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stunning masculine fragrance with predominant notes of pepper cacao patchouli while vanila and woods tickle at the back .green sweet gourmand definitely among top 20.
02nd February, 2018
Nice opening… citrus, fruity, a touch of green and a touch of pink pepper. There is a suggestion of synthetic ambiance that doesn’t interfere with the enjoyment of it… Quite enjoyable in a sweet, contemporary, youthful way. The opening exhibits decent sillage and a very nice longevity, too. The sweetness makes way for a neutral floral that takes control of the heart notes: Simple, soft, textured, not overly sweet, and not flowery. V Valentino’s base is a soft, complex multi-note affair that is not at all original, but is done quite well. Too bad it’s discontinued.
17th November, 2017
Powdery sweet with some spiciness in the opening. Wife said I was "wearing one of the smokey ones" when she smelled it but I don't really get smoke, so must be the spice. Later, the drydown is warm, woody vanilla.

Projection is decent. I'd say this is versatile for an occasion but leans more towards a cold weather scent for me.

The spicy top lasts for about an hour. The soft drydown lasts all work day.

01st June, 2017
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This masculine scent aims at mysterious,sophisticated and urban men who radiate charisma and modern is the fragrance that you might love if you are into oriental scents,emitting a confident, reassuring affection that is royal,yet accessible. sensual and romanatic at the same time. so sweet but in a nice way.

The composition is warm and opens with spicy notes of pink pepper,tamarind and bergamot. woody notes of sandalwood and cedar form the heart of the fragrance together with flowers of jasmine and the dry down the intense and depth of amber,vanilla and cacao bring a sweet sensual trail which envelops the fragrance with its warm and captivating tones.a great scent for a cold evening.


Longevity?Great on my skin.

24th June, 2015
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Orange and bergamot are nicely balanced by a gentle pepper contrast. Green and floral notes are added innthe middle phase, which is a tad flat and dull, but this scents really starts to shine in the base, with ambrette, sandal, cumin and a delicious mild and not-too-sweet tonka combined with a light white musk. This is a delightful base that commences about five hours into the development on my skin. The base notes very gradually fade out over many hours and always retain their beautiful balance. Silage and projection are good, and the overall longevity is exceptional at about thirteen hours, confirming a positive score in spite of the weaker middle phase. Great in spring or autumn or even warmer winter days.
09th May, 2014
drseid Show all reviews
United States
Another Winner From Valentino

V pour Homme opens with a sweet mild pink pepper-laced slightly fruity cotton candy accord with faint underlying traces of cedarwood support. As the progression moves to the early heart the cotton candy-like sweetness dies down but remains as the cedar grows into co-star as an almond and vanilla-like powdery heliotrope joins a relatively clean, sweet jasmine and patchouli tandem in support. As the fragrance enters the late dry-down the cedar continues now as the sole star, with the candy-like sweetness finally evaporating, allowing dry vanilla and light musk from the base to finally shine through. Projection is slightly below average but much more than a skin scent and longevity is average at 7-9 hours on skin.

V pour Homme on first glance should not appeal to me. It is relatively sweet for most of its development and it has a modern style that I tend not to gravitate towards. That said, while I can't entirely explain my enjoyment of the fragrance, enjoy it I do. Something about the mixing of the nicely done cedarwood and what I can only describe as sweet cotton candy (as the notes it is derived from elude me) just works here and displays very good balance throughout. The powder mentioned in the development section of the review is far from problematic to the powder-averse like myself, as it is kept very well in-check, displaying just the faintest sheen from the heart through the finish. The bottom line is the regrettably discontinued V pour Homme is going to set you back about $200 nowadays for a 100ml bottle on the after-market and that is not an easy sell, but price aside the composition is yet another winner from the house of Valentino that earns a "very good" to "excellent" rating of 3.5 to 4 stars out of 5. My advice to non-collectors is to stick to the 2 ml sample vials that still can be bought in bulk on eBay for about $1-2 a piece in volume.

