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A tart lemony sweetness descends to vanilla and candy apples.

Tania Sanchez dubs it "rainbow sherbet" and pretty much nails it.

This is for teen-aged girls and as such is fun and fizzy.

Not for adults or those who are afraid of being stared at in public places.
29th March, 2016

I admire Everything at NINA,From the scent to the Design and Feel of The Bottle:LOVE. It is very Famous in My Country. In my opinion it Makes Young Ladies seem more sophisticated. Modern,Cute,Romantic,Bright,Joyful, Fruity and Delicious.

A Dramatic and Youthful Fresh Gourmand Scent. It is Fragrant Nature explores Essence of Lime as it is Tart at the Begnining. The Dominant Green Apple and Something Like Vanilla Scent are in the Middle notes and a Simple base of Musk and Cedar brings Allure to this Sweet And Lovely Fragrance.

NINA is perfect for Romantic Occasion as well as the Office Use at SPRINGTIME. it has a touch of sophistication without being too Overpowering. Anyway If you are Looking for a Beautiful Present for a Young Lady NINA is Definitely For you.


Longevity?Good for a EDT.

23rd April, 2015
The new Nina Ricci is fruity, joyful and surprisingly modern in a deliberately ambery-vanillic synthetic way. The note of peonia (cleverly associated to a notable woodiness) provides a spark of sophisticated "stylishness" while a sort of candied lemon-berries centered fruity wave pumps up the sillage around in a fruity exotic way. There is effectively a caramel/toffee-like vanillic texture along the development and keeping its run till the end of the trip. Really a pretty unpretentious fragrance that you would love to wear along the southern spring time out or for sociable relaxing moments with friends or new people. I see this fragrance more fitting to a young cheerful type of girl on her 25 years but it could be too a nice solution for a more mature woman with a youthful and "playful" spirit.
15th November, 2014 (last edited: 16th November, 2014)
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Cheerful, flirty and fun. I fell in love with the bottle years ago but found it too expensive on a high school student's budget, so never got around to it. A few weeks ago I rediscovered it on sale and sprayed it on my wrist... instant love. Lovely and fresh and fruity at first with lemon and lime, then settles to a sweet caramel-toffee style apple which remains on me for quite a few hours. Has surprising sillage and longevity for an EDT. Great fun and wonderful for cool autumn days but also on slightly warm spring days.

Though some people have commented this is for teenagers, I disagree. Every person wears it differently - on my little sister who's 14, this smells overly sickly sweet and unsophisticated. On me, I get more of the warmth of the caramel and brightness of the citrus that smells fresh but comforting, and my sister thought we were honestly wearing different perfumes. I guess it's just a matter of testing it on your own skin before deciding to buy it or dismiss it.
07th November, 2012
Jeszra Show all reviews
United States
Wouldn't necessarily buy a whole bottle of this, but I do like apple. I don't get much citrus in this except for general lightness, just apple, apple & musk, then apple & flowers with a hint of wood.
04th October, 2012
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United Kingdom
I'd loved this scent for some time but never got around to purchasing it and only had a sample.

Just before my anniversary, my husband told me to choose a perfume of my choice so I eventually got my 'Nina'.

It is a sweet perfume but not a gourmand IMO. Even though its an EDT it lasts alld day on me.

A very nice scent that I would wear daily and I love the bottle.
01st June, 2012
Nina is in one word; sweet. So sweet that had it been candy, it would have given me a tooth-ache.

Generally I love sugary sweet fragrances, but in this case I couldn't help feeling like a giggly, fourteen year old teenage girl when I wore this scent, which was not how I wanted to feel.

This fragrance reminds me of toffee apples, fairy floss and candy shops. Only this fragrance and Showtime by Kylie Minogue makes me feel this way.

Nina opens with a sweet but tarty lemon note, almost like lemon-flavoured candies rather than the sour, citrusy burst most of us are used to. For once peony isn't the dominant note letting the apple and praline practically star in their own show.

I'm not sure where the sweetness in the drydown comes from because all I can smell is sugar, sugar and more sugar. Not a hint of musk, apple tree or cedar.

Upon further sniffing I can detect a slight vanilla note hidden in the base notes which does give this scent a softer and more feminine finish.

Overall, sweet scents, (which did appeal to me a few years ago), are not likely to excite me anymore as I begin to look more towards becoming a woman and finding fragrances to suit a young woman rather than a girl. In my personal opinion, Nina is a teenage fragrance, I just can't picture a woman actually pulling this one off.

