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Negative Reviews of L'Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

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Not a complete disaster, but yet another 'cologne' that is dull, pedestrian, flat and lacks emotion, complexity, intelligence or abstraction.

Not as brash as some of its brethrens, but is nameless, faceless, unsure of character and suffering from a serious identity crisis.

03rd October, 2017
Calvin Klein's Escape in a funkier bottle.
31st October, 2015
YSL LH is a nice, if not common scent that really does not distinguish itself in any way. It's a spicey wood scent that is soft on the spice (ginger) and on the wood. Unfortunately, ever time I have tested or worn this fragrance the performance has been decidedly terrible. This may be the weakest designer fragrance I have ever tried. On cold days, I could only get 1hr of longevity, but on warmer days it might go 2 hours. YSL LH also becomes a near skin scent after barely 10 minutes form application. I much prefer Dior's Homme Sport, which is similar in it's use of ginger, has some compelling and interesting base and heart notes and has significantly better performance. An easy Thumbs Down....

13th March, 2015 (last edited: 15th June, 2015)
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I bought a bottle of this when it was new and have regretted it ever since. I can see what attracted me to it - that bright ginger over nondescript sweet herbs and stuff. But it's all drenched in that chemical that makes everything smell like bleachy rubbing alcohol.

And it was immediately after this that I discovered better quality perfumes, ones that smell distinctive instead of commonplace. So I guess L'Homme exists in my mind as a symbol of what I grew out of, so perhaps I judge it harshly, but really... It's precision engineered to smell like everything else at the mall. It does that well, but I no longer think that's something to be proud of.
16th April, 2014
a negative review<p><p> creamy and generic, a mass market scent!<p><p>Pros: none
Cons: generic"</p>
13th August, 2013 (last edited: 11th December, 2013)
How is "clean" acceptable as a fragrance now when you can use soap to smell "clean"? It has zero projection and longevity. Not worth it.
20th April, 2013
Bored! It smells nice, but that's it. Much was expected because the house that backed them. In addition, the skin behavior leaves much to be desired. For those who enjoy it, go ahead, but for my part, L'homme is the beginning of the decline of Yves Saint Laurent.
21st December, 2012
drseid Show all reviews
United States
I can't stand this stuff. It is so generic, artificial and strong that I immediately want to get it off my skin. I get a faux citrus mixed with tonka beans and artificial ginger as a supporting note. It all comes together poorly and unwearable for me, at least. Ropion is extraordinarily talented, but this scent is not worthy of his name. I know L'Homme has a great reputation with the ladies, but I don't know what they see in it. Disgusting! On the positive side (I suppose), it has relatively good projection and unlike many other reviewers, longevity is at least average on my skin. Believe me when I say I wish that were not the case. Two tremendous thumbs down on this one. 1.5 stars out of 5.
12th March, 2012 (last edited: 21st December, 2012)
Smells like a narcissistic, mutton-dressed-as-lamb type, probably in his late 30s. This man most likely bathed in Obsession by Calvin Klein in his heyday during school years, and now thinks this fragrance is state-of-the-art.

Or maybe I just dislike it so much because my boss wears it.

Either way, there is no denying the juice lingers enough to annoy me, just because it is a nothing scent and does not dare to be anything else but boring.
17th May, 2011
This is a good perfume to give to your wife. It even comes in a very feminine bottle. Smells like my wife's perfume. Lasts about two hours. Sweet.
13th October, 2010
Reminds me of Calvin Klein Eternity. Not stating something that isn't already known but this is not what YSL fragrances are known for. They were synonymous with creating daring, unique scents. This is so boring and bland. It seems to be gone from me within minutes. Typically YSL scents last on me for more than 12 hours.
25th March, 2010
YSL's lacklustre answer to Chrome by Azzaro, proving yet again that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. No doubt Ropion would be anxious to distance himself from such a bland-astic release.
06th November, 2009
The bottle is beautiful and you wouldn't be wrong to hope for something spectacular with the expensive-smelling opening, but it dries down into something terribly sharp and metallic at the end. All of the unique and subtle fun of the opening is lost in a woefully generic fog after about ten minutes.
02nd November, 2009
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auee Show all reviews
United States
This is the second YSL scent I had the opportunity to test on the same day and so far I am not impressed with this House. L'Homme is distinct in one respect and not in a good way. It has a synthetic bitterness about it that thwarts its attempt to be fresh and clean. It smells to me like a cheap air freshener. This was a major disappointment.

YSL L'Homme had good longevity and decent sillage on me. If you enjoy the scent, it will be with you and you will be able to smell it. Next up is M7, which I intended to buy blind, but now I am intent on testing it first.
05th October, 2009
To me this is without a doubt the most uninteresting masculine release from this house. (And all the flankers are even worse)
Completely useless fragrance to me.

Very ordinary, mediocre, contemporary fresh aromatic scent with crisp wood vibe to it. Absolutely boring stuff comparing to other (male) fragrances from this house.
Some have actually said that this has some sort of similarities to Etat Libre d`Oranges Secretion Magnifiques. I don’t think so.

