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Neutral Reviews of Mintea by Masak´ Matsush´ma

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The top notes are great, a fruity-curried accord reminding me of the much more obscure and expensive Fougere Bengale or Marquis de Sade. I'd say it contains immortelle, but immortelle is usually a long-lasting note, and this vanishes in a few minutes, leaving a pallid aquatic citrus that's quite unremarkable, gradually fading to a vetiver-lite base. Also, I don't like mint, but if you're expecting it here, prepare to be disappointed. Neat bottle, though!
04th August, 2009
MAT; throws us another fragrance masquerading under a deceptive name. Awful lot of citrus, not so much mint. Dries down to something resembling EdC. Good scent for the squeaky-clean-scent types, and lasted longer than I thought.
01st January, 2009