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Neutral Reviews of Dzongkha by L'Artisan Parfumeur

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Dzongkha opens as a somber leather fragrance with vetiver. The heart, after a couple hours, is greener, like the smell of the bitter juice from breaking open fresh plant stems. It continues to develop and smell better: six hours in, it's a nice, dark, warm, powdery skin scent.
12th July, 2017
Stardate 20170710:

Starts out as iris in a chypre structure.
Then about an hour in spices start showing up - Cardamom is more prominent than the others. The others blend into smell of Indian spice rack/shop.
I do not like this rendition of cardamom - too synthetic. Lacks the depth of real cardamom.
After a couple of hours the base sets in and stays till the end. Base is peppers in sour milk. Not my favourite.
There is a backdrop of Indian Masala Chai with iris throughout the base and heart period.

10th July, 2017
This is a very very interesting scent.

The burst of peony at the opening is a strong one. But mind you, though this starts (and will finish) essentially as a floral, there's so much more to this fragrance.

It evolves in a most intriguing fashion, evoking the maroquinerie and the incences you can smell in a souk in Marrakech (I havent been to Bhutan yet so do not dare comment on that), amidst a blend of spicy whiffs. Then the leather and spices leave the stage discreetly, to let a rather smoky/sweet incense subtly seduce you. Finally, and here's the only facet of this fragrance that I'm not as keen on, it dries down taking back on a rather floral character, again with peony and now apparently some iris too. A tad too sweet a finale for a fragrance that still takes you through a fascinating journey.
13th March, 2013 (last edited: 26th March, 2013)
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I like Dzonghka's beginning: it's 100% Duchaufour, with its fruit, berries and signature spice notes, fresh and hot at the same time. Then something disturbing makes its appearance: a fat, oily, foody (but not in a nice way!) note I find also in other BD works (I'm thinking at Sienne l'hiver, mostly) that for a few minutes renders the fragrance very unpleasant to wear. It fortunately passes quite quickly and a sweet and spicy incense settles in, luminous and sightly smoky. An interesting take on incense, but not a choice for me.
21st November, 2011
I got some treats today while buying Voleur des Roses. The SA was kind enough to spray decant a small sample of this and Dzing! She sprayed each frag on identified scent strips, since the decants were blanks. Wow! Dzongkha smells fantastic on paper!!However, after I applied it to my skin I had a whole new ballgame. It came across as dill pickle potato chips crossed with edgy laundry powder. I waited for an hour to see if would settle or metamorphose, and unfortunately it remained just as acrid. Maybe it just overpowers my sense of smell; it is no doubt a powerhouse. I like dill pickles, but I don't want to smell like one. It is interesting, and I am sure others love it, but it gets a neutral from me.
22nd September, 2011
L'Artisan's foray into the incense game. Every niche firm needs an incense frag, right?!?!?!? Dzhongka is definitely different than most incense frags but is it better? Not really. Has a distinctive "celery" note that pulses loudly. A bit too loud for my tastes but it mellows down to your standard Nag Champa. There's better out there, namely CdG 2 Man and Gucci PH, but if you've got the cash and penchant for celery, than L'Artisan have got you covered.
18th February, 2011
I couldn´t help it but I thought of dentists at work and India when I first smelled Dzonghka. A somehow pepperminty clinical opening with a spicy/incense undertone. It is a unique scent and a worth trying composition and I am sure it has some fans out there. The drydown takes away the sharp start and the whole thing becomes more mellow and rounded, but it is not a very easy and pleasant scent, it stands off a bit-but why not?
16th August, 2010
Sharp, dry incense over smouldering woods, a little spiced tea and birch leather(?). I probably wouldn't dream of wearing this out of the home in a hundred years but as an evocative scent composition, DZONGKHA is superb - especially for a monastic cell. Its lack of sweetness makes it far less wearable than Lutens' Serge Noire even if it puts me in a similarly contemplative, meditative mood and takes my mind on a journey to exotic far-away lands.