Pros: The cedarwood note used here is excellent and meshes with the sweetness quite well.
Cons: Muted projection, sky-high aftermarket prices and sweetness that could be too much for some.
25th August, 2013 (last edited: 13th December, 2013)
nyguy Show all reviews
United States
Amazing compliment getter

Yeah it's overly sweet but it's MILES better than Dior Homme Intense. This has a manly sweet behind it, smooth vanilla dry down. Something to wear when you feel amazing and successful. Projects and gets you noticed. Smell it...if you appreciate a good fragrance, you'll try and get your hands on it!! Too bad it's sad.

27th May, 2013
After receiving a sample during the Christmas holidays. I had to go get a bottle. The ingredients are blended well. I love wearing this during the winter I feel like a millionaire when I put this on.
13th April, 2013
Delicious spicy french oriental fragrance. Very comfortable and well blended. Pepper is in the right amount and the cacao note gives an edge to this fragrance.
Lasting power is great, same with projection and sillage. Definitely worth it.
02nd November, 2012 (last edited: 06th March, 2013)
Who would knew that a candy smell can hide so much behind it?
Sweet and aromatic right from the beginning, peppery and woody in the heart, gourmand and flowery at drydown, everything packed very well with a very dry overall feeling that let no space to become cloying or boring over time.
A complex fragrance that blends beautifully with my dry skin, a pleasure to wear in cold weather. In my wanted list for sure. My rank 8.6/10.
08th November, 2011
It start's out sweet,but then becomes a very warm sexy romantic scent. I would especially recommend for a romantic evening with your girlfriend or wife. I highly recommend this fragrance.
23rd May, 2010
A nice, clean, masculine vanilla floral. Not overpowering. Very quiet, pleasant scent...if you want to go for something good, but understated. I'd recommend for any time of the year/any occasion.
05th May, 2010
Slightly dark and slightly tart at first. Maybe its the mace? Very nice oriental that one could easily wear in the summer months because it's so light but it still holds its own in the winter months. I wasn't sure about this one at first but it is now my second top favorite. (Nothing has yet to top Chanel's Allure Homme Sport!)

Numerous compliments on this from the ladies and my fiancee gets annoyed when I wear this out because the other ladies pay so much attention to me. (I'm reminded of one incident when a woman as on the down-wind side of me some 50 feet away and came racing up to me to ask what I was wearing. My fiancee was not amused..haha)
27th April, 2010
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Very unique and rich fragrance. I even wear it to sleep, because it is very comfortable and relaxing. I find it similar to 1 million, but in a less invasive way. perfect for date...
22nd April, 2010
Very nice sweet and cotton candy as everybody says,girls love it cause its very sweet without being cloying (in cool weather) and has a sweet thick wood masculinity!
not for summer.
01st March, 2010
tanto Show all reviews
United States
Despite the many negative reviews, I do like this fragrance. Yes, it starts off sweet but the dry down is very pleasing. On me, it lasts a long time. It has some "cotton candyness" to it but also some amber, vanilla, and some soft oriental notes. Actually, I like this frag in the summer, too. There's something about it that makes it very pleasing to smell and easy to wear. In other words, it is a "soft" fragrance and nothing cloying or harsh. Others have given me compliments whenever I wear V.
06th June, 2009
It is a very sexy sophisticated scent. It does not smell like a old person. It will make any female melt.
15th May, 2009
Really addictive! I picked this up with the deodorant and my girlfriend can't get enough of it, because she's a big fan of cotton candy. The first time I sprayed this on a card I couldn't stop sniffing it.

It's sweet, but it's classy. I definitely recommend trying it, however I realize that it won't be for everyone.
09th March, 2009
Tony T Show all reviews
United States
romantic as cupid. not an everyday frag but for special nights and occasions for cuddling and well you know. fall/winter. too heavy for warm weather.
26th August, 2008
I love it! Cotton candy sweetness with just the right amount of spicy cumin and cedar to make a delectable scent. Reminds me alot of Ambre De Cabochard - try that for a little more extreme notes.

