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Vanilla heaven or hell … depends on how much you love/hate vanilla!
This is a simple but at the same time very sensual and yummy fragrance based and mostly dominated by vanilla so if you don’t like vanilla, stay away!

Right off the bat and after spraying it on your skin you will get hit by strong and at the same time smooth blast of vanilla with some green and slightly peppery notes. vanilla here is warm and sweet but in creamy way and that green and slightly bitter smell in the background helps to balance the sweetness of vanilla perfectly. best thing to describe vanilla smell in this fragrance would be vanilla ice-cream. It’s a little sweeter than vanilla ice-cream but it has a mellow and smooth vanilla which isn’t potent and overly sweet.

After a few minutes and when things starting to smooth down a beautiful and mellow white floral kind of smell shows up that beside vanilla and that green smell adds more character and beauty to the scent. as time passes by more that bitter green and slightly bitter feeling at the opening starts to get bolder and stronger and creates a strong bitter green and kind of an aromatic scent with some peppery aura that pushes vanilla in the background for couple of hours. the mid is a bitter, aromatic and green smell mixed with creamy sweet vanilla and some floral notes that they also have mellow powdery feel as well but not too much.

In the base again vanilla comes in front while it gets sweeter from previous parts and that bitter feeling goes in the background. it’s a lovely vanilla based fragrance but since it’s a linear and long lasting fragrance you may get bored! be aware of that! projection is very good but not in your face and very harsh and longevity is around 10-12 hours on the skin. it’s a cold weather fragrance so don’t even think of using it in spring and summer or even warm fall days!
02nd December, 2016
Genre: Oriental Floral

With a Base Note of Vanilla and the added warmth of heliotrope, I can see how this fragrance is categorized as a gourmand by some people's nose.

On my body chemistry this fragrance has an encompassing tropical assault quality to it. It is primarily a floral, but with a heady, hedonistic, drugged emotional effect. Frangipani envelopes all levels of this fragrance to the point where the resultant blend would be best described as very ripe banana cocktail on a wood lounger surrounded with dewy flower petals.

I do not pick up any of the white tea in Amour. It could be that to my nose, it is drowned out by the florals. To me, this is not your typical Vanilla fragrance. If it were, I would not have picked it up. Nor would I call it creamy or milky. It does possess a deep warmth that builds and expands, Perhaps the rice steam contributes to this effect. Starchy, perhaps could describe it. Rice is not a note I have experienced in other fragrances.

This is not an easy fragrance to wear. I am still on the fence about it four years after buying it at Cancun airport during a vacation in the Mayan Riviera. My main genre is florals as that is the fragrance family that works best with my chemistry. Out of Kenzo's line, I chose this one. Kenzo Amour is not sweet, as in sugary or candy, what I would call Carnival smells. Nor does it bring up marzipan, in my opinion. I am not much of a fan of gourmands as a rule, so any obvious hit of vanilla or bakery is a no thanks.

My husband does enjoy an interesting gourmand fragrance. This was a spur of the moment, "maybe something for each of us" purchase. It is that, in a rather complicated way. I think it calls for a very specific personality or mood to carry it. I would call it, ripe and humid. Perhaps not an overly sophisticated fragrance, Amour is not an easy or simple one, either. That is where the charm and allure lies. It makes me think of a 1950s Hawaiian themed cocktail party around a pool in heels and sundress and a Mai Tai in my hand. On me it has a killer longevity 24+ hours. The sillage is influential.
06th November, 2016

KENZO AMOUR makes a statement without a saying a word,the statement would be,"I really scented!" surprisingly,this doesent smell as desperate as i thought it would,as i am not a big fan of KENZO perfumes,but i was pleasantly surprised with this one! It is truly a lovely scent.sensual yet camforting fragrance. Sweet,Powdery,Warm,Creamy, Romantic,Feminine and Indulgent.

Heliotrope and frangipani introduce the scent over a charming herat of cherry blossom and white tea infused by a sensuously smooth base of creamy amber and vanilla to give a fabulously sensuous and surprisingly delicate winner scent.Great for any vanilla scent lovers.In my opinion this is a Oriental Vanilla than a Floral Woody Musk.It has a familiar scent for me.