"Please reschedule today's appointments, I'm away...uh...travelling."
06th January, 2010
Top notes of leather and tea. Very potent. Smells of genuine leather. After a minute or so, the leather has completely dominated the tea note. Reminds me of old Creed scents, sort of a more gentle Royal English Leather. I can tell that this is well-made, but I really can't bring myself to like leather scents, so I give it a neutral.
28th November, 2009
Peony, lychee, chai tea with milk, vetiver, incense, cyprior grass, cedar, leather, iris.
I am slightly disappointed in this scent. On me, it is essentially a light green, leather/iris scent. I was hoping for more interesting and exotic incense notes. The opening is very aromatic, green, tangy, and acidic. I’m not sure what that note is, it seems familiar to me but I can’t place it. Perhaps it is a green treatment of vetiver with the grassy notes. Where are the “wild smoky teas” and the “woods mixed with spices”? I didn’t notice them.
08th June, 2009
On me, it's all about the cardamom. My co worker pin pointed it some time ago; "you smell like a cardamom bun", and she couldn't stop sniffing me. Of course, it's so much more than this. Dzongkha takes almost a metallic, cool turn, but it's also very green and almost herbal at times. It's hard to find the right words to describe this scent, but one thing is sure - it's unique.
07th April, 2009
Very natural smelling, but another one of the L'artisans that smell like some of my early essential oil/sd-39 overloads.
A very deep woody/vetiver/herbal scent.
Stand-offish is a good term for this woody, as it's not inviting.
It's very reserved and snobby.
21st November, 2008
Top notes are cedar and vetiver very green, very dry. Feel like they are burning my eyes. When the cardamom is added in ten minutes you can hardly define the leather note in the middle. It is an attractive leather note but obscured by the mentholly green cedar and cardamom. After a while comes very near to vetiver by guerlain except the cardamom.
07th September, 2008
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I don't know what it is with me and the compositions of Bertrand Duchaufour. On the one hand I fully recognize the creativity and craftsmanship of his work, yet on the other I don't think I've smelled a single fragrance of his that I can honestly say I love. Like, yes, but not love.

I got a decant of this and, over the past year or so, have worn it perhaps a half dozen times. I hardly ever feel the desire to so. The reason, I've come to conclude, is the lychee note. I occasionally eat lychee fruit, but it's one of the last things I want to smell like. This is a consistent pattern with me and B.D.--he always throws something in there, one note, that drags the whole thing down for me.
28th June, 2008
Lichee and cardamom beautifully open this breathtaking blend. Attention getting. Followed by peony, iris, tea leaves and incense. The top notes are fresh and cool. Interesting. The dry down brings a little warmth. It is with much pleasure I tell you the incense note is restrained, but lends an almost "Caron" classic urn undercurrent. The iris turns a little musty/dusty on my skin after about 20 minutes. For me, the beginning of Dzongkha is the best part. After that, I can walk away from it with no regret.
02nd April, 2007
Leather. Leave it to your jacket to smell like this, not your skin.
18th October, 2006
Dzongkha - was it worth the wait? I find it turning into quite an earthy smell, a bit too soft on the incense, a slight floral note (but not overwhelming as in the beginnings of Dior Homme's iris), but still nicely balanced overall. I do detect a slight leather accord towards its base though. Quite soft for a leather (nothing hardcore as the one seen in Montale's CdA). Sillage seems a bit weak though. I'll stick with my favorite L'A for now: T42
13th October, 2006
I had high hopes for this. What a great original name for a fragrance. Unfortunately, the scent itself is not so original. Fruity, with heavy doses of iris, it reminds me greatly of Bois d'Iris. It's not as exotic or interesting as I had hoped, rather, it's more a straight iris scent, not as interesting as Iris Silver Mist or Iris Taizo. As it dries, it takes on that fuzzy, powdery, dusty rooty iris quality. It lasts a long while and develops a good bit, but none of the stages of this development are all that intriguing.
09th September, 2006