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Gold metallic powdery with light shining amber base. Good in warm weather. Can dry down to a cheapish-hollow feeling.
20th June, 2015

When i test it the first time,I really feel Inlove with this Scent and I bought A Cute bottle.Simply EXCELLENT.

This modern fragrance is a combination of Sweet and Fresh notes.Specially in the begining.The Ginger makes L HOMME a really INTERESTING scent.

Masculine and Elegant in a Modern way.I think A helpful Fragrance as Perfect for both Everyday Wear as well for Evenings out!suitable for AUTUMN.

Longevity&Sillage?Are both Good which makes this cologne worth the money.

09th June, 2015
I can’t say I hate this, but this is surely the duller and blander YSL fragrance for men I’ve ever tried, together with the other couple of flankers they made out of this. It isn’t bad, the quality seems to me mildly good, and if you’re looking for a safe unpretentious gift for a non-fan of fragrances to wear all day long, all year round, this would be a nice choice with a decent price for the value. It’s a fresh, unobtrusive ginger-citrus-woody fragrance playing some aromatic fougère chords but with a decided “younger” vibe, focusing on sweet woods and spices (Envy for Men), and fresh-aromatic notes, with a conventional note of soft violet. Mellow and polished, sweet and boringly fresh, kind of “young” and if I got the term correctly, kind of “bro” too – the smoky-fruity sweetness, the extreme linearity, the overall dullness (but maybe bros need bombs? This isn’t, just in case). Miles away from what once was a mature and classy brand delivering delightful fragrances like M7 or Rive Gauche, they seem now more aimed at 20-something in need of boosting their sex agendas. Not bad as I said, but nothing really special.

09th May, 2015
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YSL LH is a nice, if not common scent that really does not distinguish itself in any way. It's a spicey wood scent that is soft on the spice (ginger) and on the wood. Unfortunately, ever time I have tested or worn this fragrance the performance has been decidedly terrible. This may be the weakest designer fragrance I have ever tried. On cold days, I could only get 1hr of longevity, but on warmer days it might go 2 hours. YSL LH also becomes a near skin scent after barely 10 minutes form application. I much prefer Dior's Homme Sport, which is similar in it's use of ginger, has some compelling and interesting base and heart notes and has significantly better performance. An easy Thumbs Down....

13th March, 2015 (last edited: 15th June, 2015)
Although I give it thumb up, I am disappointed with its projection after this heavenly opening....there I thought I found the perfect fresh powdery perfume for spring,autum and maybe summer, its mouth watery sweetness with some foodie notes!
then turns to something very very subtle that I need to stuck my nose on my wrist to smell,I used more than 4 bottles of it cause I like a lot the opening, but I had to bath with it (more than 10 - 15 sprays ) to get some acceptable projection and I mean that can someone close to me smell it after the first 1-2 hours,longevity is good but only within 10cm distance projection.
I had the same problem with L'Instant which I also like a lot.
06th October, 2014
I'm surprised to see how many people here don't notice the similarity between this and Nuit, it's very obvious to my nose. The big difference is that L'Homme has none of the fruitiness of Nuit de l'Homme. This almost smells like a generic "base" cologne and Nuit is the finished product. The assertions that this cologne lacks some character is true in my opinion, if only just because I was such a fan of Nuit. I definitely got a strong note of apple right off the bat which was interesting but once that faded away it became a pleasant, light, unobtrusive scent. Definitely the kind of thing you'd want to wear if you want to smell good but you don't want to stick out because of it. This is the kind of thing you'd wear at an interview for someone you don't know who may or may not be very personable, and may or may not judge every detail about you, including your cologne. It was nice and long lasting on my skin, I can still smell it ten hours later (much like Nuit which lasts similarly long on me) but I had to use more sprays just to get an idea of the smell in the first place. All in all I don't think I'll be getting a bottle, Nuit is definitely much better, but it's quite good for just a plain old cologne.

I debated between thumbs-up and neutral and figured I'd go with thumbs-up just because of the longevity on my skin (which admittedly typically holds scents pretty long).
24th August, 2014
L'Homme by YSL has been one of my favorites since it was introduced. I love the soft sweet spices, especially in the dry down. It is not offensive or loud. I do smell the ginger in this fragrance when first sprayed. I wear it to the office now and then and I always get compliments. I also wear it at night and I get the same compliments. Always a winner no matter what time of day it is.
22nd August, 2014
Distinct and handsome despite claims of confused critics. Exceptional from start to finish. Cedar, tonka, ginger - it's all here. Polarizing and perfect. 4.5 out of 5
09th August, 2014
Oh how I love the ginger in this fragrance. The standup guy in this one.
30th July, 2014

L’Homme engages the nose with a sweet spiced bergamot accord that’s refreshingly smooth, balanced and natural. The spices move forward and differentiate as L’Homme develops, with bright ginger and a soft nutmeg at the head of the line. The fruity aspect of the opening bergamot remains in place for some time, but the gently rounded vetiver and tonka accord that spreads out beneath it enriches the scent’s midsection beyond mere eau de Cologne.

