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Negative Reviews of V pour Homme by Valentino

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A stunning example of the tragedy of modern perfumery:


A tad powdery, but not in the classic dandy barbershop fashion.

So faint I must bury my nose in it.

Soft and feminine.

Glad this one bit the dust, let this unicorn fly away.


14th January, 2020
V is for Very sweet or Very synthetic. There's not too many fragrances that I have to wash off, but this was one of them. The opening is unbearably synthetic and tooth ache sweet. There are some other notes in there that I like, but they're covered by this cotton candy sweetness that make them smell really odd. This is an oriental in the same vein as Givenchy PI, but PI is superior to this. Don't waste your time or money on this one unless you absolutely love super sweet fragrances.
03rd March, 2013
A very sweet and linear fragrance, with a tasty fruity opening, resembling strawberries (too synthetic by the way). Over time the scent will lose a bit of it's fruit chord, giving space to amber and vanilla.
21st August, 2011
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All of the notes blend together to create some weird concoction that smells precisely like cotton candy with vanilla poured on top. I applied two sprays and by the time I got home from work I couldn't wait to wash it off and change clothes. A very linear fragrance to my nose. I just didn't care for it.
17th August, 2008 (last edited: 28th January, 2011)
It smells like Old Grandad, not the bourbon, but old grandad. Add some Black XS if you want to smell middle-aged.
25th July, 2008