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Negative Reviews of Versace Man Eau Fraîche by Versace

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Light,Light and Light!I am a fan VERSACE but unfortunately this one big disappointed for me.VMEF is certainly inoffensive but never made me feel fresh or even feel like i am wearning a nice fragrance.

Only at very first minute,i found it Nice but after a few minutes startes disapearning like a common Cologne.My advice would be to give this fragrance a try on your skin before you make a purchase decision

The langevity is very Weak on my skin.terrible in fact.Bad sillage as i've got to put my nose an inch from my skin until i can recognize it scent!Perhaps i am only here,dont feel like wearning this cologne!What a pity!!!

10th May, 2015
No story. Photofinish nailed it with the review. Old tissue box that's been wet and dried again. Lame.
24th October, 2012
Opening with the stereotypical ozonic freshness found in many of today's designer fragrances, Versace Man Eau Fraiche quickly dries down to an aroma that smells like the interior of a box of facial tissues.
23rd September, 2012
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for me..longetivity is good..but..i think it is static perfume..did not change much..hate it..
28th August, 2012
It should be criminal to charge as much for a scent so weak. Though the notes listed don't reflect it right off, VMEF smells like Bulgari Pour Homme Extreme (which can be found cheaper) at half strength, making this release pointless.
24th June, 2012
This smells very chemical to me and it gives me headaches. Also, it's ultra linear. It's too sharp but in a "chemical overdose" way.
03rd April, 2012
This is a very modern scent. Part of a trend I'm afraid. The youth of today seem to be all about the "unbearable lightness of being". Afraid to offend anybody and not seem cool, they opt for very casual featherweight fragrances. This is one of them. Citrus,herbal,and very light woods. The fragrance notes mention musk and amber. I've not detected any. Inoffensive to the extreme. Meh.
02nd March, 2012
Ok opening, but stays on my skin for less than one hour.
17th August, 2011
Like someone added a couple of drops of lemon juice to water, waved a few herbs over it and then added a drop or two of blue food colouring! This seriously lasts as a scent for about 15 minutes before you forget you're actually wearing something.

An absolute waste of money.
25th June, 2011 (last edited: 08th September, 2011)

I do not like Versace Eau Fraiche and I wish I hadn't bought it. There is a HINT of something good here, a melon-apple combination that floats around the top for maybe 15 minutes....beyond that, the fragrance is a mess. The remainder is a thin, sharp, and often sour 2-dimensional fragrance that lasts for about an hour and a half before disappearing into an almost invisible synthetic muskiness. Silentrich said it smells exactly like garbage in a plastic bag, and he's right, in that there is a definite garbage-water aroma lurking throughout the first hour or so, especially if you smell it up close. It is not fresh or pleasant, and that is what I had wanted from this fragrance. The bottle's beautiful and looks great in the collection, but ultimately, it's what's on the inside that counts...and this is where Eau Fraiche fails miserably. There's plenty other great fresh fragrances out there, don't waste your money on this.

04th June, 2011
Sharp, inrtrusive earth smell. 'Smells like garbage in a plastic bag', yeah I can agree with that.
16th March, 2011
When I smell "Acqua Fresca" (italian for Eau Fraiche) I immediately start to think about Donatella's transgendered /mutated /botulinus-ized face. This image together with the smells of Eau Fraiche is killer. I never, ever liked Versace as a designer maison as it represents the apotheosis of the italian stereotype. Black unbuttoned silk shirts with gold crucifixes on tanned pumped chests. Come on, give us a break!

When it comes to "Eau Fraiche" there's nothing like San Pellegrino.

A few more words on the packaging that comes in a turquoise sort of lizard / crocodile skin box. Vulgar.
14th March, 2011 (last edited: 30th January, 2012)
Definately not what I expected. Top notes smell like a less metallic Chrome. Middle notes are almost non-existent. The base is what shocked me. Smells exactly like garbage in a plastic bag. This stuff is horrid.
27th February, 2011
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Light peppery summer scent,yes citrus aquatic with some amber on the drydown.
Failed to please me...
18th March, 2010 (last edited: 28th March, 2010)
smells like a little girl spraying on her Barney perfume. it's pretty light, airy, sackless, and soul-less .... rightfully for those that are too afraid of being a little ballsy. C'mon, sample it first and i bet you'll feel like a fool wearing something only ladies would consider. And what's with the "girls dig this" ? they dig this cuz they identified that you actually smelled like one of them. I can't stand this irking smell that keep on whiffing up your nose making you regret every second that you sprayed it.