The basil in the pyramid takes longer to emerge than I expected, and once it does it remains a well modulated accent on the bergamot rather than a bold, independent statement. This may be for the best, since basil expressed in isolation on my skin can leave me feeling like a well-dressed salad. (As in Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier’s intriguing but unwearable Baime.) The combination emanates a clean “fresh” vibe without employing any of the stereotypical “fresh” aquatic notes that are the current staple in men’s perfumery. L’Homme projects well from the skin without being distractingly potent. It also leaves a nicely judged cloud of light sillage in the air, so its presence remains felt in the wearer’s absence.

Where L’Homme begins to lose me is in the early drydown, which settles into a fuzzy, overly sweetened, powdery cedar structure that is at once a bit cloying and thoughtlessly overexploited in mass market scents for men. I give Yves Saint Laurent credit for executing this formula with more taste and subtlety than usual, but it’s still a disappointingly commonplace gambit. All the more so given that no less than three highly talented noses worked on L’Homme’s composition. (Or is it that fragrances are like film scripts: multiple author credits mean a desperate patch-up job?) While the Flipo/Ropion/Wargnye team deserves points for their masterful use of basil and ginger – both tough to handle convincingly - I keep wanting more out of the scent’s final hours.
09th July, 2014
Easy thumbs up. Easy blind buy for anyone. Very light, masculine fragrance. I also own La Nuit, and it's great too, but L'homme to me is more of an every day type of scent.

Get lots of compliments when wearing this. My GF loves it. I prefer it in the cooler months, as I wear GiT / Aventus when it's hot out. I would definitely consider this a must have for anyone's collection. Just a solid scent.
04th July, 2014
If this fragrance would were a boy it would be one of the popular guys at school, but definitively not the one girls dream about. Amiable but not charming, easy on the eyes but not particularly handsome, solid B student with a good future as a cost accountant. He would play in the football team but wouldn't be the quarterback. It's one of those faces on the yearbook you tend to forget after a few years out of school.

Don't get me wrong. You can smell the quality and craftsmanship that went into the fragrance, it's very balanced and smells very good. But it just feels like it's a bit too shy to the point where it fails to make a statement. It's nice in that blend-with-the-furniture kind of way.

The bottle is beautiful, more than the fragrance itself I'd say.
16th June, 2014
I just recently sold my bottle of L'Homme. It's a beautiful scent, but it's just a little boring to me. Even with that though, I can still appreciate the quality of the scent itself.

It starts off with an apple cider note with some cinnamon, and then the ginger eventually makes itself known. After a bit, the notes blend really well, and it just becomes a sophisticated scent with a metrosexual touch. It projects for an hour or two, and then the performance really suffers after that.

It's a quality scent, but as I mentioned, it's unexciting and lacks in the performance department. However, if you're looking for an extremely versatile scent that almost everyone around you will enjoy, you really can't go wrong with L'Homme.

Star Rating: 4/5
Bottom Line: Sophisticated, high-quality designer fragrance that is just a bit boring with less than desirable performance
23rd May, 2014 (last edited: 25th July, 2014)
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I bought a bottle of this when it was new and have regretted it ever since. I can see what attracted me to it - that bright ginger over nondescript sweet herbs and stuff. But it's all drenched in that chemical that makes everything smell like bleachy rubbing alcohol.

And it was immediately after this that I discovered better quality perfumes, ones that smell distinctive instead of commonplace. So I guess L'Homme exists in my mind as a symbol of what I grew out of, so perhaps I judge it harshly, but really... It's precision engineered to smell like everything else at the mall. It does that well, but I no longer think that's something to be proud of.
16th April, 2014
To me this is one of the best fragrances out there..I do not understand the hype about la nuit de l'homme...when I tried this one at the shop the lady who works there even told me that this one is way better and i couldn't agree more.
17th January, 2014
Tony T Show all reviews
United States
The Subtle Gentlemen

La Nuit and Libre easily outshine this by miles. slightly fruity opening and then light veviter. I see Tonka bean listed but do not detect it. not for me. lasts about 2 hours.. Did I mention La Nuit and Libre are much better than this??

Pros: Ok smell
Cons: nothing special-does not last long-not even medium"

21st August, 2013
a negative review<p><p> creamy and generic, a mass market scent!<p><p>Pros: none
Cons: generic"</p>
13th August, 2013 (last edited: 11th December, 2013)
Outstanding fragrance for any time of the year

The start of this fragrance is a beautiful mix of citrus, ginger and, I swear I get this, apple. I know its not in the list of ingredients, but I swear I get it. After about 30-40 minutes, the citrus and apple notes fade and I get a nice vetiver mixed with the ginger. It last a good 8 hours on me and the projection is great where I live, which is very hot and humid during the summer months. Great overall scent.

13th August, 2013
Polite fragrance with character.

