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Neutral Reviews of A Contre-Jour by Galimard

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Galimard A CONTRE-JOUR is a classic (as odd as that may sound) shampoo-conditioner frag. Squeaky clean with a somewhat less clean, floral drydown, A CONTRE-JOUR numbers among the ranks of the zillion of other compositions in this class, the vast majority of which are used to scent hair products. With startling frequency, these creations are being poured into perfume bottles and sold at huge mark-ups by nearly every perfume house. It's rather amazing, actually, that people are willing to pay perfume prices—even niche prices!—to spray on their bodies scents that already waft off their hair whenever they emerge from the shower or bath.

That said, for some reason Galimard, a house which remarkably pre-dates the French revolution, does not charge niche prices for its wares, so this might be a good place to acquire your coveted shampoo-conditioner frags!
02nd July, 2011 (last edited: 10th July, 2011)
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United States
This one is worth trying if only for the opening spritz. Very crisp, very enticing. Love it!

This, however, is the first Galimard scent i've come across that does not last that long on me. i've reapplied three times over the past 2 1/2 hours, and just can't get it to stick.

This is a very fun fragrance, and makes a great candidate for an office scent or a hot summer night "I need to feel refreshed" scent. Quality is up there, as to be expected from this house. Wears on the light side, more like an EDT.

A Good submission from this house, but i have to give it a neutral because my chemistry isn't taking to it the way it is with Ma haute.
14th March, 2010