon with hints of lemongrass and slowly moves through to green with vetiver. The basenotes and the dry down are simply superb with rock rose or labdanum ,vanilla, musk and amber. There is so much depth of feeling in this.

Now I have to say that Lux ,though gorgeous, is not very original. It smells like Shalimar and somewhat similar to Le Labo Labdanum 18 - in the dry down . The lemony ,vanilla feel and the sexy lingering basenotes. Lux's vanilla ,to me, is slightly sweeter , a little more gourmand than the special burnt vanilla of Guerlain.

The middle notes of Lux remind me of Eau Sauvage by Edmond Roudnitska. Benjamin at the Harrods' Haute Parfumerie said that Lux is Mona's finished version of Roudnitska's Eau Sauvage so it is closely related. It's Eau Sauvage with a lasting base - when that was explained to me, I understood the scent more. To me, it's also Shalimar and Eau Sauvage joined - what a combination !

Longevity is also very good - the labdanum stays and stays especially on hair .
The bottle is quite something with heft. Love this. Well done .
04th March, 2011
A boozy, perfumey lemon cocktail with a touch of civet underneath. As previous reviewers have pointed out, there's a certain similarity to Jicky (and Mouchoir de Monsieur and L'eau d'Hermes) in the citrus/animalic combo, but without the lavender and less powdery. I really enjoy the tartness, juicyness, zest and zing of the lemon note, as well as the animalic note lurking underneath. The basenotes seem to support the citrus and help it keep fresh and true, unlike in most light citrus colognes where it turns flat and stale very quickly on skin. Despite the resemblance to Jicky I find Lux quite unique - definitely different enough to be worthy of inclusion in the same perfume collection. This is a citrus for citrus lovers who don't want to smell innocent and clean, an evening citrus. It's also the best lemon fragrance I've encountered, and lemon happens to be my favourite citrus note.
15th September, 2010
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I've been obsessing about Lux since last night when I received my decant and immediately tried it on. After the surprisingly good opening, I even left alone the Muscs Koublai Khan that I received at the same time. I had envisioned that the two would layer well, with Lux being the topnote-heavy partner in the mixture and MKK providing the base. It turns out that this golden juice definitely needs no heavy artillery to hold its own on the battlefield.

You don't often experience a citrus this deep, sensual, and complex. The opening notes pierce right through you like sunlight through a vampire. After that comes a slight disappointment - a minor association to same bug spray aroma that exists in Zino Davidoff, YSL Rive Gauche and Musc Ravageur (although they could be different bug sprays, for all I know). We'll see how it develops from now on - I'm wearing this for work although it's not exactly a work fragrance, just out of curiosity. Will try and edit the experiences here as they come.

The basenotes were noticeable after the 5 and half hours of sleep that I got. But just that.
16th June, 2009
Lovely lemony-amber goodness, with a drydown that's all about the woods and the vanilla. (It reminds me very of Ungaro II w/o the civet. I can see the Jicky connection, too, albeit with the lavender and civet combo.)

Just got this one in the mail today and can already tell you that it's going to go into a permanent spot in my wardrobe.
11th November, 2007
This is one of the most surprising scents I've ever tried. It starts with a citrus overdose, fresh, bitter and sharp, reminding me of FM's Bigarade Concentree. But it doesn't vanish or get watery-airy like most citrus fragrances. It gets darker and deeper an develops to a full, rich ambery scent with some 'dirty' hints (musk and labdanum). The citrus accords stay perceivable all the time, also during the drydown, even if they retrench more and more into the background. A distinctive, extraordinary yet very versatile fragrance. Great!
21st October, 2006
Upon testing, Lux immediately jumped into my top 10 list. It is amazing. The development on my skin is one of the most dramatic I've experienced. It starts off incredibly sharp with a rush of bitter notes. The petitgrain is very pronounced in the topnotes. It takes well over an hour for these topnotes to mellow on me. I've not experienced longevity like this from topnotes in any other scent. As it dries, the amber takes center stage. This is a warm, rich, full and addictive amber. Not quite as "plump" as MPG's amber in Ambre Precieux, and not very sweet, but very good in its own way. The toned-down but still slightly bitter topnotes now act to buffer the slight sweetness of the amber, and the scent has a near perfect balance of sweetness and bitterness. As it reaches the basenotes, it picks up a complex powderiness. I don't mean to make this scent sound simple or streamlined, because I get the feeling it is complex, but the notes mix so well that the only ones I can pick out are petitgrain and amber, and that's only until it reaches the base, which to my nose smells like one whole note - powdery, warm, rich - glowing like a west coast sunset. Sillage is just right; enough that I can smell it, never so much as to be noxious. Longevity is astounding. The scent lasts well over a day on me. It actually was still present on my skin at the end of the next day, even more present than the Tabarome Millesime that I wore that day (on different spots of course). This is a must test, and bottle-worthy for me.
04th June, 2006
I just recieved a sample tube from Aedes today. Very silky smooth. To my nose the cedar and amber are dominant but the cedar is not harsh at all. It is very well blended even though it comes to the foreground with the amber. The vanilla is there too but seems to smooth everything else out rather than assault your senses as in some other compositions. I suppose some would consider this a winter fragarence but it was 75 degrees F today and it was very comforting to me. Not cloying at all.

This seems to be a complex fragarence but not overly burdened with extranious ingrediants just for the sake of being able to say it has " The Most". For me every note seems to click in place and was judiciously considered. Quite bottleable for me.

04th June, 2006