A big thumbs up!
13th August, 2008
This is a refined vanilla with heavy woods that teeters on the herbal patchouli and incense-side. It even has an aquatic edge to it that I find unique. A romantic entourage of everything you need.
13th June, 2008 (last edited: 12th September, 2009)
The V must stand for vanilla here, as vanilla is the dominant note here. It starts with vanilla and citrus. The citrus fades and amber and woods emerge, but vanilla remains prominent. Quite sweet, and close to my tolerance limit for sweetness – but just below it. Sexy. I enjoy it.
19th May, 2008
This actually lasts extremely well on my boyfriend. It's warm and sweet, but masculine. It's not a "big" scent in terms of sillage and making people's heads turn from feet away. I'd say it's too sexy for work, perfect for dinner dates and events, too staid for clubs. I adore it and can't get enough when he wears it!
12th November, 2007
6.5 years later and I revisited this per chance. This is a tricky one, as it undulates between several notes: sweet, spicy, incense, woody and more. Requires a FULL day's wearing in the summer and winter to appreciate this one. It essentially is a bunch of fragrances all at once, like a 5 course meal presented at the same are bound to miss the good if you focus on the bad. Still thumbs up, now HIGHLY recommended.

V for Valentino...nothing special here. It seems like two unrelated fragrance sharing the same bottle. The is the ubiquitous oriental sharpness (think Hugo Boos Dark Blue, Vera Wang, etc) in the opening that quickly yields to what others have described as cotton candy and vanilla which is about right...I was thinking more along the lines of mixedberry sweetness.
I think the overall effect Valentino was going for here is strawberries and champagne in the most masculine way possible. The sweet aspect is never too much and the champagne aspect is never too much. It is a bit weird because it seems like it doesn't want to make up its mind as to what it is.
Nevertheless, it is a good frag, but not highly recommended IMHO. It is best for a tuxedo required event that you are not the center of attention.
09th July, 2007 (last edited: 03rd December, 2013)
jdnba Show all reviews
United States
i agree...cotton candy and vanilla...silage is terrible...smells nice while it lasts though.
10th June, 2007
For some weird reason, it reminds me of cotton candy with a bit of vanilla, and a touch of spice. The sillage is decent, the longevity terrible. However, I really do enjoy this scent.
24th April, 2007
The very alcoholic top becomes a very fresh and a not too original scent after a short while. The mace appears on the topnotes also, but it’s not too strong , wich is nice, in here, it kind of acts as a blending unit, almost like an aldehyde of sorts.
It’s a nice smell and it’s very masculine (Ungaro III –the new version- masculine) but it’s more for the more refined “new man” as people like to call it these days. I wanted to find more bad things on this one but it’s really not a bad one, so the only thing against it is that it blends with the crowd, and sometimes that is a good thing also.
It has a warmer, sweeter (think soft vanilla fumes: sometimes it wants to try very hard to be Jaïpur Homme, but it never ever gets there) base that goes soft on the woods as well and looses that typical-in-man’s scents leather note there to become more of an amber-infused base that creates the most interesting part of the scent.
I rather like it. It has also a professional tone to it that’s very attractive too. So I’d say it’s versatile, but a bit boring (but not YSL’s L’Homme boring).
10th February, 2007
Its beena while since I have found a mass market designer fragrance I could live with. This one does more than that. It comes on warm and spicy, then settles into a spicy sharpness that is very pleasant - but strong. Not in the knock you down since, but more in the aura it presents. My wife said this one made her knees quiver.
I am normally into high quality niche fragrances like creed and bond, etc. But this one will be a nice change of pace for the cooler months when I want to save my coins and not use up the expensive stuff! Nice job Valentino!
02nd February, 2007
I agree with the first post. It is a great smooth smell but doesn't last long so you'd better bring the bottle with you! The "smooth" scents predominate, even in the drydown: vanilla-cedarwood-sandalwood-jasmine. I give it thumbs up because I don't believe the lasting power on a cologne, no matter how short, takes away from a good scent. C'mon people, some lighter smells just can't be loaded to stay on forever, plus it lasts differently on everyone.
17th October, 2006