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A gorgeous and strong gourmand opening, then a fruity dry-down. A reverse fragrance. I wish it stayed stronger for a longer time.
09th June, 2018
Amazing perfume. deep and sweet. great longevity and sillage.
14th January, 2017
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United Kingdom
A mandarin note in the opening blends well with a light and gentle saffron note, that is much less intensive than e.g. in Sultan Safran by Comptoir Sud Pacifique, which was a regular of mine for some time. The drydown is flowery, with a pleasant orchid impression combining with a lily note. So far it is a pleasant composition, but the base with its wood and vanilla is quite generic on my skin, albeit never too sweet.

I get moderate sillage, good projection and five hours of longevity; over nice but the end phase is a disappointment. 2/5
21st June, 2015
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I may be coming onto this fragrance too late in the game. I'm having problems finding the distinction in this from many an oriental gourmand. It's been done many times before. Or is it many times since?  And I wish I could glimpse the angel and it's shadow, the demon.  I envisioned a frosty cool, achingly beautiful lily/orchid, set high above a beastly, hot counterpoint of darkness below it. But it really isn't a fragrance like that at all. The angel, from the smell of it, is another homage to Angel... sigh. Sometimes fragrances can be so deriviative. But this is more bearable than Angel. It is hard to find the wickedly sensual in vanilla, orange and herb.
But what it is... If I take away my expectations, it is a midtone, modulated, richly vanillic cool floral gourmand. I'm not attracted to this style, so I'm having problems being fair to it. Except I really don't have to. All I know is that on my skin this doesn't shine or become sultry, become a delicious fragrance, all the things others say about it. I can't feel anything more than ambivalence. I will pass, and look for one that has a little more sensuality and floral and less vanilla and orange.
30th May, 2015

First Factor attracted me to this was The Wonderful heavy Crystal Bottle so i expected a Mysterious or Magical scent but when i Tried it,I found that The bottle have Artistry!ANGE OU DEMON smells Nice but not Unique. in other words Sultry,Oriental,Feminine,Warm, Modern,Hypnotic and Seductive.

ANGE OU DEMON by GIVENCHY is notes the Essence of seductive femininity that is effortlessly charming impressive and enticing.It opens with fresh notes then quickly reveals it is a warm feminine Scent by Floral heart as it is uplifiting.Vanilla in the base notes makes it Sweet.

Tottaly it is Not too strong and not too mild for me.A Ladylike Perfume but in a Seductive Way. Perfect for a Modern lady,a lady who reveals the subtlest hint of is not for a Shy Character and Without doubt is seemly for Special Occasions in Winter Eveninigs.


Longevity?Above Average on my skin.

24th May, 2015
While out walking a canine friend one spring morning, flowers bursting all over the neighborhood, I thought, "Man all these flowers smell amazing!" I quickly realized that incredible burst of florals was actually the Ange ou Demon emanating from my wrist. Wow! I had it applied only a small amount to one wrist to test, and already this scent was wafting around me.

It is, indeed, incredibly sweet. But also spicy and exotic. The mandarin orange gives it a little punch, and the florals are dreamy and just dripping with sweet vanilla. The woody notes really anchor it and provide that notable sensuality/maturity. What a perfect name "Ange ou Demon" (Angel or Devil) - it's so versatile. It seems to perfectly conform to how you decide to wear it. A playful, sweet and feminine daytime fragrance? Sure! A seductive (perhaps naughty) nighttime perfume? Absolutely!

It's a complex and spellbinding chameleon of a scent. I disagree that it's strictly a cold-weather scent. I'd wear this any time of the day, any time of the year, it's incredible! Long lasting with incredible sillage, too.
21st April, 2015

Elegant bubblegum, maybe a little rum and Dr. Pepper? Something sweet but also something masculine and exquisite while still being very feminine. Hey, I get the name now.

