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Reviews of Organza First Light by Givenchy

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I do see a distant relationship to Organza – they have somewhat the same background texture, but there is a big difference in strength. This one is very subtle: It takes a lot of concentration to even smell it. It opens with a light floral / citrus. I can’t place the particular floral… the honeysuckle / lily of the valley mentioned in the pyramid sounds about correct. Then in the middle it switches to an extremely light white floral – I get primarily jasmine with a shadowing of vanilla. The drydown is mostly vanilla. I don’t get any of the wood mentioned in the pyramid.

First Light is soft and light to the point of disappearing. I do (barely) smell the entire fragrance and its movement and it is a pleasant sheer floral but I really don’t determine any sillage, just a skin scent, and not a very remarkable one at that. Weak, nice but bland, short-lived: that about sums it up.

07th August, 2009
Little citrus on very little florals. So weak that i can hardly smell it.
15th October, 2008