KENZO AMOUR is an poetically experience in the perfume world as i think it has a slice of that idyllic lifestyle.This EDP is so romantic and dreamy suitable for women of all is not too strong but people will notice nd remember you.great for Intimate occasions as well as daytime wear and definiyely for Autumn and Winter weather.


Longevity?Pretty Good on my skin.

24th April, 2015
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Kenzo Amour is really lovely, beautiful in fact.

I had actually imagined something stronger, more bold and heavy as Kenzo's interpretation of love, however this fragrance is flawless. Delicate and predominantly powdery, its subtlety is very likable.

I am a big fan of powdery fragrances as of late, especially powdery vanilla scents. There is something very feminine and comforting about them. Kenzo Amour's softness is pleasantly unobtrusive to both the wearer and the people around you.

While the vanilla and musk really do feature in this fragrance, other detectable notes, such as frangipani and Japanese cherry blossom, gives Kenzo Amour a somewhat exotic feel.

The overall result can be described as creamy and alluring. I disagree that this is just baby powder, I think it has far more substance than that. I really enjoyed wearing Kenzo Amour and I thought the lasting strength was simply outstanding. Another great Kenzo offering in my opinion.

30th June, 2011
Sprayed this on my hand at Bloomies the other day. REALLY could smell the cherry blossoms. Liked it alot but a bit too powdery for me. Nice though.
17th June, 2011
Starts out really sweet! But I found myself oddly fond of the spicy vanilla rice pudding drydown. This is smooth, comforting and warm, the smell of domestic bliss on a sunny winter's day. Some will find this cloying, particularly in the opening, but if you like sweet and warm you'll really enjoy this.
04th November, 2010
This was a blind buy for me. I'm a huge fan of Flower by Kenzo, so I figured this would be great as well; and I was right. I just adore the exotic vanilla notes in this. I own the 50ml EDT and I so wished I had opted for the EDP instead. The EDT on my skin vanishes after a couple hours and I'm constantly reapplying. Next time I'd definitely go for the EDP.
28th October, 2010
On me, this is a lovely oriental vanilla that lasts for hours. I love it and my daughter loves it.
20th September, 2010
This was my favourite scent, back before I was big into perfumes. I first happened across it just before boarding a flight home from Venice; I couldn't afford to buy it then and there, but I requested a bottle for Christmas. Santa was good to me that year! I eagerly doused myself in it - and promptly developed a terrible headache.

Of course, I did not immediately connect the headache with the perfume. It took a few more wears for me to make the leap. I've worn it ... maybe ten times, in all the years I've had the bottle, and I've been headache-less once. It's such a shame. I love the vanilla, the amber, the hints of spices. It's still one of my favourites, despite the lack of longevity; it lasts a bare three hours on my skin. The headache, unfortunately, sticks all day.

I didn't wear it for a number of years, but at the back end of 2009 I started to get into perfume seriously, and a 'fume pal told me she'd always found it "milky". Of course, I had to revisit it, and she is quite correct. It's milky, sweet, still spicy with vanilla underneath. I do love it. So thumbs up, because it's lovely, but a four-star rating for the pain!
17th June, 2010
At first sniff it seems tooth-achingly sweet but as the smoky vanilla and incense diffuse into the FlowerByKenzo-like floral layer, it feels like I'm in a dream sequence walking though a scented mist looking for something. A lost love perhaps? Or a nose plug, you say? Haha. Much like the ideals many of us hold about true love, I find KENZO AMOUR achingly beautiful.
06th November, 2009
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United States
I have the EdP and consider this "unisex." It's "linear" and well-blended but smells great; a dry, dusty/powdery vanillic incense/sandalwood concoction. Sillage is at least good and longevity is excellent. I guess if you want "development," look elsewhere. Barbara Bui is similar to this, but I find it much harsher. Amour is strong but there are no "sharp edges." Also, there's very little sweetness here, unlike so many of today's fragrances. I can see why some might say this has a "synthetic" quality, but unlike others that I don't like for that reason, I find that after a short while I get used to this quality and it doesn't bother me at all. I only wear it about a once a month, so that may have something to do with how I feel about it, because if I wore it every day I might come to dislike it.
22nd August, 2009
Kenzo Amour is indeed very comforting. Im not usually a fan of gourmands, but the vanilla in this is subtle and the sweetness is balanced by the incense and woods. Ive had quite a few compliments on this, and I like to put some on before I go to bed, especially in the winter.

