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Negative Reviews of Armani Privé Cuir Améthyste by Giorgio Armani

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Sweet and heavy. A bit too artificial for me...
29th June, 2012
Extremelly medicinal... completely wrong... not for me!!! 
19th June, 2012
With the excepiton of Bois D'Encens, I find most of the compositions in the Armani Privè line to be undeservedly overrated. Cuir Amethiste is surely not among the worst but as a take on fruity leather I find it definitely leaning towards the sweet fruity side (apricot / osmanthus) with an huge, off-putting violet note making the whole fragrance definitely unbalanced. The leather here is pale but almost unpleasant, synthetic and kind of overwhelmed by the rest. While I understand why many people likes it , I still don't get warm to it...sorry I've to pass on...
02nd July, 2011 (last edited: 21st May, 2012)
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The labdanum and benzoin should be at the base but the very first think in this scent is the nose blinding vicks vapour like resins. They are so strong that when i try to smell i can feel it in my eyes, my cornea burning. After fifteen minutes or more vicks weakens a bit and shows up something like leather ad some violets. after the first hour grows coriander birch and pachuli. Really hard to enjoy for me.
31st January, 2010