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Yves' parting menace
The Honey Melliflougère
Don't care what we think.
05th December, 2018
Your usual but good masculine fragrance. It’s blue, it’s fresh, but I don’t care for it at all. Performances are good.
03rd November, 2018
Nothing special. It aims at a redolent classic men's style but without any character, just that bit of strangeness to make it stand out. As with so many fragrances these days its safeness makes it perfect for office wear. But it, in the end, L'Homme makes you feel nostalgic for the eccentric scents of Yves Saint Laurent. The real classics.
18th October, 2018
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Yves Saint Laurent L'Homme (2006) is the first major masculine fragrance release from YSL since Tom Ford left as creative director from both YSL and Gucci upon his departure from LVMH to start his own house. YSL men's fragrance had always marched to the beat of it's own drum thanks to the namesake designer's predilections towards manly scents even when they weren't fashionable, and Tom Ford doing his best to keep that tradition alive when he was steward of the shop, but after all the cats had gone away, the mice were left to play so to speak, and this represents a generalist about-face for the label. Many perfumistos met this with a huge sigh of let down (but not as large as the recent Y for Men from 2017), but whereas most houses that go down the most-common-denominator route, YSL seemed to enter the mainstream on it's own terms, preserving some of that stubborn individualism. The creative directors at the house took a page from the book of Chanel with this, delivering a soft, clean, fresh and "safe" experience that still contained hints of flirtatiousness and couldn't be narrowly defined as aquatic or ozonic, just like Allure Homme (1999). YSL L'Homme has a lot of personality for a generalist "freshie", and has understandably produced a lot of flankers in it's wake, being classy and appropriate like YSL masculines of old, yet still a bit fun and youthful, which is something the label had been lacking at that point. This was the final masculine perfume made while Yves Saint Laurent himself was still alive, and although I don't know how much input he gave or was allowed to give into the creation of perfume at that point, but the closest thing this resembles to me is a second stab at something that Jazz (1988) and Jazz Prestige (1993) tried to achieve: a comfortable spice-forward fragrance with a fruity balance. Unlike Jazz, L'Homme is not a fougère, but there is some commonality shared.

YSL L'Homme was the product of 3 perfumers, and much like Calvin Klein, YSL sought to just throw raw talent at the task and hoped a masterpiece emerged from the maelstrom. Indeed, all 3 perfumers who worked on L'Homme come from accomplished backgrounds, with Dominique Ropion, Peter Wargnye, and Anne Flipo each with storied fragrances under their belts. But much like Calvin Klein's Euphoria (2006), L'Homme doesn't benefit from this glut of talent, as it feels like a series of compromises in a bottle to the point of being dialed in so close to something they could all agree upon would suit the purpose, that it actually just feels a bit too beige for its own good. L'Homme is still a far sight better than Euphoria if only because it doesn't smell like a mash of science fiction, but it rides very close to the same ambivalent groove aesthetically, just in a much classier vein like the aforementioned Allure Homme, but minus the semi-oriental base. Ginger, bergamot, calone, and lemon open this innocently enough, with the ginger and calone adding a round sweet twist to an otherwise generic citrus open. Basil, a noticeable violet leaf, and an apple note which feels like a callback to Jazz Prestige populate the middle, topped with a white pepper that adds a small dash of piquant flare, but not to make this powdery. I guess the pepper is for pop but I can't detect any heat from it like L'Occitane Eeax des Baux (2006), and all I get is the apple and the violet, both which drag this in a feminine fruity floral, if very pleasant direction. The base of tonka, amber, woody aromatic chemicals like Iso E Super, and laundry musk are a precursor to what would follow in the 2010's, but don't have any annoying scratch as norlimbanol wasn't in widespread use yet and L'Homme goes with a grassy vetiver note for that same sharp edge instead. The whole thing feels like a best-of-show from the 90's/early 2000's parts bin, but does a really good job nonetheless. Silliage is not a monster with L'Homme, and I feel it's not meant to be, but longevity is good, with about eight hour performance.