This fragrance to me is as a perfectly well- mannered gentlemen who has a character and personality but who also is very aware of his surrounding and does not want to offend anyone. Thus he keeps it neutral and positive for everybody but nevertheless exposes his unique personality. Very sophisticated yet very warm and inviting fragrance. In my mind- i can smell this in cigar lounge. Gentlemen who smoke would possibly wear this scent best. Pressed charcoal suit, cigar and L'Homme by Yves Saint Laurent. That is how I picture it. Please forgive me if it is silly.

22nd May, 2013
It doesn't smell bad, but it doesn't wow me either. It may be unique, or even forgettable...but I believe for the price of it(it doesn't tend to go on sale), there are far better fragrances to devote your cash too. I do know it's fairly mild, and didn't project really for me at all whenever I've tried it on at stores. I don't need to buy it, but if it was a gift, I might have it in my wardrobe, let's just say that.
11th May, 2013
This juice starts very fresh, and you might get the first impression that it smells very cheap and generic (same pattern applies with Live Jazz) but you need to wait for it to unravel it's beauty, because this is a beautiful fragrance even though it's a best-seller and mass-market, people that have a lot of experience with fragrances tend to dismiss a popular fragrance because "the general idea of a fragrance it's not good".

The journey of this fragrance after the top notes is composed of a "green zone" which lasts for another 20 minutes then the beautiful drydown tonka bean is released.

This is amazing for hot humid weather because of it's small sillage and projection, and the longevity is fairly 5-6 hours for me and close to skin, which is a must for me in warm days.

I also bought the after-shave lotion for this, and it is very fresh, high quality, and the smell lasts resonably on my skin. Good juices

I also like his younger brother La Nuit de l'Homme, definitely top-notch fragrances.
07th May, 2013
Clean. Citrus. Did I mention clean? Oh, and generic.
05th May, 2013
I had heard quite a bit of hype about this fragrance, and I really wanted to like it. I found it to be a little too sweet for my taste. I can absolutely see this being somebody's signature scent for work during the spring, but it's just not for me. It's very easy on the nose, but there is something about it that seems like a more sophisticated version of Diesel Fuel for Life. It had surprising longevity for me, but the projection was a little weak. For some reason it feels a little dated, like something I would have worn in the 1990s.
26th April, 2013
How is "clean" acceptable as a fragrance now when you can use soap to smell "clean"? It has zero projection and longevity. Not worth it.
20th April, 2013
It's so pleasant and non-offensive, thats makes this a main stay in my arsenal
04th March, 2013
I use this fragrance a lot. I really like it. It's not offensive and works amazingly well on office. I get very good compliments with it.

You will feel like a million dollars if you use it, since it's classy, sophisticated without being "in your face", but still making a statement.

I will say though that the longevity is an issue here and i personally have to spray a minimum 6 times on myself to have at least a nice projection in the first hour or so. After that it stays pretty much close to skin.

Other issue i have with it is in the end of it, the base has a synthetic vibe to it that turns me off, but in the other hand the opening is out of this world.

It is a soft fragrance, no one will be offended by it 100% sure and the people that will not love it will certainly find it an ok to nice fragrance. So you will smell good for sure.

Not a perfect fragrance, but is up there somewhere.
19th February, 2013
My last wish before i die would be to swim in a pool full of L'Homme, this is just so exquisite it's not even a joke, i can pickup a boozy note that along with the color of the juice and the freshness reminds me so much of one of my favorite drinks: L'Champagne. I just wish i could drink L'Homme instead!

I'll tell you right know it does not project like we would want to nor lasts like it should. Very sloppy performance makes this one a must for decant, not that I care cause i freaking love this thing!
Starts up very fresh and very invigorating, it immediately reminds me of champagne and this is the best part of the fragrance. The sweetness and the spices blend perfectly and the notes really work together instead of fighting each other to get your attention. Now what you get from the start you'll get until the end. It's linear yes but given that the opening is so exquisite i don't care. Champagne lovers this is your scent!

Overall L'Homme delivers as a sexy modern gentlemen fragrance. A gentleman does not shout so L'Homme stays close to the skin and believe me, girls WILL come closer. This is your presentation and you bet it makes an impression. L'Homme will always be a part of me and i give this a masterpiece rating. It's nice to have really daring scents like the classics from YSL but it's also nice to be able to wear something so well made any day of the year, so guys chill out and enjoy the fact that this is safe and so freaking lovable!!
15th February, 2013
L'Homme is the fragrance I reach for the most in the summer time. It's light enough and doesn't offend any one. It's somewhat generic but I don't mind as long as I like the smell. L'homme can also be worn in the spring and fall very well but in the winter time I think it's a bit too light. The longevity and projection are not mind blowing. My overall rating would be 4/5.
27th January, 2013
L'homme is a great option for office and summer days. Actually it goes well on every occasion. I like its ginger note combined with the sweetness of tonka bean that. Do not expect something extraordinary, but just a good scent for every day. Sillage, projection and lasting power are weak.
07th January, 2013 (last edited: 21st February, 2013)
Bored! It smells nice, but that's it. Much was expected because the house that backed them. In addition, the skin behavior leaves much to be desired. For those who enjoy it, go ahead, but for my part, L'homme is the beginning of the decline of Yves Saint Laurent.
21st December, 2012