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Positive Reviews of Eau de Cèdre / Cèdre Blanc by Heeley

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Transparent, woody and fresh. I love it, but you really need to bathe in this to get some decent body and sillage. Not worth the price for a bottle, sadly.
29th April, 2007
A fresh, clean woody scent of cedar, that to me is reminiscent of the split logs in a lumberyard. This would make an excellent substitute in the spring and summer to a citrus accord. Moderate longevity, this is natural and evocative of a wood that is not warm or mellow like sandalwood, but clean and crisp. This is not at all sweet. Works in all types of situations, and is marvelously different from what others are likely to wear. Very apppropriate for men of all ages.
28th April, 2007