L'Homme is a satisfactory daily driver scent for a job interview, a first date, day to day work, casual use for spring, or fall, and only buckles under extreme weather or particularly intense occasions where something more noticeable or thematic is required. It's a generalist as it's meant to be, just cut from a different cloth than something like Acqua di Gio (1996) or Kenneth Cole Reaction (2004), succeeding where Jazz failed because it launched at a time when guys were reeling from harsh ozonic fruit/mint nightmares and ready for something more reserved. Plus, L'Homme was developed long after YSL Beaute had been gobbled by LVMH, while Jazz was developed when YSL became independent, and failed to recoup development costs after Jazz was given a lukewarm reception. Guys fond of their civet or moss bombs will hate this, so anyone looking for powerhouses or aromatic fougères is in the wrong place, as with most things made by designers after 2000 thereabouts. Younger folks that came up with 90's fresh scents and 2000's oriental gourmands (but not ozonics) will probably like this most, as it's a gentle daily signature that doesn't smell run of the mill and still has some respectable quality years later. It won't light the world on fire, but I don't feel it was meant to, and for folks not into the more dynamic ambroxan scents post 2010, this is a comfortable place to stay. There isn't much more that can be said about L'Homme other than it made possible the lovely La Nuit de L'Homme (2009) and L'Homme Ultime (2016) flankers, and it gets a thumbs up from me for being a delicious use of apple and spice, but I can understand the folks remembering past YSL glories being unable to accept this direction, as it is definitely a more soft-spoken masculine than all others save the original sweat-activated sleeper that is the legendary Yves Saint Laurent Pour Homme (1971). We can always chalk that up to the "metrosexual" style which was still in vogue in the 2000's, dictating that otherwise jock-like strait guys feigning effeminate traits was the best way to get noticed by the fairer sex. Sorry but us gay guys want that back. Rest in Peace Yves Saint Laurent 1936-2008.
10th June, 2018 (last edited: 18th December, 2018)
10is Show all reviews
United States
In a world of designer aquatics with little differentiation, L'Homme by YSL first came off as a softer, sweeter alternative while still being inoffensive. I found the opening of this to be better than its La Nuit counterpart, with the citrus, ginger, and tonka notes to be the most prominent. This was my work scent for a couple of years, and works perfectly for such occasions. Some similarities with D&G The One more in their approach to sweet vanilla-like notes, which suits my taste over smelling "Blue" just fine.

Rating: 7/10

02nd May, 2018
Really not my kind of thing at all. So redolent of any other number of designer masculines. I'm caught between admiring it for its well-calibrated, unashamed achievement of mundanity, and wishing that it was being worn by someone else. But putting it in the company of Sauvage, La Nuit from the same stable, Prada Luna Rossa, and so on, this is one of the best from that genre, although I do rather like La Nuit and prefer it to this. The trouble is here is that as soon as you feel something interesting is going to happen, the tonka and violet take over again and place l'Homme back exactly where it was designed to be. That will work for some, but I will pass.
08th April, 2018
YSL L'Homme smells like a lot of other designer men's fragrances...but, I still like it. It's smooth and doesn't have a chemistry set edge to it. It feels like a good designer men's fragrance, not like it's the imitation of a good designer men's fragrance if that makes any sense. The tonka and violet are dominant notes in this frag in my opinion, and give this a decent barbershop vibe that I enjoy. It's got a slightly dirtier edge than some of my very favorite barbershop frags, possibly from the ginger note? I have a nice sample that should last me a while, but I would consider a full bottle depending on price.
25th January, 2018
11 years on and people still don't understand YSL LH. I waited long to review this because I, like many was confused about what this is supposed to be.

Launched a year after Dior Homme, the other odd jus for men at the time, YSL LH is a slow hook.

If you don't give it time, (several wears, took 6 seperate occasions for me) you will never get it.

