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I like the smell of Double Black better than original Polo Black, but the performance is pretty weak. Masculine but soft and fruity with a fun mango note. Feels pretty versatile and will probably be a summer only scent for me to help with performance.

It only projects a little in the opening. Then it's a skin scent for a few hours.
05th February, 2018
I love Polo Double Black. Would describe it as a modern masculine fragrance. Reminds me of the strong cologne fragrance in the men's department at Bergners department store. Probably a date night cologne.
22nd January, 2017
This is a decent vanilla and spice fragrance in the drydown. It begins loudly with a blast of citrus-like notes, and then settles into a creamy haze. I do not detect any mango. I had higher expectations given the variety of ingredients. In addition to not being a showstopper, Double Black doesn't last past three hours on me, which is annoying, and would have been a reason for not purchasing had I known at the outset. Overall, it's a pleasant office and casual fragrance. One can do worse. Perhaps I should go a bit heavier on the trigger to enjoy its entire panoply of alleged ingredients. Or I can give it to my brother who would otherwise never purchase cologne.
01st January, 2017
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Fabulous rework of Polo Black. Double Black is classy, shimmering with a pleasant incense quality, and elicits compliments. I get a comforting and confident feel sniffing this even after several hours of wear. Has a slight resemblance to A*Men (esp. with the coffee note), though it's much less sweet and more spicy. Heart thumbs up!! ;^>

20th December, 2016
Love the complexity of the fragrance and originality. From the moment I got a sample I knew I needed a bigger bottle. Though I do have some heavy hitters in my line-up I always like pulling this one out as a pinch hitter just to mix things up.
12th December, 2016

Polo Double Black is stronger and more masculine than Polo my opinion the best from POLO is sweet and spicy but suitable when wear and fantastic if you are tired of laxurious scent!

Powerful at first spray.The top notes is spectacular i also love mango in makes me feel beautiful and quite long lasting on my skin.not a scent for an ordinary,suitable for a men mysterious(between 30/40 years old)in cold days.

When i wore this nice classic RL i always got compliments from both men and women! Anyway if you lover of different,spicy scents you can enjoy this cologne.

Bravo RL.

15th May, 2015
Was given a sample with a recent purchase, so I gave it a try.

Double Black is a nice scent, but is too strong and sweet for my liking. The mango is powerful sweet and the juniper berry and spices in the drydown last a long, long time. I agree with other reviewers in that I detect zero coffee in this. While I like both of the fruit notes, this one just isn't right for me. DB would be perfect for a 20 something male, who wanted to go clubing and meet 20 something females.

DB's a nice fragrance that isn't in your face offensive, so neutral.
16th March, 2015
I once had a girlfriend stand with her face buried in my chest for like 60 seconds. We had only been dating a few weeks and I was confused by this. After a while I asked her if everything was okay, thinking that maybe she was crying, and she said she was just smelling me. She stuck her face back into my coat.

She was smelling this cologne. I cannot recall where we were in the daily lifespan of this cologne, but I'm sure it was somewhere in the dry-down. Just as everyone else states, this starts w mango and pepper and coffee, and then loses some of the mango about 45 minutes in. I do enjoy wearing this -- maybe because I love coffee? -- but the sillage and longetivity are not the best. Also, it isn't the most complex scent out there. It seems best suited to evening wear.

Lately I've been adding a spritz of Polo Green underneath this to add a little something extra. It adds the green woods smell to the front of the Double Black mango-pepper scent, and then on the back end it adds some much needed leather and some patchouli to the Double Black's coffee and remaining mango. It really produces something more well rounded and complex in my humble opinion.
28th December, 2014
Genre: Woody Oriental

The excessively sweet and unpleasantly chemical fruit note that launches Polo Double Black is more tenacious than I’d like, persisting as a core component of the scent’s spiced and sugared heart. A cluster of gourmand cues and a patchouli base note align Double Black somewhat with Angel, but Double Black is both watered down and freshened up by comparison. The artificial fruit, nutmeg, and bland woods feel cheap and generic – more appropriate in depth and quality to a shampoo than to a personal fragrance. For all the crassness of its composition, Polo Double Black collapses quickly into a nondescript sweet woody skin scent. I can only presume that its enormous popularity stems from its sweetness (yummy for teenage girls, the cynics will say,) and its bland affability. Meh.
23rd June, 2014
I thought I had reviewed Double Black at least two years ago but there was nothing here. I never would have noticed if the wardrobe random selection function had not bugged out and selected this for me to wear today four times in a row.
I wish Double Black was better, but as it is this is one of my favorites in the Polo arsenal, falling just short of the original Green and the vintage version of Safari. I love coffee scents but in recent years they've become rather trite, or they will list coffee and produce nothing of the sort (do you hear me, CK Free!?). DB is certainly a coffee scent, with the oft-mentioned mango and pepper sharing the spotlight. There is really little else going on besides that. It's invitingly sweet without being bothersome, is polite enough to wear to work, and while it is linear to the point of boredom it is a pleasant, simple affair. I really like this one because it seems like an attempt to modernize L'Eau du Navigateur (one of the two best coffee scents I've worn) and because LdN is becoming so difficult to find I must give Polo props for bringing back the 'coffee pirate' genre. Now if only they'd make a Triple Black and stick some nice, dirty leather in there.
For those looking for a coffee gourmand along the lines of Rochas Man that won't stifle a room on hotter days.
03rd April, 2014
Very good fragrance with a sophisticated scent .. stays on your skin.. very subtle .. good for office settings
lacks projection and longevity. 5-8 sprays on my skin.Overall I love it.
14th February, 2014
Being Black Ain't Easy

This is a conservative fragrance. I know many reps who use this as their fragrance of choice because of that fact. It doesn't project much and is a very safe scent.

