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Negative Reviews of Dzongkha by L'Artisan Parfumeur

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I've come to realize that iris and I will never be friends. If a fragrance has the slightest bit of iris in it, on my skin, the iris pushes and shoves its way to the front of the line, as playground bullies tend to do, and stomps out virtually every other note on its way there. Sigh. I think my chemistry is broken when it comes to iris.

I really wish I got the incense, leather, and woods that everyone is raving about. All I get is IRIS, IRIS, IRIS, IRIS, and a touch of tea.
21st September, 2010
The only positive thing that I can say is that Dzongkha is different. It's not different in the way that Dzing is different. It's not complex; it's schizophrenic. It can't decide whether to be a soft leather tea or to be a gourmand or to be a study in woods & herbs. The juxtaposition is unpleasant. I'm glad for the adventure in sampling this scent, but I would not wear it in a million years.
15th October, 2009
An obnoxious fabric-softener floral paired with the essential-oil smell of my all natural tick-repellent. The latter is actually nicer - and repels ticks, so I'll pass on L'Artisan's offering.
24th August, 2009
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Abie Show all reviews
United States
Struggling to get a handle on this one, but I can't get past the rubbery, sour urine note that starts strong and never receds.
15th July, 2009
A floral grassy note opens this up and kills my olfactory sense right away, I can't smell anything else. It's not strong but it's not particularly inviting either. Feels like a weak version of Chinatown. Disappointing.
09th July, 2008
The opening, for me, was all hay and pepper, very dry. A little later, warm incense and wood emerged, but didn't stay around long enough for me. It finally settled into something like pimento and orrisroot. I wanted to like this because every description of it that I'd read on perfume websites made me imagine that it would be a scent that was right up my alley, but in the end I just couldn't get into it. It stayed way too dry and distant for my tastes.
14th May, 2008
Kaern Show all reviews
United Kingdom
It's said that people have no patience anymore, but I'm certainly not hanging around for this to settle down into something tolerable. Not a patch on Timbuktu, which is like honey compared to this furnace for the nose.

04th April, 2008
Oh this was just terrible. This was one of the few fragrances that I have ever wanted to scrub off immediately. It smelled like Whiskey from the moment it hit my skin and still smelled like whiskey 3 hours later. Only after 3 hours did it start to evolve and then it just smelled like L'Artisan's Timbuktu so I thought "What's the point?" As far as lasting power goes - it was still there after I showered.
26th October, 2006
No, a plain fragrace with an unpleasant whiff of dust and smoked fish!!!!
A complete delusion.
06th October, 2006