Now boasting a dozen iterations, it is clear this is a winner for YSL, and a delight for those who have gotten to know it. I for one will never be without a bottle. Ditto the Sport flanker.
30th December, 2017
Not a complete disaster, but yet another 'cologne' that is dull, pedestrian, flat and lacks emotion, complexity, intelligence or abstraction.

Not as brash as some of its brethrens, but is nameless, faceless, unsure of character and suffering from a serious identity crisis.

03rd October, 2017
Such a beautiful fragrance that yes, can be a bit "too mainstream" but in its own it is a nice scent. Though I do prefer to layer it with Dior Homme. This fragrance does not last at all. On my skin I would say about 3 hours. The dry down is lovely. I will buy the Parfum version next. It is a worthy buy and I wear it several days per week to work.
21st February, 2017
This is a snuggle frag for my wife, she loves the wood and Tonka dry down, I find her wearing my shirts when I get up. It is safe not to complex but sometimes you want class in a bottle and its about what turns the lady of the house on, not what turns me on right.
11th January, 2017
A very sensual, pleasant fragrance by YSL! The citrus is pleasantly offset by the ginger, violet, and vetiver notes in the overall composition. Linear, stable, and even encouraging to wear for all day situations (casual or not). I get why YSL did the L'Homme flankers, to highlight / intensify on different elements of the original that please different people in different ways. Highly recommended!
03rd December, 2016
Positive review because I love the smell. But I have to tell you, it does not last at all, and it does not project at all. Great if you don't mind being the only one who can smell you. Basically you have to hug someone in order for the scent to be perceived by others. The proximity of the sillage is very intimate.

I wear it every single day, because it's super easy to wear, very inoffensive, but it's also very weak :( and doesn't last. Have to reapply throughout the day if I want to continue to smell it.
09th November, 2016
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I agree with others whose reviews say this is a good "work frag". By the time I get to wherever I'm going, it has mellowed down, but still has enough of a presence to garner a semi-regular compliment from a colleague.

On me: It opens with candied ginger/tangerine peel/violet, and the sandalwood/coumarin develops... Then it lingers clean, woody, and a little ever-so-faintly salty on my skin, verges on sweaty.

I'm a sucker for tonka bean. Not enough tonka in this alone so I dose up with a few drops of Eden Botanicals tonka/FCO blend before I spritz. Does the trick!
18th May, 2016
It's original, a modern classic, but what does that mean? I've heard someone describe this as "safe" and I agree. It's pleasant without being enticing, unless you're a natural-born lady killer. It reminds me of being near water, without getting in, on a very hot day, because the sandalwood and ginger swelter so well together. If I were younger I would not wear this cologne, but if I knew a few things about... anything... I'm rambling, ultimately you have to put your own nose on it, get it in your clothes and see what happens.
12th April, 2016
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United States
This is a beautiful fragrance. Very fresh and classy. Opens with a nice, fresh, floral/ginger that dries down to a warm tonka/wood.

It's very inoffensive so it's great for work or anywhere casual. Best suited for spring, summer, and fall.

Definitely one of my favorites, but the sillage and longevity is the downside. Becomes a skin scent quickly and doesn't last very long at all. Shame, because it smells very good.

Scent: 9/10
Sillage: Below Average
Longevity: Below Average
08th February, 2016
Clean, warm and comfortable. A great versatile work scent. I do get a little of the feminine vibe from this but it smells so good on me, good enough for a signature fragrance. A crowd pleaser that does receive compliments in the early stages of wearing. The ginger is very nice in this, gives it a little edge of uniqueness.

Good sillage at first then gets close to the skin quickly as it dries down. Does not last a full workday, maybe closer to 5-6 hours.
28th January, 2016 (last edited: 25th May, 2018)
Excellent fragrance for young guys. Fresh floral made masculine by the addition of ginger and vetiver and smoothed out by the slightest pinch of Tonka bean. Lasts and projects just fine on my skin.

Yes it smells similar to other men's fragrances, but it also smells of much higher quality and use better.

There are several comments below that confuse the elegant softness of this fragrance with femininity. But in perfumery, femininity refers to the use of certain floral accords that are not present in L'Homme. The ginger and Vetiver are decidedly masculine.

