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Sweet and Succulent; Ruby Lips is a blast of juice
coursing though your taste buds opens with Tangy
and ripe Yuzu wet crisp and juicy green apples
adds freshness Red Current sinfully sexy and full
of flavor; Orchid faint at first slowly steeps though
the senses like sin of temptation consumes the soul
Rose makes a shy hostess a floral so innocent that doesn't belong in this house of primal sexiness
The Basenote finishing turns sweet with a Vanilla
Gourmand drydown fiery Sandalwood adds a woody
accord Patchouli dries to a grounded finish
R.L Is a delicious scent but sadly it has no strong
13th March, 2011
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United Kingdom
I must say I really don't get this very sweet smell others describe. I get a close to the skin fruity/musk which could easily be unisex. Has a sharp(ish)/sweet(ish) fruity tang that appears to last all the way through. Very understated fragrance and a new favourite of mine!
27th June, 2010
Not a single "thumbs up" for Rubylips yet - I must change that immediately! This is a joyful beautiful frag, well done, the best of Dali´s perfumes avaliable right now, at least in my oppinion. - Maybee it is because of our different skin-chemistrys it appears different on us. Rubylips doas not comes out very sweet on my skin, even if very many frags are developing sweetnes on me. Red fruits, lovely drydown, medium staying power. Truly lovely bottle, the smallest perfect for the handbag. I am one of the lucky ones who wears this well! Try it before getting it!
16th May, 2008
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