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Neutral Reviews of Eau de Cèdre / Cèdre Blanc by Heeley

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Following a change of name (originally this was Eau de Cèdre) and adjustment of the formulation (possibly to appease complaints about its poor longevity), Heeley's Cèdre Blanc no longer appears on the Heeley website and could well have been discontinued. This would be no terrible loss. The fragrance is a thin accord of cumin, green leaves and a touch of cedar, and might have been more accurately named 'Cumin Vert'. The greenery smells like a combination of cut grass and violet leaf, with an overall effect of cucumber. With its washed-out cumin, cedar and violet, this smells like a waterlogged version of Bois de Violette, diluted almost beyond recognition.
07th March, 2011