16th January, 2016
CMac17 Show all reviews
United States
Soon after I sprayed this cologne on, I was immediately hit by the ginger, which I must say I am quite partial towards. It's a classy fragrance, but not a typical "masculine" fragrance. I found it to be quite unisex in a good way. It starts with nice hints of citrus and ginger, but these fade rather quickly, leaving me to wish they were there for longer (though notewise this may be an impossibility). I say this because after these notes left into the ether, what was left wasn't very special at all. Certainly a nice fragrance, but nothing that left me thinking "wow, I want to wear this again." To me, the scent is reminiscent of Versace Eros with a woodsy addition. However, it did not have nearly the same sillage as this scent. My friends couldn't even tell that I was wearing cologne!

Though I like how this started, the ending of this fragrance left me wanting something more, and the lack of sillage makes this fragrance nice, but able to be passed over.
25th December, 2015
Calvin Klein's Escape in a funkier bottle.
31st October, 2015
If you were to put blindfold me and walk in front of me with this fragrance on, I couldn't guess whether you're male or female. I can't for the love of me understand why YSL had to put the "l'homme" label on such a unisex smell (almost bordering on female).

L'homme starts with a fresh, sparkling mix of bergamot and ginger that nicely bounce off each other for around 30 minutes before settling into a semi-spicy mix of lavender leaves, white pepper and tonka bean. Less than an hour in, the final stages appear that mostly consist of a pleasant-yet-stereotypical amber/tonka bean/cedar wood skin scent.

Even though it is not revolutionary, I have to say L'homme is inoffensive and smells very warm and pleasant to those around you (if they can catch a whiff of course). You can use it all year round as it has a particularly fresh/spicy feel to it. But I wouldn't recommend it in the hotter days of the year.

To a casual nose, this juice smells like a lemony, spicy mix of ginger followed by a very powdery smell. I'd mark this one as unisex because my sister uses it as well and it really suits a female as much as male. I'd easily go as far as saying that it smells more feminine than masculine to my nose due to the powder in the final stages.

L'homme becomes a skin scent around 20-30 mins after applying. It's one of the shyest fragrances I've tried. Seems like even thinking about it or looking for it on your wrist or clothes causes it to disappear into the ether but when you're not searching, it occasionally surprises you with a pleasant whiff. Although I have to say Longevity is much better than what I expected from a skin scent at around 5-6 hours.

Great for all occasions, formal or informal without running the risk of getting cloying, YSL L'homme is a safe bet when it comes to smelling pleasant all year around. Those around you will definitely enjoy what they smell but you'll need to get pretty close for them to feel anything at all.

This well blended juice is for the man totally in touch with his lighter, feminine side and pretty suitable for the ladies as well; although nothing ground breaking about it.

LONGEVITY: 5-6 hours
24th September, 2015 (last edited: 03rd October, 2015)
One of the classiest scents I can think of. I'm almost definitely too young to be wearing it (22), but i can't help appreciating this modest, androgynous mixture. Floral, creamy, oriental, and perhaps metallic. Currently on my second bottle at the request of my girlfriend.
23rd September, 2015
numcks Show all reviews
United States
A yawn, a nice yawn, but a generic copy of copies nonetheless. Vaguely fresh, spicy, fruity, woody, with that ubiquitous late 90s-2000s era chord present in so many celebrity (MJ Flight and Carlos Santana come to mind) and "fresh-spicy scents - Boss Bottled also rings a bell. Perfectly nice, safe olfactory sedative.
23rd August, 2015
Gold metallic powdery with light shining amber base. Good in warm weather. Can dry down to a cheapish-hollow feeling.
20th June, 2015

When i test it the first time,I really feel Inlove with this Scent and I bought A Cute bottle.Simply EXCELLENT.

This modern fragrance is a combination of Sweet and Fresh notes.Specially in the begining.The Ginger makes L HOMME a really INTERESTING scent.