You first get a blast of mango, which tapers down to an oriental/citrus mix. It makes me feel clean and classy based on the notes.

I have worn this for about two years and have never gotten compliments, but then again, it is a safe fragrance that doesn't project at all.

I get about 4-6 hours of use from this fragrance.

Pros: Pleasant Scent, Professional
Cons: Name is misleading, Spotty Longevity"

08th October, 2013
A misnaomer, but not bad

Double Black? That implies, at the very least, richness, intensity or something of the night. This really is a nice tropical fragrance with a bit of wood and pepper. Easy, not challenging, butcompetent. Nothing wrong with this, but nothing thrilling either. An easy to wear summer fragrance with a wee bit of depth. Good longevity on my skin.

18th July, 2013
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This is a great fragrance. To all of the people saying it doesn't last long, well, you're wrong. This cologne last me 10 hours. The top and middle notes on this cologne is very nice. There are 2 phases to this cologne. When you first spray it on, it smells like spicy mangoes. The second phase will last the longest and it is a very pleasant. It is a very mild smell of the first phase and will also smell like roasted coffee. All I need for this cologne is 2 on the neck and 1 on the chest.
22nd February, 2013
The top and mid notes are so well done and quite enjoyable! The dry-down gives me coffee and a sweet woodsy pipe-tobacco vibe. The base notes are harder for me to find because this version fades a bit prematurely and does not last as long as Polo Black on my skin which is disappointing (but hey maybe its called "double" because you need twice as much ;).... Overall, a great fragrance that can be worn year-round but if Ralph Lauren could extend the longevity a tad they would have an amazing must-buy fragrance that would be near perfection!
05th January, 2013 (last edited: 22nd January, 2013)
I cant really get the edt of this and was wondering if the aftershave can be a good aftershave.that appears to be readily available.
It's a really nice smelling fragrance and with longevity issues I am wondering if the aftershave can hold
02nd November, 2012
For a polo frag, I would have to give this a thumbs down. I just expected more out of this one. I would buy Polo Sport before buying this one. Very synthetic. Polo should be ashamed to come out with this. If any frag you decide to discontinue, please make it this one!
03rd October, 2012
Confusing CV. Have no idea why Ellen Molner thought that Mango, Roasted Coffee and Rich woods would add up to magic. Maybe breakfast in the Amazon? This kind of fragrance is in a long line of Polo frags that started popping up in the 90's to bring the Ralph Lauren brand down the lowest common denominator in men's fragrances. In other words, it won't challenge your tastes and bores me senseless. Double down and DON'T buy DB. It's hideous.
24th September, 2012
Dominant notes of sweetened java and dark woods define the mood of Polo Double Black, encompassing its wearer with the stale odor of a habitual coffee drinker's bad breath.
31st July, 2012 (last edited: 11th August, 2012)
Polo Double Black by Ralph Lauren - This pleasant, woody and oriental fragrance opens with a splatter of beautiful mango, lightly seasoned by pepper. This tropical fruity vibe is short-lived, and transitions rather quickly to the awaiting heart. The enjoyable middle has a sweet and soft, roasted coffee note, with the added warmth of nutmeg. A twinkling of juniper berry announces the enveloping base with its spicy cardamon and dry woods. The composition is well blended, and, at times, subtle. Albeit a very enjoyable experience, the longevity and projection are both lacking.
14th November, 2011
I had mentally pitted this against Armani Code since I bought them at the same time, and had nearly forgotten both. By comparison, this starts out as a stronger, nuttier wood with mango. Very soon the initial spices lose some of their sweetness and become greener and dustier. It's surprisingly dry, both in the sense of not sweet (for a gourmand!) and in its aura of fallen autumn leaves, or a well-executed christmas scented candle; I think this is how my brain is dealing with the hint of coffee. Even though it has some of the usual Ralph Lauren super-synthetic character, it's much less overbearing and more convincingly real than most of their others. It weakens quite a bit by the end, actually falling behind the strength of Code's base notes. Still, the vague nutty wood carries through to the end, and I'm optimistic that with a proper wearing it would remain present but translucent. One of their best, by a wide margin, and surprisingly unique.
26th June, 2011
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United Kingdom
Oh yes... I like this one. The opening of fresh, sweet mango with pepper is quite unique and the combination really works well. The middle notes - to me - are not over prominent, but they too work oh so well. The rich, woody base adds an overall depth and quality to Double Black.
I agree with previous comments that longevity could be better, but projection is just right. I've received compliments when I've worn this one, and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it. In my opinion, this could be worn year round, night or day.
13th May, 2011
Can't give it a thumbs up due to the longevity (projection is not horrible though) and due to the mid and base notes. After the top notes fade (which are by far the best part with a nice mango accord) the fragrance gets worse and i lose interest. that was really a disappointment, but oh well. safe and good for a summer night.
26th March, 2011
Cloying fruity coffee juice. An exotic, pronounced, synthetic whiff of mango slides towards a peppery, spicy, woody aroma of coffee. I detect a strong note of syrupy nutmeg and find it too warm and onedimensional without being me able to perceive any trace of boldness despite the dark patchouli placed on the base. It's hard to find out class and distinction in it. I wish it had been less fruity and a bit fresher and crisper to appreciate it better. I use  to detect an hint of cut off freshness as well as the top notes have faded away. Usually I tend to accept the chemical insertions in parfumery but this scent smells too synthetic in its excess of fruity warmth coffee flavoured. The dosage (and the combinations- with further elements) of the coffee (basically dark coffee) is not proper of a gourmand fragrance but it should have been better the type of aroma to be projected in a more fresh and dry type of texture. Longevity and projection are very faint on my skin and also on this path the scent is a disappointment. Very nice bottle.
25th February, 2011 (last edited: 12th January, 2014)
I like this cologne. It has two phases. Initial phase which is different from its dry down phase. The initial part lasts 1-4 hours on your skin. The drydown lasts around 10 to 12 hours Keep in mind the drydown is completely different than the original scent.