DG femme? yeah, it smells somewhat like that, and i do agreed with the marketers labeling it as one for the fem. I would love to smell that on my woman, but not on a guy, it'll make me think he's one of the sister, and that creeps me out. Stay away from me, don't even dare to touch my hand, you sick basterd.
05th March, 2010
A lemon juice , and very linear.
I'm so bored with this kind of stuff
31st October, 2009
A very unsatisfying blend of ingredients that never fails to jar and perplex.The typically blue juice opening, with aquatic pretensions and little finesse, is clumsy, shallow and derivative.Even amongst the general theme of mediocrity, there is an accord in the dry down that is truly woeful. A demented fusion of musk,tarragon and sage, which in full flow is almost unwearable. The base is too thin and insignificant for comment, capping a truly deplorable effort from Versace.
11th September, 2009
This citrus with sheet of paper depth of wood and spice does indeed end up powder. Not deep, the edges on this slightly sharp opening can intially give your sinuses a paper cut. It was just a threat. Clean as in slightly sociopathic, feminine clean. Soon gone, except for deligent searches for powder and residue. May actually contain topical minute quantities...should come with a freezing airconditioned room and bright lights...

08th August, 2009
Starts out with the same watered-down lemon-in-rubbing alcohol as Light Blue for women and ends up as a sickly Bvlgari Pour Homme. With their powers combined, they become Captain Nauseating. This is a truly awful fragrance.
15th June, 2009
I stopped wearing this. Its fresh, but very simple. I smell lemon and citrus to start off with. It has hardly any staying power.
07th May, 2009
I do not see the comparison to D&G Light Blue Femme in this fragrance - I see it more in the top notes of Paco's Black XS to Light Blue Femme...but that is another review.

On Eau Fraiche I find it to be a very light watered down lemon water with a hint of woods the scent has not lasting power or intrigue what so ever and is a great marking ploy on Euroitalia for marking this and having such a hit with the public.

I feel that the last great scent from House Versace was The Dreamer since then nothing worth while has come from Donatella.
14th March, 2009
Odysseusm mentioned this smelling "hollow." BINGO!!! exactly what I thought.
First of all, fresh fragrances are my thing. It may not be "hip" or "cool," but neither are "Opeth" or "Opie and Anthony," and I love both of them and really don't care what people think.

So take it from a connoisseur of the fresh, this is empty. It's so easy to get away with a superficially pleasant fresh fragrance because fresh fragrances aren't supposed to be deep anyway, but take it from me, this really is the bottom of the barrel... well, okay, it's the worst you can get without actually becoming unpleasant. It also doesn't last very long.

If you're looking for fresh, do yourself a favor and check out Allure Sport
29th August, 2008
This cologne costs me $50 at Macys and I can hardly even smell it when I put it on. What gives?

I first caught a wif of it in a GQ magazine and thought it was pretty good.
Then I went to go buy it without trying a sample spray first.
Big mistake.

Honestly, after 20 minutes, it dissapears and it's pretty much like you're not even wearing any cologne anymore.

Maybe it's just my body chemistry.
I was just hoping that a brand name like Versace would be good, but I think I'm gonna be sticking to the U.S. brands now.
Maybe your body chemistry might carry the scent better.
But again after 20 minutes, the silage is non existent on me.

19th June, 2008
In my own opinion it smells to feminem* especailly for men who aren't feminem*
15th June, 2008
once again the bottle is nice... but thats where it ends!
14th January, 2008
To keep it simple, this stuff isn't great and you'll end up with a headache after a while when you get sick of smelling it. Sprayed myself with it at Macys after a purchase one night, I couldn't wait to go wash it off. I recieved another sample of it when i bought another bottle and instantly gave it to my little brother who bathes in Candies before he leaves the house at night. Save your money, there is much better out there...
09th May, 2007
This did not impress me. From the name, I thought it would be summery, and I admit, it opens that way. To me, it reminded me in a very nice way of a gin and tonic with lime. But very quickly, it dried down into a woodsy, leathery scent. Sticking my nose right against my wrist, it smelled of hours old Armani Code or John Varvatos. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but it would be a shocker if you bought it after that first blast.
14th April, 2007
Versace’s Eau Fraîche has a hollow quality: it is like biting into the hard shell of a mint, only to find nothing but air inside. I attribute that to the synthetic note which is very strong. A reviewer called it “laundry detergent on an aluminum counter,” I say something similar, lemon kool-aid dried in a tin can. Herbal middle? Not what I call ‘herbal.’ Freshly-ironed shirt... ho-hum. Nothing to get enthusiastic about, not a single note of beauty here! A rather soulless modern ‘fresh’ scent that is vaguely unpleasant at times. Try Jacques Fath’s classic Green Water for an authentically bracing experience, don’t settle for these modern robotic concoctions!
10th April, 2007
Smells like Raid Fly Killer!
28th January, 2007
This is quite an attractive fresh fragrance—for as long as it lasts, that is. It opens with citrus and rosewood. I don’t get a lot of syrupy fruit and it seems to me to be extremely clean and clear and attractive. It is a touch synthetic, but I am not at all bothered by this particular note. The middle makes use of cedar and herbs to keep the fresh aromatic feeling going. The base is a light wood and musk with amber for a touch of sweetness. In spite of the synthetic feel, I enjoy this fragrance while it is there. It gets a thumbs’ down because its longevity is abysmal: I’m talking minutes—like about thirty minutes from application to ‘Where did it go?'
04th December, 2006