Masculine and Elegant in a Modern way.I think A helpful Fragrance as Perfect for both Everyday Wear as well for Evenings out!suitable for AUTUMN.

Longevity&Sillage?Are both Good which makes this cologne worth the money.

09th June, 2015
I can’t say I hate this, but this is surely the duller and blander YSL fragrance for men I’ve ever tried, together with the other couple of flankers they made out of this. It isn’t bad, the quality seems to me mildly good, and if you’re looking for a safe unpretentious gift for a non-fan of fragrances to wear all day long, all year round, this would be a nice choice with a decent price for the value. It’s a fresh, unobtrusive ginger-citrus-woody fragrance playing some aromatic fougère chords but with a decided “younger” vibe, focusing on sweet woods and spices (Envy for Men), and fresh-aromatic notes, with a conventional note of soft violet. Mellow and polished, sweet and boringly fresh, kind of “young” and if I got the term correctly, kind of “bro” too – the smoky-fruity sweetness, the extreme linearity, the overall dullness (but maybe bros need bombs? This isn’t, just in case). Miles away from what once was a mature and classy brand delivering delightful fragrances like M7 or Rive Gauche, they seem now more aimed at 20-something in need of boosting their sex agendas. Not bad as I said, but nothing really special.

09th May, 2015
YSL LH is a nice, if not common scent that really does not distinguish itself in any way. It's a spicey wood scent that is soft on the spice (ginger) and on the wood. Unfortunately, ever time I have tested or worn this fragrance the performance has been decidedly terrible. This may be the weakest designer fragrance I have ever tried. On cold days, I could only get 1hr of longevity, but on warmer days it might go 2 hours. YSL LH also becomes a near skin scent after barely 10 minutes form application. I much prefer Dior's Homme Sport, which is similar in it's use of ginger, has some compelling and interesting base and heart notes and has significantly better performance. An easy Thumbs Down....

13th March, 2015 (last edited: 15th June, 2015)
Although I give it thumb up, I am disappointed with its projection after this heavenly opening....there I thought I found the perfect fresh powdery perfume for spring,autum and maybe summer, its mouth watery sweetness with some foodie notes!
then turns to something very very subtle that I need to stuck my nose on my wrist to smell,I used more than 4 bottles of it cause I like a lot the opening, but I had to bath with it (more than 10 - 15 sprays ) to get some acceptable projection and I mean that can someone close to me smell it after the first 1-2 hours,longevity is good but only within 10cm distance projection.
I had the same problem with L'Instant which I also like a lot.
06th October, 2014
I'm surprised to see how many people here don't notice the similarity between this and Nuit, it's very obvious to my nose. The big difference is that L'Homme has none of the fruitiness of Nuit de l'Homme. This almost smells like a generic "base" cologne and Nuit is the finished product. The assertions that this cologne lacks some character is true in my opinion, if only just because I was such a fan of Nuit. I definitely got a strong note of apple right off the bat which was interesting but once that faded away it became a pleasant, light, unobtrusive scent. Definitely the kind of thing you'd want to wear if you want to smell good but you don't want to stick out because of it. This is the kind of thing you'd wear at an interview for someone you don't know who may or may not be very personable, and may or may not judge every detail about you, including your cologne. It was nice and long lasting on my skin, I can still smell it ten hours later (much like Nuit which lasts similarly long on me) but I had to use more sprays just to get an idea of the smell in the first place. All in all I don't think I'll be getting a bottle, Nuit is definitely much better, but it's quite good for just a plain old cologne.

I debated between thumbs-up and neutral and figured I'd go with thumbs-up just because of the longevity on my skin (which admittedly typically holds scents pretty long).
24th August, 2014
L'Homme by YSL has been one of my favorites since it was introduced. I love the soft sweet spices, especially in the dry down. It is not offensive or loud. I do smell the ginger in this fragrance when first sprayed. I wear it to the office now and then and I always get compliments. I also wear it at night and I get the same compliments. Always a winner no matter what time of day it is.
22nd August, 2014