I do love the bottle, but obviously that doesn’t mean much if the scent is this lame.
I just hope YSL will come back soon with something fascinating that is appropriate for this house which is, in my opinion, the most interesting one when it comes to designer houses.
30th July, 2009
Being a fan of some YSL classics, I must say that L'Homme is YSL's attempt at a modern, mass-appealing scent. While it does not smell bad, it does lack distinction and character. Being a generic "freshie", I can imagine why this is a hit, but having a market saturated with such scents can be a quite boring.
24th May, 2009 (last edited: 13th August, 2009)
The sample packet lists bergamot, ginger, and vetiver as notes.
This opens with a "fresh," sweet, synthetic blast and continues in that vein. Very generic, quite unexceptional, not irritating and not interesting. Certainly there are no distinctive notes. Bland, unremarkable. Might make an acceptable room freshener.
04th April, 2009
A nice girl sprayed this on my hand while I was at a huge store in Barcelona. I loved it so much that I had to find her again and ask her what was the fragrance. On a way back to Belgrade, I bought a 100ml bottle of YSL L'Homme at Rome airport. Now I am not sure about it. To my nose, is smells as a lighter version of DUNE (by Dior). In my book that is not a good thing. I mean, DUNE was a really big thing for me back in the late 90-ties and I loved wearing it in the evening but... I have not sprayed it for a good 10 years. The bottle is still almost full. The magic is gone. The magic of YSL L'Homme lasted much shorter.
22nd February, 2009
I tried some hours ago. One word: boring, boring, boring.
I said one word? Ohhhh yeaaaaa, but this products is verrrrryyy boring. You dont think is YSL....Romantic smell, but not classy, not exclusive. Fruity or floral....but I dont know.
If you love to be unique, dont buy L Homme.
05th July, 2008
I regret purchasing this. Was caught off-guard by the YSL name, sprayed and thought it would be better on the drydown. Completely wrong. Nice, clean smell like Burberry's London. Nothing original here. It lasts two hours or so. Want my money back not bceause it's a bad fragrance, but because it was a huge let down.
25th June, 2008
Unbelievable YSL can lauch such an average scent like this! Despite the luxurious and artisttic bottle, L'Homme scent lacks of the most important thing: Diffirence.
08th April, 2008
dior homme won the match versus ysl l'homme. :P

here's my guess: the houses of dior and ysl have been rivals ever since.
now, marketers at the ysl house wanted to catch up with the dior house's new men's fragrance release: "dior homme". they had made their own "l'homme" in the light of that, i mean the date of release. what? was a 2 or 3 months between these releases?
at dior they made a brave choice with an unusual scent. it's like egoiste was, it's rather feminine, unusual, strange. i don't like it either but great scents can make such huge divide between people (see kouros).
ysl l'homme is anything but original. it reminds me a coward dolce&gabbana clone. boring, too safe, unoffending. NOTHING SPECIAL, for why we used to like ysl fragrances.
this is my major disappointment in the ysl perfumes. and giving it the name "ysl l'homme"... such a shame!!!!
maybe i'm wrong but it seems the house faces with crisis with tom ford (m7, nu, rive gauche ph, cinéma) leaving them alone :(((
30th April, 2007
Clean, subtle and boring(!) launch from the mainstream house that I respect the most. With fragrances like M7, Rive Gauce and Opium on their resume L`Homme inevitably seems ike a major sellout and blatant attempt to cash in on the conformistic scent market of today. Coming from some other house L´Homme could easily be described as a nice, clean reinterpretation of Dolce & Gabbana PH. But in the light of YSL´s rich history and heritage this new release just serves as a sad reminder of a business in deep crisis. Let´s really hope they pull themselves together...
08th April, 2007
yves saint laurent is to my opinion one of the really great genius of fashion.He launched the very interesting ysl pour homme as well as rive gauche and y pour femme-absolutely delightful.And now this!?yves saint laurent isn´t running anymore his company and he has left a longtime ago-very sad-he must be totally shocked!
this scent is a cheap,vulgar and very simple edt and does smell as all the other stuff being launced in 2006-this is a bad smelling and boaring fragrnace and this company has reached the bottom-they can´t sink deeper! you spray it and nothing-you want to run away-it is a mixture of i don´t know what-you have smelled this so many times in all different variations and now they wanna make you believe that this is something unique or special or what?!Incredible that this company has the courage to launch such a bad,bad tasting water and on top they ask you to pay a lot of money for it!!Disgusting and ridiculous-incredible!
anyway the bottle´s design is quite nice but the advertising with this so called actor is a huge deception-
to my opinion at the end of the 70ties it was over-joy,tabac blond,first, bandit,eau sauvage ,jolie madame,vent vert,the old chanel and caron-these were times and what outstanding scents-nowadays they present the worst stuff you ever can imagine for an incredible amount of money?!where are the successors for the great,great germaine cellier,edmond roudnitska , ernest beaux, jean charles etc.
the company of ysl should either ask ysl to come back or to have a look at chanel and jacques polge-he is doing a perfect and admirable job and now he has launched rue cambon-if you really wanna smell a perfect scent of 2006-then go to the next chanel boutique and buy them all-they are outstanding!
But l´homme by ysl is really really sad and one of the worst perfumes ever made- a gifle pour toute la parfumerie!sorry monsieur saint laurent-come back and create something as gorgeous as rive gauche pour femme or y again-not to talk about your unforgettable haute couture-thanks anyway for a grat time in fashion.
okay in conclusion-do not waste your money for a boring,uninteresting,short living fragrance of some spicy and fresh ingredients!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
23rd February, 2007
vadim Show all reviews
Russian Federation
Sweet, powdery and totally boring. As mass-market as you can get.
13th November, 2006
c-men Show all reviews
United States
L’homme is a bland fragrance that reminds me of a short-lived mix of CK’s Eternity for men and Crave. It is a shame that this fragrance is released with the YSL logo, not to mention the treason towards the loyal fans of YSL men’s fragrances, that love the undeniable character and longevity of previous releases (e.g. Jazz, Kouros and M7). Money talks and the people at YSL are looking to generate a best seller by appealing more to the mass market with L’Homme. However, the extremely mediocre juice with a striking lack of any recognizable character, the ugly/unrefined bottle, the complete lack of concept with the campaign and the obvious risk for confusion with the previous YSL pour homme predicts failure. For sure the low watermark of men’s designer fragrance releases 2006 –just save your money.
23rd September, 2006