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Neutral Reviews of V pour Homme by Valentino

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This is not big on originality- it's basically a rip-off of Mugler's ANGEL, one of the truly unique feminine perfumes in its intense blend of sweet berries (dewberry, strawberry, coconut, honey), chocolate-like Patchouli and a jasmine, rose, orchid heart.

V Pour Homme is amazingly similar, and came out exactly 14 years after ANGEL (1992), after many derivative scents had been created, a number of them by Mugler himself.

If you want the real thing, stick with ANGEL, not this copycat.
13th September, 2012
This is a very incense heavy fragrance. To me it also has hints of lavender. It also seems to last fairly well. It is what I consider to be a "Darker" version of Eternity by Calvin Klein. This is a scent that I like. I don't wear it often as I have to be in the mood for it and that isn't too often. While it does have some originality to it, it's not a very memorable fragrance.
23rd March, 2012
A warm, brandy opening laced with spun sugar, that rapidly transforms into a mysterious, masculine, after dark aroma of smooth woody sweetness with a noticeably synthetic tone.
16th October, 2011
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Remember when the Little Rascals would stack up on each others' shoulders and put on a long coat and slacks to try to pass themselves off as an adult?
V pour Homme makes me think of basil-flavored cotton candy with pink pepper ground on top instead of sprinkles, like a weird neuveau-chic savory treat. Like an intrepid child's best impersonation of a classy, romantic grown up.
05th January, 2011
Now discontinued and pretty hard to find is V pH. A very "love/hate" fragrance to say the least. Pink pepper is the dominating note in the opening to me, and actually bares a very strong resemblance to A*Men: Taste of Fragrance. Pink pepper, and gummy bears. The sweetness from the vanilla is pretty beast, and it kind of unbalances this one. It goes from spicy to sweet, to spicy, to sweet. There's incense in the background, and other unique spices (I get a sort of cumin or curry note). Longevity could be better.. I get around 4 hours usually. Projection is well throughout.

Usually I write off unbalanced fragrances like these, but there's something appealing about this one. Also gets me a lot of compliments.
16th August, 2010 (last edited: 11th April, 2013)
I liked it first when I bought it, but have now lost interest in it. I guess you could call it a boring frag.
17th March, 2010
I entirely agree with Joshaugustt: no lasting power at all... My skin fault? And plus: I don't understand this stuff, I weare it from time to time trying to understand and like it - no way! Oriental? Spicy? Vanilla? V? What? Don't know what to do with the amount left in the bottle...!!!:-/
04th December, 2008
Holy COW it's sweet! Liquid cotton candy. Starts sweet and dries down sweet. Whew! Not bad - synthetic but smooth. Use very sparingly.
10th September, 2008
It's not that this is a bad, new cologne...there's just nothing much to it. And it has almost NO lasting power. It is a fresh, woody, marine scent...but then what isn't! It just doesn't stand out as unique or different.
17th June, 2006