That being said, I love both the initial and drydown scent. My main qualm is that it does not project after about

Starts out mangoey with peppers to an extent. Dries down to a warm woodsy scent.
22nd February, 2011
As of right now, if you're reading other reviews, STOP now. Stop reading all the reviews, and discard the ones you've read. This is the review for this fragrance.

Trust me, I own over 300 full bottles, I own hundreds of decants and samples, my room looks like a Sephora. all of those fragrances, Polo Double Black is BY FAR my most worn. Not just in the cooler months, in every month. It's irresistibly sexy. It probably shouldn't be worn in warmer months, but I still do.

Now I do tend to overspray, typically 10 sprays at a time. It never gets cloying although it is sweet. The combination I get is mango and coffee, under a creamy vanilla base, with a hint of woods and pepper. How can anyone not like that?? The coffee note is creamy - think Rochas Man, or Play Intense, not Pure Coffee which is much more dark, robust. As it dries it has this weird synthetic "cotton" smelling undertone. Synthetic in a good way though. The unmistakable DNA of this fragrance. I get it a little bit from the original Black as well.

Unfortunately performance is an issue for me. I tend to get 2-3 hours out of this one. That's likely why I go through bottles of this like water.

You want a sexy designer date scent. Listen to me guys, screw La Nuit, screw Le Male, and screw The One.. this is the be all - end all for an intimate and alluring dating frag. Best of all, you won't smell like anybody, because hardly anyone wears this. It had a brief moment of fame when it came out, I know because I worked at Macy's at that time. Sadly it's becoming scarce and harder to find, which makes me think it won't be around much longer, which is a shame.

There is nothing on the market even remotely close to this, not niche or designer. Polo Black is the closest thing, and this is still much different. Much more dark, sensual, and intimate.

The bottle is exquisite and alluring. Before trying it you look at the bottle and think. Is this a dark scent? Well.. by niche standards no way.. by designer, maybe.. sorta. Does dark always have to be dirty or earthy? Can dark be a gourmand? Then this one is a dark gourmand, but because it's designer and designed to appeal to the masses, it may not come off that way to everyone.

If you get this, you're gonna wanna get decant atomizers to bring this along with you for reapplying, unless you wanna carry a whole bottle in your pocket. It's one of the few fragrances I would pay full price for, and that I condone and recommend despite its flaws. It's really good stuff.. take my word.
19th February, 2011 (last edited: 04th March, 2018)
When I use the Double Black I expect that is warmer and stronger than Black, but it is not. No sign of Black not only its name is used, I think RL in the selected name is in trouble! Thin, weak and boring and worst of all that is vomiting. Ralph Lauren never not surprise me and I can say that only the Polo from among those I love.

15th February, 2011
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United States
This smells exactly like WD40
28th January, 2011
Got this cologne from a girl's recommendation. Glad I did. It starts off with a peppery mango scent, then drys down to coffee & nutmeg. I blind bought this a few years ago and I'm glad I did. IMO, good for work and play. Three sprays is enough for me for work. Four if I want it to last from morning to the end of the night.

Armani Code reminds me of this scent. I like this more than Code though. Double Black is more multi-dimensional than Code.
26th January, 2011
This is a nice mango based scent that combines sweetness with pepper. Think of a fresh mango with black pepper being sprinkled on top. I enjoy this one.

My rating
Scent- B+
Longevity- C+
Projection- B
versatility- B
Compliments- B
Overall- B

Pros- A nice scent that combines sweetness of mango with black pepper.
Cons- Spotty longevity and projection with some people. Not the cheapest fragrance.
08th January, 2011