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Negative Reviews of Quorum Silver by Antonio Puig

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Run away! I bought this and I dislike it now so much that I had to give it away
03rd June, 2012
Absolutely terrible, my worst blind buy ever. This is just cheap synthetic cedar oil mixed with alcohol. Stay away.
04th October, 2010
I'm getting really tired of these 200% synthetic olfactory-terrorism concoctions powered by the same sweet obnoxious wood-amber V8 engine that's found in almost every cheap EDT since the late nineties. Here is a prime example - and a positively nose-hair-singeing rendition at that. Superficially acceptable in the same way that bad pizza's superficially acceptable (after all, how bad can pizza possibly get) -- but please do everyone a favor and avoid this. There's a reason it's priced at less than $20 for 3oz, you know.
22nd July, 2009
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United States
I sprayed it on, and it transported me to about 20 years ago, instantly. There I was with my pet rabbit, opening a fresh package of cedar shavings for his cage. That is the smell, not a dirty cage, but fresh cedar shavings.

And I didn't expect it based on other reviews, but maybe I should have, as they used words like, sweet spicy, pine mixed with spices, woodsy, resinous...yup, cedar shavings!
03rd April, 2009