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United States
the notes in this sounded so promising. i wanted to feel i was roasting marshmallows at the beach. in the bottle, the smell is nice though very sweet and intrusive. on my skin, the salt note kind of takes over after fighting with the sweetness. it could work nicely for someone else. definitely a try first. long lasting for sure.
06th May, 2009
Just sweet and a little boring. Not a disaster but it starts out sweet, goes on sweet and finally dry down is sweet as well, does not change and this makes it boring and ordinary I guess. I find it a little similar to Hypnose-Lancome. Staying power is very good.
Bottle is good in the pictures but looks very cheap in reality.. feeling a little regret for paying lots of money for 100 ml i guess :-)
04th September, 2008
To me, this smelled a lot like Vera Wang Princess - must be the Tiare flower.

I could not smell the patchouli!

And I think the bottle is hideous. Ick!

Nothing special, nothing innovative. But it smells nice. Rather sweet.
03rd November, 2007
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I am not a scent snob. I will blind test anything. Although the notion of celebrity fragrances makes me shiver, and I particularly loathe fanciful, synthetic notes, I admit that I liked Mariah Carey M. Tiare flower, gardenia, patchouli, and incense make it a warm, somewhat woody floriental. (I wish I had not read that the sweetness was marshmallow.) I might not consider it FBW, but it was good. After I tried it on skin, I liked it less than on paper.
27th October, 2007 (last edited: 14th May, 2008)