I have also layered it with Bulgari Black, to accentuate the vanilla-amber drydown of Black, and they were lovely together.
08th August, 2009
mmmmmm, the sexiest, bad girl rendition
don't read into that too much. if you remember the scent of play-doh, this is a grown up, tres-sexy version of our gooey little friend
20th June, 2009
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Incense and musk and everything nice! Another beautiful creation from Kenzo. So unisex that I hope I'd not see Kenzo Amour pour homme. I amour (love) this very much.
12th April, 2009
New to this - first post
Tasty! are my first thoughts. Very strong vanilla notes from top to base. Smokey and powdery and slightly floral. I bought this frag online before trying - as soon as i tried it i fell in love! Quite unique, a very warm and comforting scent. I gave myself a spray before sleep. I felt like i was floating in ice cream clouds... - warning -overuse and you'll smell of Christmas pudding and rum butter. Best uses, cool summer days or warm summer nights IMO. Great sillage and longlivety(5-8hours), decent price, keen to get Flower/Oriental next!
02nd December, 2008
Tovah's description (below) is lovely. If you could bottle your first love, this is it. It's warm, sensual and enveloping. Kenzo perfumes are so incredible, they're like bottled emotions. I don't know anything that smells like this one. I love Amour.
01st December, 2008
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United States
KenzoAmour is a delicate, sweet, gentle fragrance. It is tender, and serene, and feels like that incomparable first love. It smells like cool white tea with floating plumeria blossoms and vanilla pods, set upon a bamboo table, with powdery incense burning, as the sun sets. It's sensual, calm, and evokes a sanctuary, with the timeless emotion of a lover's embrace.
24th July, 2008
I'm not all that familiar with Kenzo fragrances. Kenzo Amour is a powdery sweet vanilla. At first, it comes off as an ultra feminine take on Bulgari Black. The vanilla powder has a certain "smokiness". I quite like it! It's not like anything else in my collection. Also resembling Montale's Sweet Oriental Dream - this Kenzo is extremely wearable and much preferred to the Montale. The balance is incredible, I don't get overwhelmed with any of the notes. If I could choose one word to describe this scent it would be 'harmony'.
25th April, 2008
This is so beautiful. It really is "Amour" to me. It is such a calming and comfortable scent. It is warm and sensual and not overdone. It is fabulous. I don't think I have met a Kenzo that I didn't like. So far I own Flower, Flower Oriental, and now Amour, and I will eventual buy Jungle Elephant (that is heady and wonderful!)
09th January, 2008
I have come to appreciate gourmands, and this is one of my favs. It is not sophisticated, it is not perfumy. Instead, it is soft, delicate and delicious vanillaic, like angel food cake or something. I bought it for my wife and she enjoys it as much as I do. If you love (not just like) vanilla, you should try this. Works best on a summer day or an errand Saturday in the spring. Well done.
02nd December, 2007
I got a sample of this and I was pleasantly surprised by the smell, Flower is one of those smells I really hate. I don't know what it is that makes me hate it, but I had the same with Eden from Cacharel. There's something in those perfumes that really makes me feel sick and want to run as far away from it as I can. Hypnôse gives me a little bit of that feeling. And believe me, I can stand lots of smells... .
I like Kenzoamour maybe because it's so serene. When you're with lots of people together and with little children, sometimes you just don't want to be noticed by your perfume. This gives me a calm, cousy feeling, ideal for a cold winter's day or evening.
06th December, 2006
I never liked Flower by Kenzo, I find it offensive even and it makes me sneezy. I'm a person who just doesn't do flowery scents that well. But cover me in a scent that has less flowers in it and more gourmande notes and fruit and I bring out the notes perfectly, espcially vanilla.
I like Kenzo Amour a lot, it's subtle, warm, sensual and sweet.

If it reminds other people of Dior Poison then Poison is a woman who jumps on her man and tell him what she demands. Amour is more subtle and will linger close to him without being demanding. Very seducing scent.
02nd December, 2006