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Negative Reviews of Eau de Cèdre / Cèdre Blanc by Heeley

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Meh. Some spicy, peppery greens and cilantro with vaguely woody cumin. There's a sort of a plywood smell in the background, but no cedar that I can detect. It honestly comes off like a cut-rate attempt at a Jean Claude Ellena work.

Thumbs down because I don't like smelling like unadorned cumin.
15th July, 2015
I get cumin and a vague, indeterminate green note from this. That's it. Just a few minutes in and I'm hyperventilating to try to smell it at all thanks to the solid disappearing act it's done on my arm (which, I suppose, on the bright side, will save me the trouble of washing it off). What little I imagine I might be able to smell does not outright bad but it doesn't smell particularly appealing, either. The ghost of a burned pile of grass. Actually that sounds like it would smell alright. Better than this.
17th December, 2011
This is ridiculous. A cedar so soft and fleeting it hardly reads as cedar. A vaguely "fresh" and "cool" and "clean" cologne with perhaps a slight woody vibe. I love cedar so it was quite a disappointment, but I guess I should have taken the "eau" in the name more seriously...
20th June, 2007
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To me, smells just like horseradish.
13th December, 2006