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Neutral Reviews of Sira des Indes by Jean Patou

Total Reviews: 5
This is a warm, rich, fruity floral amber scent that is quite subtle and wears close to the skin. It reminds me very much of Guerlain's L'Heure Bleue.

The banana/pear notes give it a gourmand sweetness and roundness, the frangipani, ylang ylang, and champaca florals are perfectly balanced to provide the richness, and the amber, musk, vanilla and sandalwood base provide the warmth.

Turin gave it four stars and dubbed it a "floral swirl."

Although it is quite good in its category, it is not outstanding in any way. I would certainly recommend it for fans of the Guerlain, but can't bring myself to rave over it. Just very well done.
14th October, 2015
Genre: Fruity Floral

The pink bottle and the blast of synthetic tropical fruit that opens Sira des Indes do not bode well for my enjoyment. After some time the unpromising top notes are tempered by soft champaca and suede-textured woods, then joined by a chorus of smoothly blended culinary spices. The resulting accord is relatively sweet, powdery, and very, very soft in texture – the olfactory equivalent of those cloths used to clean glasses or buff newly polished shoes.

That’s the good news.

The bad news is that the chemical “froot” flavor persists in strong enough form to detect alongside the gentle florals, and the product is – you guessed it – yet another fruity floral fragrance. Woohoo! Surely the world needs more of these! After all, there’s only so long the scent of your shower gel will endure without reinforcement, right?

More good news: the stuff doesn’t last all that long, so that within two hours all that’s left is a white musk and powdery vanilla drydown. While that’s hardly exciting, it’s a bit of a relief from what has gone before. Oh where is the Patou that brought us Joy, 1000, and Patou pour Homme?
03rd July, 2014
I bough this years ago and gave it away. I didn't dislike it; I just couldn't find a place for it. It's a bit of a grab bag in terms of genre. It lands somewhere between neither/nor and all-of-the-above. The bright side is that Sira des Indes doesn’t have to follow the expectations of genre. It's breezy and tropical. It's spiced cream. It's quite sultry, and despite not fitting our genre expectations, it is very specific and isn't likely to be mistaken for anything else. And it's loads of fun to play with. Try its seepingly sweet humidity in arid desert heat. Try it in snowy winter.

I've never worn it in a hot, humid environment, but I imagine it might seem a bit mushy. This is a perfume that plays with tropical elements. In a truly tropical environment, it might read as phony. Still, try it sometime when you know you're going to sweat. The creaminess falls away, and the florals read like shimmering heat.
25th June, 2012
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Uh-oh, fruity! The opening is quite fruity, but, surprisingly, I’m not as indifferent to it as as with other fruity opening accords. I guess, like most Patou fragrances I’ve tried, this one is done with discretion and elegance. No kidding… I actually sort of LIKE this fruity – floral opening. I did smell the banana at first, and the pear, but they were somehow muted… perhaps the cardamom. I didn’t smell the berries, and I usually love berry notes, so maybe they contributed a lot to my appreciation of the accord. More subtlety and sophistication in the heart: I can’t really identify much in the smooth floral heart accord except the jasmine (I never miss jasmine… my favorite) and milk note. I enjoy how jasmine and milk complement each other: they are both so richly middle tone in vibrational intensity. The middle is floral, I guess… it’s not flowery, and I have difficulty separating out the individual floral notes: It would be a good background for something more interesting taking place in the foreground, but I don’t think it holds up on its own. There is no bass or high vibrational level to balance the neutral middle. The scent has become a little too dull. The base doesn’t change the drabness. It’s a well-made base of good notes and it smells quite natural, but it needs a little more going on in the foreground.

I started out enjoying in spite of the fact that it’s another fruity – floral. The structure of the fragrance is impeccable, but it needs more drama, more counterpoint, more anything. I suppose it is a discreet, well-made, non-offending fragrance for the office, but I don’t see it very much more than that.

14th November, 2009
It's a very fruity and flowery fragrance. The woman who wears it is young, optimistic, enthusiastic, joyful, energetic and dynamic. Yet she's sensitive and delicate. It's also a bit reminiscent of a candy shop, but that re-enforces the idea that this is appropriate for a young person. It's not bad, but a fragrance with such a wonderful name should have been more oriental, sensual and mysterious.
13th August, 2008