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United Kingdom
Avoiding arguments with previous orators whos nostrils seem to be well developed just for very few notes will go straight to Mintea.
I grown up spending summer vacations at my Grandma's house in the countryside. Her kitchen would be considered as a "witch house" for modern people who spend all life in cities. It was full of hanging dry herbs, dry flowers, some for medicinal purposes, some for cup of tea.
THe teapot was always full of freshly brewed tea which also had at least 15-20 of different ingredients in it. So yeah..I love weird apothecary fragrances.

Mintea is a professional healer in times of depression or when you have got a flu. Its very compassionate fragrance, despite having good ammount of green tea notes it doesnt remind me Green Tea by Elizabeth Arden, - no watery consistence at all. There is no lemon or watermelon to me as well. Its spicy, warm and soothing accord of juniper berries from the beginning which sink slowly into musky base of mahagony and touching you by soft lotus with reed. The most unusual composition so far, very japanese, and still its so familiar and natural to all my senses.

MY cup of tea

05th February, 2014 (last edited: 14th May, 2014)
The top notes are great, a fruity-curried accord reminding me of the much more obscure and expensive Fougere Bengale or Marquis de Sade. I'd say it contains immortelle, but immortelle is usually a long-lasting note, and this vanishes in a few minutes, leaving a pallid aquatic citrus that's quite unremarkable, gradually fading to a vetiver-lite base. Also, I don't like mint, but if you're expecting it here, prepare to be disappointed. Neat bottle, though!
04th August, 2009
MAT; throws us another fragrance masquerading under a deceptive name. Awful lot of citrus, not so much mint. Dries down to something resembling EdC. Good scent for the squeaky-clean-scent types, and lasted longer than I thought.
01st January, 2009
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For the money, Guerlain's Herba Fresca is the better mint fragrance.
05th December, 2008