04th June, 2011
The first time I tried it...I hated it. Gave it a second chance tonight and the first thing to assault my nose was a sweet/sour citrus, mostly sour, but as it quickly mellowed out the vanilla came through, gently, and something else...floral and maybe tobacco. Right now it's a lovely blend of vanilla, floral, very slight citrus, and tobacco (?) and smells wonderful. I'm wishing it would last longer on my skin, but it didn't the first time. I wouldn't call it sophisticated...more warmly sweet but not too sweet. Enchanting. :)
03rd June, 2011
A gourmand fruity floral that smells good? What is this nonsense? Nina Ricci Nina 2006 I guess. It's mainly this lovely apple blossom and burnt caramel scent accented by light candied citruses and a super-clean musk. Turns out, I smell this everywhere. It's not too sweet or cloying or musky - it seems to agree with everyone - and yet it has a definitive character as a fragrance, a feat in itself in this bloated fragrance category. It's optimistic and sweet and without being stupid.

Not something I would wear, but it is something I would recommend. Perfect for teenage girls and anyone trying to feel like one.
30th May, 2011 (last edited: 08th June, 2011)
Lovely sweet fruity toffee and apple notes in a light girly spring scent; give this a try when you want to feel young and carefree...

Average longevity.

Big thumbs up...!
04th May, 2011
it smells like candy.
Imagine you are a 10 year old girl. You dance in the living room to Hannah Montana wearing your older sisters makeup without telling and eat Jolly Ranchers till you have a tummy ache. Your breathe will smell like this.
05th April, 2011
I really love this stuff! I'm older than the "target market" of this perfume (I'm over 40) but who cares, I think this stuff smells great! On me it's apple, caramel and vanilla. I don't get any lemon or lime which is fine by me because I'm not a big fan of citrus in perfume, I also don't get the tobacco that a few have mentioned. I really think this would be great for spring/summer. All in all a very nice scent on me that is not juvenile so I will be investing in a bottle.
03rd April, 2011
I used to love this, but I have lost interest. Have I matured? Who knows. L'Occitane has captured me at the moment. Still have half a bottle from hmmmm 5 years ago? It was a Christmas gift. Super sweet scent, not innocent sweet/clean but sweet n smokey. I cannot smell any caramel go figure.
23rd February, 2011
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I don't know what people expect from a fruity floral, that they seem so disappointed it's both fruity and sweet.

'Nina' is an unequivocally fabulous fruity-floral composition that has tons of recognizable character and bravado, and I daresay if Etat' had produced it and called it 'Bubblegum et Cigarette', it might have garnered a whole different following.

I haven't seen a lot of mention of the bold tobacco note in this perfume, which is surprising, since... by gosh, it's there! And it so sexily both fleshes out and makes risque in its contrasting associations, Nina's adorable, Japanese-style bubblegum, somewhere-between-strawberry-and-sour-apple top bit.

My sensibility further interprets the whole vanillic/ sugared bit not as 'caramel' per se, but as very delft way of uniting its almost-bitter, dark floral/tobacco bit with its bright, fruity aspect, and organizing all of its sensory 'events' into one remarkably cohesive, long-lasting, high-quality scent.

A four-star fruity-floral. If you are into fruity-florals, do not pass this one up!
16th February, 2011
Favorite scent ever. I don't exactly know why. It starts out sweet, but not cloying -- definitely not like Angel or Princess. It's been described as toffee apples but it just doesn't smell that sugary to me. It's fresh, but not "fresh water-like" like Light Blue or Ralph. My favorite part is the cottony, musky dry-down that doesn't quite smell powdery or soapy but has a sort of detergent-like, clean feel to it. Simply amazing.
12th January, 2011
jbr Show all reviews
United States
Since I just finished munching on a chocolate-caramel apple sent to me by relatives for the holidays, it seems apropos to lay down some thoughts on this one now. Despite the candy association though, this one might not be as sweet as you're thinking it is. The florals here read as being very perfumey to me, and act to restrain the sweetness of the edible notes, which leads me to hesitate in classifying Nina as a full-on gourmand. Certainly, Nina is no Angel. I would say this is an excellent near-gourmand for a woman interested in flirting with some edible notes without the full-on foody experience.
05th January, 2011
Pleasant, for sure. Fruity, most certainly. Sophisticated, no.

This is marketed to the under 18 set, and for that, it is well suited. It does not speak of mature, sensual elegance of a grown woman.

If it's elegance you want, look elsewhere. Only a young girl would want to smell like a caramel apple.
01st January, 2011
Toffee apples. Very sweet. Very girly. Probably just your thing if you're seventeen. Not my thing at all.
03rd September, 2010
Normally I don't like fruity perfume, they're usually too sweet but this one is something else! It's fruity, floral, fresh, sweet, and unique. It's the perfume to wear when you're feeling playful or flirty.

I wish they had it as an ETP so it would last longer but otherwise it's a perfect casual spring & summer scent for teens to 30ish. Not suited for those who work in a professional setting though, too sweet and not complex enough. I could see teenagers being able to get away with wearing this at night but I would think girls in their 20's would want something a little more for night time.