Pros: Versitile
Cons: None"

14th July, 2013
There seem to be really divided opinions on this one! I am a lover of it, for my 2c worth...I don't like Angel at all, find it nauseatingly sweet, so am surprised to like this one as it definitely is in a similar camp as TM's Angel. But the herbaceous notes save this from death by sugar. And I love vanilla, so that was always gonna be fine here - I do get a juxtaposition of moods from this frag, a push/pull effect, the angel/demon thing is at work but IMHO could use a little more of the devil ;-) It's perhaps just a 'fraction' too sweet...but it settles well on my skin's chemistry; good for winter nights on the town...
22nd June, 2012
I have a mini bottle of this which came in a job lot I bought to get some other perfume (I forget which it was by now). I put it aside thinking "Oh, I'll give it a try sometime" and sort of forgot all about it. I came across it a few days ago and tried it out and Oh My Word, its amazing!! Spicy, floral and so long lasting! Its definitely angelic rather than demonic, but its one of those cute sexy gothic angels you see in animations. Mysterious and delicious, and quite possibly addictive!!
22nd March, 2012
This fragrance introduces herself with a deep open-mouth kiss filled with ylang ylang. Blew me away. I thought "wow, this is seduction". Then came the nice spicy thyme and mandarin notes and I feel in love. But, as the scent progressed I started to feel empty longing for the spice and ylang ylang to come back. What I am left with reminds me of the final unravelling of hypnotic poison mixed with a fruity sweetness. At this point the fragrance truly lives up to its name: Ange ou Demon (Angel or Devil). I picture a sex siren and she is daring and hypnotizing to men (the hypnotic poison element in the wood and vanilla ending), but drawing her victim in with an innocence that he cannot resist (the sweetness I can only describe as ordinary concord grape).
For me, the tryst is over. I want the sexy citrus spice and ylang ylang back, but for others the allure is just beginning...
04th March, 2012
I'm surprised by Ange Ou Demon. Prior to testing this fragrance I had assumed it was similiar or along the lines of Armani Code for women and Thierry Mugler's Angel, however I find it much softer and in some ways more mysterious.

Ange Ou Demon isn't as gothic and dark as the bottle seems to suggest. There's this undeniable softness and fragility which adds to this fragrance's allure.

The scent is light and 'fluffy', almost airy with subtle hints of spicyness, like pepper or thyme. There is also a distinctive powdery-like quality to Ange Ou Demon which is reminiscent of some classic aldehydic fragrances.

I enjoy Ange Ou Demon's spicy yet powdery scent, because like D&G for Women, this is a powdery fragrance that isn't sharp or soapy, instead it's inviting and sensual.

When applied with a light hand, (as one should always do), the sillage is just strong enough to capture the people that dare to come close. I particularly like this aspect because it certainly adds to this perfume's mysterious appeal.

Apart from the dominant notes of spices, florals and vanilla, I also sense a cinnamon note, which reminds me of Intimately Beckham Night, which is in some ways very similar to Ange Ou Demon.

I'd say the lasting strength of this scent is good, however I fear this fragrance will be reformulated soon due to the oakmoss component. I highly suggest you try this scent while it is still in its original formulation.

04th June, 2011
I feel pure adoration for this synthetic fragrance that reminds me (in reminiscence of "refrigerated post-sovietic" spent vacations) the balsamic aroma of a beautiful blond russian girl that used to spray day by day Ange ou Demon in order to face with confidence the frosty San Petersburg's morning. Each time i smell this fragrance I remind that blond creature (ciao my lovely Inga) and perceive the sparkling aroma of the cold russian morning with its golden domes. This fragrance fits wonderfully with the frost outside and is electric and unbelievably sophisticated and glamour in the chill. This concoction is also perfect for clubbing in the cold winter nights and for roaming around glamour venues in the city. Its icy-mentholated and at once powdery-warm essence is the epitome of an endless dualism which hallmarks the whiffs. The extreme sophistication is provided by the exotic floral heart enriched by ylang-ylang, lily and a tropical orchid. The icy-mentholated and aromatic synthetic effect, that joining itself with the floral heart is responsible of the Ange ou Demon's modernism, is determined by the absolute of oakmoss aroma blended with white, airy, bit acid cumin, fizzy citrus, cool/aromatic spices, in my opinion aldehydes and saffron. The latter is a basic element with its spicy "molecular" prickliness. Passing time the aromatic spiciness is embraced by creamy and powdery elements as vanilla and creamy rosewood that determine that typical milky-soapy effect which is a perfect shelter for the mild-bitter tonka insertion. The latter, side by side with saffron, is probably responsible of the barely perceivable bitter/sweet tobacco aromatic undertone. The synthetic essence of this fragrance doesn't compromise its quality. Love.
13th May, 2011 (last edited: 16th June, 2014)
I have always liked Ange ou Démon, from the very first sniff, but I didn´t get it until Ange ou Démon Le Secret came out. The differens between these two made me sure I had to own this one! It has been my greatest perfume-love during winter 2010-11. It reminds me of Kenzo Amour, it has the same "cotton"-feeling, but is less linear.

