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Negative Reviews of L'Air du Desert Marocain by Tauer

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At first wearing, this gets the YUCK award. This smells like sweat and booty and NOT in a good way. I cannot imagine wearing this anywhere except to bed, but I would dream about needing a shower all night. 100% not for me. I'm glad I only got a decant.
15th December, 2017
There has been a lot of hype over this fragrance and maybe its because it reacts favorable with others skin chemistry but on me I find it very linear in composition and development. At first spray I get a slight waft of fragrant notes then straight dry cedar/ wood shop for the rest the ride. If you are a fan of woody/cedar type fragrances then this may be a winner for you. With my skin chemistry I find a fragrance like Amber Absolute a much more interesting/ enjoyable than Tauer's LDDM. "To each is own"!
06th December, 2017
Masterpiece?? i don't know even how to describe it. Very simple, old school,sort of scents from 80's, yeah there is one note that's beautiful maybe cedar, but it's not enough to be a masterpiece. Luca Turin pointed it as 5 star fragrance,hmmm it's just funny. I would rather go with Armani Prive Bois d'Encens it's much more modern and mainstream and better quality.
04th July, 2015
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I'm bemused by all the raves about this frag. I thought it was a sad, watery Timbuktu wannabe that disappeared in 30 minutes. I'm honestly shocked by all the talk of 12 hours longevity. Are we talking about the same fragrance?!?

No... No... Mr Strong no here.
03rd August, 2014
This opened like Bvlgari Black’s incense-loving sibling – smoke, rubber, incense, a bit of spice around the edges. Soon settled into a resiny amber of no great distinction, some sweetness and tremendous dizzying persistence. Underwhelmed.
Numerous tries brought little variation to this sequence. I wish I had more detail to offer – but my nose doesn’t latch on to much detail in this; it is undoubtedly strong but without much by way of layers, and has the muddied feel of some ‘natural’ perfumes.
14th September, 2012
Decants saved my money big time on this one.
According to the rave reviews it gets this is a good candidate for a blind buy.
It is probably only good as a mosquito repellent, and even then, i would pick the classic spiral fragrance any day over this "perfume".
Opens with a thick overwhelming incense-creosote-tar reminiscent of a church that has just been mopped with a nasty old fashioned floor disinfectant.
A very artificial vanilla pops up immediately after the bad boys rushed through and makes the transition towards the drydown even harsher.
Eventually the incense steals everyone's spot, and camps there for hours, giving you a nice nausea.
L'ADDM reminds me of one of those cheap aromatherapy oils (pick the one with the word "incense" on it) left on the burner for a few hours and then diluted in alcohol and dettol and bottled.
I can understand those who say it reminds them of exotic lands (yeah, the flea market, house deodorizers and incenses (sold by the kilo) section), but if so, it's best kept in a bottle and sniffed when needed (or poured into the oil burner, where it rightfully belongs), but wearing it can only be a good way to make people move away if you sit next to them. Actually, at a restaurant, this is a surefire way to make your neighbours retch uncontrollably.

Totally irrelevant if people around me would like it or not, as i really can't stand it. I would be too embarrassed to wear it outside anyway.

Definitely get a sample before you buy
08th August, 2011
Yatagan meets Habit Rouge? It starts out a bit like root beer, and almost seems like it will be bearable for the first few minutes until the superglue note appears in the early mid-notes, followed by fetid, moldy twigs. There isn't enough smoke to make it worthwhile compared to Declaration Essence, Havana, Tea for Two, etc. After about an hour, I decided to spray febreeze odor neutralizer spray on the spot I had dripped on my shirt. On cloth, it becomes sickly, feminine and intolerably sweet in the base, but on a piece of tissue it's a lot smokier. In both cases, however, it leaves oppressive vanilla on whatever it touches, including my fingertips, which is enormously frustrating. So in terms of putting it on cloth vs. other places, I'm damned if I do, and damned if I don't.

Philosophically, I hate the fact that the guy "hijacked" this climate and place, which I'm sure doesn't smell sweet at all, to make me associate it with a smell that's so sweet and overplayed I can't stand it. It actually invades my beloved mental archetype of the desert, and tries to corrupt it with a hideous and totally incorrect scent. Not only is it completely different from ambient desert smells (even imaginary ones), but I don't find it any more middle eastern than most other orientals; it's just more of the dreaded "old lady perfume". What a waste.
16th January, 2011
Sorry, this is simply musty and moldy... it completely escapes my nose what makes it a five star masterpiece. To the point - I would definitely not want to smell like this. Definitely sample first!
22nd June, 2010
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United States
Um, OK... I'm a midwestern girl and this opening smells just like the pig barn at the county fair. Seriously. Nevertheless I gave it a go to see what the dry down would be like. Three hours later I see it never leaves the barn, it just opens the windows to let a fresh breeze blow through. I know this scent has it's fans, but I'll keep walking.
27th February, 2010
Wow, do I feel out of step with all the terrific reviews this fragrance has received. At the very least, my body chemistry and L'Air du Desert Marocain do not like each other. At the top, I found the fragrance thoroughly oppressive and choking. My dinner date said I smelled like an old Christmas Tree on a hill of garbage. When the heart began to emerge, I began to notice the aroma of incense, but it was still unsettling and heavy. Finally, the fragrance began to settle down and the bottom projected a soft, pleasant, but ultimately forgettable spicy vanilla. This fragrance is unique and mighty powerful, but I highly recommend tracking down a sample before investing in an entire bottle.
17th January, 2010
This stuff is hugely overrated!
I bought a bottle based on the glowing reviews of LAdDM and boy was I in for a surprise! Tauer seems to have a common base for all his products and it just doesn't work for me, too harsh. That's not to say that I liked the topnotes either all I get is incense and... a turpentine like accord which others might call citrus. Not for me.
27th March, 2009
This is Dune with an Avignon drydown. I love the opening... a dry, not too sweet, citrus amber. But the moldy, damp basement smell that comes next really makes this one a scrubber for me.
22nd February, 2009
An unbearable, never ending, cloying sweet amber and vanilla that won't go away despite furious washing attemps.
01st January, 2009
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Revised notes.

Top: petitgrain, lemon, bergamot
Mid: coriander, cumin, jasmine, geranium, cistus (labdanum)
Base: bourbon vetiver, cedarwood, vetiver, vanilla, patchouli, amber

"L’Air du Desert Marocain" is a beautiful name! I wish the scent delivered on its promise. It comes close, but to my taste there is one element which wrecks it. VANILLA. Some like the note, I can't stand it when it makes its presence known. Sometimes it can be a very, very subtle background note, but it is prominent here.

The scent starts in a very promising way. Intriguing spices are haunting and peppery-dry. The wood notes are well done. I am starting to imagine the dry scirocco winds conveying the air of a distant bazaar.

Then the doggone vanilla bumbles in and, like an unwelcome guest, never entirely leaves. The good notes retreat into the background.
07th December, 2007 (last edited: 26th July, 2015)