The bottle is so cute too!!
22nd July, 2010
The lemon/lime top in Nina combined with the prominent vanilla works to remind me of a similar fragrance, Burberry Brit, only without the powder. Nina is sweeter, juicier, and 100% edible. Attractive and delicious bordering on the dangerous, this is a bubblegum teen fragrance grown up, with a job and a personality, but still very sweet.
14th June, 2010
Nice scent with a unique caramel apple accord in the heart. On my skin, it actually developed from citrusses, to caramel apple, to woods, and was really exciting to wear. Who told me to test this out on myself? My friend's dad, straight as a line like me, and also completely fearless. (He also owns a bottle.) Rock on, Mr. Drylie, rock on.
10th June, 2010
zztopp Show all reviews
United States
Previously a supposedly great green-mossy classic, Nina (2006) is resurrected as a demure floral fruity/gourmand stripped off its greatness by Olivier Cresp and Jacques Cavallier. That it once again takes two great perfumers to pump out a decent but hardly unique girl juice for the young 'uns market is astounding ... Cavallier could have scribbled this formula in his sleep with Cresp laying on the couch making small talk.

The lemon and lime top notes are pleasant enough, leading to the supposed distinctive character of Nina.. a gourmand slush of apple-infused vanilla and soft florals, with the basenotes bringing about a cedary more vanilla infused candy-floss fun. It smells decent if unspectacular...the apple note isn't as well done as in Creed's Spring Flower, and the whole apple-toffee-woods thing is more alluring in DKNY's Red Delicious Men. Plus this overload of vanilla in recent fruity-florals is now getting on my nerves (cue the recent Dior vanilla hacks). Somebody out there please limit the dose of vanilla in such fragrances before we all suffer death by vanilla. Other than all these gripes, Nina should make a decent gift for the high school crowd and the bottle is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Rating: 6.5/10.0
26th May, 2010
Thalia Show all reviews
United States
The first few times I wore my spray sample of Nina, I liked it a lot because I was focused on the opening, which is crisp, sweet-tart, with dominant realistic apple notes and general feeling of fresh juiciness. Very pleasant indeed as an undemanding girly fragrance for a day when I don't want to think too much about my scent! And like everyone else, I love love love that bottle.

Recently, however, I spritzed Nina in the morning and realized its fatal flaw -- the late drydown is sweet, sweet, sweet caramel mingled with the sweetest sugary notes of apple juice, and it lingered forever. It was cloying and peristent and drew attention to itself relentlessly. I felt like a fairground caramel apple that had fallen off its stick into the sawdust and was baking in the sun. Far too sweet and candyish for me! If candy apple is what you want, this might just what you're looking for -- but it doesn't work for me.
25th May, 2010
One of my favorites out of hundreds. Just wanted to mention - it's a fruity floral with some candy spicy edge to it. It has a sweetness without being little girl, and is incredibly versatile, gorgeous, and sexy, while having a sophistication beyond many other fruity florals. It got the closest comparison to Coco Mademoiselle and Dior Miss Cherie. It's distinct from both with it's candied accent. The dressier aspect related to Coco Madem the most, while Miss Cherie seemed more frivolous compared to the other 2. Nina is deliciously sexy but not as dark as Midnight Fantasy or Lauren Love; and less fruity and more dressed up than Vera Wang Princess.
23rd March, 2010
Heavenly!! This is sweet and enticing, but much more grown up than other sweet perfumes. (i.e. "Fantasy") The bottle is fairytale perfect. I love this! <3
05th December, 2009
i like Nina..its Ok ...but not very intersting to me...i dont smell apple! its more like cedar to me ...i dont even classify it as a feminine smell ....i consider it as a unisex fragrance .... i feel something common between it and Ungaro man ....
01st December, 2009
Nina is a sparkling fruity floral fragrance that smells deliciously edible on my skin. It is sweet but not too sweet because there is a tartness to it, if that makes any sense. I do not smell lemon or lime but I do smell a definite apple note, but it is NOT like a sweet DKNY Be Delicious note at all...there is something synthetic about this apple note or maybe it is the notes that mix with the apple? The funny thing , IMO is the synthetic note actually makes this perfume smell so good...go figure. I find myself wearing Nina day or night....Sometimes I can't get enough of it =)
15th November, 2009
This stuff is delicious. The SA had to take the smelling card away from me, I was so tempted to eat it! Nina is a deliciously smelling candy-like floral with smelling like a candy store. Casually sexy!
07th November, 2009
One of very few scents that I have bought after only smelling once. Came across it, went back the next day money in hand. Very sweet, the apple is definitely present, but without the sort of acidic sting that accompanies a lot of other apple scents (bath and body works being the worst offender.) The basenotes are nothing special, but not unpleasant either. I wish the weardown was a little slower; for special occasions you'll definitely want the matching lotion in order for it to have any discernible presence after the first hour or so. One of the most amazing smells in the world, though. I can't wait for summer to be over so I can continue wearing it. It's more of a fall/winter scent, I ditched it once the snow melted.
23rd July, 2009
The bottle is adorable! It's just that when I put it on my skin, it changes and smells like Spic and Span cleaner. :C
27th June, 2009