This is my first Givenchy, I am happy to have found a perfume from this perfumehouse that I really like! Other Givenchys are very, very nice, but too heavy for my skin.

I have finnished a 30 mL-bottle of Ange ou Démon this winter, and is now on a 50mL-bottle. It is the perfume I have used the most during winter 2010-11, and it seems to become the fav during winter 2011-12 too.

Two thumbs up from me!!!
10th April, 2011 (last edited: 19th September, 2011)
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I have had this on for almost three hours now. First hour was strong - musky lilly, maybe some vanilla. I liked it a lot. It smelled 'almost innocent.'

Second hour the lillies completely disappeared, and a strange syrupy note took its place. I can't even explain it. Never smelled anything like it before. Thankfully it wasn't very strong.

Third hour? I can barely detect anything at all. It's like the perfume completely evaporated on my skin. I've heard from so many others that this is extremely long-lasting, so maybe I got a bad sample. I'll try it again at a future point and re-post if I have a different experience.


* next sampling lasted substantially longer and I purchased a bottle, which turned in less than a year, despite being kept in a cool, dark cabinet.
27th March, 2011
I can't believe I'm writing a review on the same perfume so many people loved because I didn't like it at all. It began with the strong scent of hard candy--sweet and sticky. I could almost see the brightly colored transparent chunks of melted sugar. I couldn't decide what flavor I smelled. Grape? No. Tutti fruiti? Maybe. Just when I thought it would never quit, the volume dropped to less than half of its original power, and the scent became slightly woody and more pleasant, but it lost its individuality at that point. I just don't get it. I'll try it again some day to make sure I'm not wrong, but it wasn't for me.
08th February, 2011
Ange ou Démon,

Very romantic scent, more towards ange than démon, I would say.
Scent is sweet, powdery, but very well constructed, NOT at all clowing + Silage is fairly descent, it projects well.
Peaceful, sweet and sensual this scent exhales a comforting aura, If you want to play " la femme fatalle " this isn't the right choice, this scent is more like: Positive, altruist, magnetic and most importantly VERY romantic! I would advise it for a more mature woman 30 till 50 years old. thumbs Up! Well done Givenchy!
01st February, 2011
I own the EDT and had once de EDP - I can tell, humbly, that they are quite similar in development, they only differ on the strenght. I didn't like the first time I had it, but now I'm a big fan - but yes, it has a weird opening note that some may find agressive, that kind reminds me of menthol (the same feeling I have with Mandorlo di Sicilia from Aqua di Parma's Blu Mediterraneo) but it develops beutifully.
14th January, 2011
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United Kingdom
The first time I tried this it seemed mediocre, but pleasant enough. The second time I tried it, it started to grate on me, big time. I still have some of my sample left and am wondering if I can be bothered to be annoyed by this fragrance for yet another day. It’s loud, sickly sweet, cloying and frankly, downright irritating. It honestly reminds me of the toilet freshener used at my local, which has all the subtlety of an olfactory mallet. Not great.
28th November, 2010
Every angelic face hides a devilish persona ange ou demon definse that. it starts sweet and half a hour later transform to an deep intoxicating notes
of dark florals and dry woods makes it
a versitile frangrance for the ages.

The opening starts sharp with a note of mandrian orange dries gracfully with the velvety feel of Saffron and dries
the top notes with the innocent notes
of thyme and White Lily, The middle section starts to become more deeper
with the presence of dark orchid and the wisting scent of nocturnal jasmine bloom though the night.

The drydown is an dry finishing scent of oakmoss vanilla adds to the angelic sweetness to the frangrance exotic brazilian rosewood and ends with the nutty accord of tonka bean.

I just love the flacon design and color the coloring is reminisent of the sun setting though the twillight sky on a clear night i also love the jagged artwork of the bottle worthy of it's demonic edgeiness there is nothing soft about this scent this is for a girl who is sweet on the outside but deliciouslly bad from the inside.
09th October, 2010
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United Kingdom
When this first came out I didn't like it but now I love it to bits. I've just bought it today & I think this may be one of my all time favourites now. This perfume spells class; very classy, not overpowering just classy. You would expect to smell this on a woman who has very crisp classy clothes - probably 30's - 40's. Definitely not for the likes of those who wear the sweet girly perfumes. It has a hint of sweetness but then again it doesn't. It is complex in a good way. Class in a bottle!
03rd October, 2010
ange ou demon tendre what can I say I'm definately in love with this fragrance, the citrus, the vanilla just lovely
09th May, 2010
Saffron rulles in this one. It's very "chic", this is the word for it.

It smells great and goes with any outfit. Especially works great in evenings. But will do just fine at any moment of the day, any time of the year.

Lasts long, projects well.

Bottle looks a little tacky, seems to me that Givenchy is always just trying too hard to get the bottles right, never succeding. But I find the perfume good.

Well, not a wonder of perfumery, but a very chic and pleasent one, detaches itself from the big mass of fruity shakes sold as perfumes. :) And it's very recognisable, and very easy to pull of. And again, must say- if you like saffron, try this, saffron is very proeminent.
14th April, 2010
My wife brought home a sample of this after being charmed by Ange ou Demon Le Secret, but finding out it's too much like a whole lot of other fruity florals. So with the original to sample, I was immediately intrigued and going to the collection to find what it was reminding me of. Oddly enough, first guess was Polo Double Black. However, that was a stretch. Then I picked up Jicky and Shalimar to compare. Now we're close.

What I'd say now is that Ange ou Démon is cleaner, more gourmand, and more dynamic than Jicky. It's more modern than Shalimar, but not as formal. Demon has a punchy top end, with a really luxuriously rich base. If Jicky is the punky bob cut girl, and Shalimar is the glam retro flapper girl, Ange ou Démon is the woman who has been there, done that, and is now up to something new, but without any reservations to play those games again.
23rd March, 2010
ANGE OU DEMON starts off promisingly, with a lily lurking ominously behind what is mostly powder and white flower. So I waited. Angel or Demon?

On my skin, not a trace of 'demonic manifestation' can be found. Instead all I found was an angel, not just any angel but a cute little cherubim, with lots and lots of baby talcum powder. No thanks. If I had wanted to smell of baby powder, I'd have picked Johnson & Johnson's.

I've grown wary and weary of fragrances that list more than a single perfumer as its creator. More often than not, they end up disappointingly poor. This is sadly no different so don't be deceived by the pretty Serge Mansau bottle.

*** This review is of the EDT ***
03rd February, 2010
I received this as a Christmas prize at work. I expected to hate it, since it was a) given away at work (must be bad!) and b) a powdery floral. My husband smelled the sprayer of it and pronounced it "interesting" so I decided to give it an honest try at work the following day. One spritz to the nape of the neck gave me a friendly lift every so often. The scent ebbs and flows. It's sort of candied, like sweet tarts; there are some florals and some powders. It's weird. It is not well named. I probably would not have sought this out or bought it, but I have it and like it. While it has a distinct presence, it is not a knocker-down nor a dragger-out. It is simply a friendly veil that drops down periodically to delight me as I work.
25th December, 2009
When i first tried this fragrance 2 years ago, i thought it was too heavy, artificial and, like, sticky that i felt like suffocating. It was quite disappointing because i was so intrigued by the fabulous name and the beautiful water-drop bottle thus was expecting an awesome scent, but, alas. Then, two months ago i tried it again and, wow, did i grew up so much in the meantime or what? This thing smelled incredible... Well, actually it does smell incredible after 5 minutes you sprayed it -in the first minutes it hits a bit strong, but when it starts to settle down, it's yummy. Though it may get you thinking if it won't suit the daytime, it's so sweetly rich and enchanting that you will find yourself spraying it all over :) The second you start to think it's too heavy, you get a fresh smell right in the middle, i can't quite name it.. Plus, it just doesn't disappear; the first time i tried it on my wrist, it was still smelling the next evening even though i had taken a bath (and i was out of my mind because at the time i couldn't remember which fragrance was it....)

All in all, Ange ou Démon is a beautiful, very feminine fragrance and captures people in your wind as you pass along. I can say, Givenchy had done "Givenchy" again. Superb.
14th November, 2009 (last edited: 16th January, 2010)


09th October, 2009
This appears to be a controversial scent! I was hooked at first sniff and just had to buy a big bottle right away after receiving a sample. This is a kind of oddball perfume, but I love the sweet creamy notes. This is a great office perfume for me becasue it does not seem to offend coworkers who hate perfume. A yummy gourmand fragrance. Yes!!!!!
01st October, 2009
OMG, this smells like a mosquito repelent..... so bad.. and this is one of the fews fragances that give me a headache.....
10th July, 2009
I smelled this on a friend. She doesn't care for loud fragrance. It is a beautiful and delicious gourmand scent. I imagine the dry down is lovelier than my impression, since she had just put it on.
21st June, 2009