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Neutral Reviews of Nina (new) by Nina Ricci

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A tart lemony sweetness descends to vanilla and candy apples.

Tania Sanchez dubs it "rainbow sherbet" and pretty much nails it.

This is for teen-aged girls and as such is fun and fizzy.

Not for adults or those who are afraid of being stared at in public places.
29th March, 2016
The new Nina Ricci is fruity, joyful and surprisingly modern in a deliberately ambery-vanillic synthetic way. The note of peonia (cleverly associated to a notable woodiness) provides a spark of sophisticated "stylishness" while a sort of candied lemon-berries centered fruity wave pumps up the sillage around in a fruity exotic way. There is effectively a caramel/toffee-like vanillic texture along the development and keeping its run till the end of the trip. Really a pretty unpretentious fragrance that you would love to wear along the southern spring time out or for sociable relaxing moments with friends or new people. I see this fragrance more fitting to a young cheerful type of girl on her 25 years but it could be too a nice solution for a more mature woman with a youthful and "playful" spirit.
15th November, 2014 (last edited: 16th November, 2014)
Jeszra Show all reviews
United States
Wouldn't necessarily buy a whole bottle of this, but I do like apple. I don't get much citrus in this except for general lightness, just apple, apple & musk, then apple & flowers with a hint of wood.
04th October, 2012
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Nina is in one word; sweet. So sweet that had it been candy, it would have given me a tooth-ache.

Generally I love sugary sweet fragrances, but in this case I couldn't help feeling like a giggly, fourteen year old teenage girl when I wore this scent, which was not how I wanted to feel.

This fragrance reminds me of toffee apples, fairy floss and candy shops. Only this fragrance and Showtime by Kylie Minogue makes me feel this way.

Nina opens with a sweet but tarty lemon note, almost like lemon-flavoured candies rather than the sour, citrusy burst most of us are used to. For once peony isn't the dominant note letting the apple and praline practically star in their own show.

I'm not sure where the sweetness in the drydown comes from because all I can smell is sugar, sugar and more sugar. Not a hint of musk, apple tree or cedar.

Upon further sniffing I can detect a slight vanilla note hidden in the base notes which does give this scent a softer and more feminine finish.

Overall, sweet scents, (which did appeal to me a few years ago), are not likely to excite me anymore as I begin to look more towards becoming a woman and finding fragrances to suit a young woman rather than a girl. In my personal opinion, Nina is a teenage fragrance, I just can't picture a woman actually pulling this one off.

04th June, 2011
I used to love this, but I have lost interest. Have I matured? Who knows. L'Occitane has captured me at the moment. Still have half a bottle from hmmmm 5 years ago? It was a Christmas gift. Super sweet scent, not innocent sweet/clean but sweet n smokey. I cannot smell any caramel go figure.
23rd February, 2011
Pleasant, for sure. Fruity, most certainly. Sophisticated, no.

This is marketed to the under 18 set, and for that, it is well suited. It does not speak of mature, sensual elegance of a grown woman.

If it's elegance you want, look elsewhere. Only a young girl would want to smell like a caramel apple.
01st January, 2011
Thalia Show all reviews
United States
The first few times I wore my spray sample of Nina, I liked it a lot because I was focused on the opening, which is crisp, sweet-tart, with dominant realistic apple notes and general feeling of fresh juiciness. Very pleasant indeed as an undemanding girly fragrance for a day when I don't want to think too much about my scent! And like everyone else, I love love love that bottle.

Recently, however, I spritzed Nina in the morning and realized its fatal flaw -- the late drydown is sweet, sweet, sweet caramel mingled with the sweetest sugary notes of apple juice, and it lingered forever. It was cloying and peristent and drew attention to itself relentlessly. I felt like a fairground caramel apple that had fallen off its stick into the sawdust and was baking in the sun. Far too sweet and candyish for me! If candy apple is what you want, this might just what you're looking for -- but it doesn't work for me.
25th May, 2010
i like Nina..its Ok ...but not very intersting to me...i dont smell apple! its more like cedar to me ...i dont even classify it as a feminine smell ....i consider it as a unisex fragrance .... i feel something common between it and Ungaro man ....
01st December, 2009
The bottle is adorable! It's just that when I put it on my skin, it changes and smells like Spic and Span cleaner. :C
27th June, 2009
This is pretty nice for teenagers or those who like gourmand scents. Personally, I find the bottle more attractive than the content, A bit too sweet, but the good thing is that it lasts...
17th March, 2009
My husband loves this on me, I just couldn't find anything that outstanding about it. It is sweet, not too heavy, a bit citrusy. But nothing with much of character. I am very neutral about it.
27th February, 2009
So strong, so sweet, long lasting. i love the way it begins and ends. I would be a fan of the sweet-tooth notes in the middle if not for the headache it gives me... ouch.
10th November, 2008 (last edited: 02nd December, 2008)
Nukapai Show all reviews
United Kingdom
It really does smell like a toffee apple... almost for the whole development of the scent. The opening is scrumptious and fresh (with, dare I say, distinct lack of any kind of "naff" apple note, which I was afraid of), but this fades too fast. Then it's several hours of sweet toffee apple; yup, that's all there is to Nina. My husband loves the way it smells on me, I'm in two minds about it.
03rd August, 2008
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Misspring is right, the new Nina smells completely different from the old one. I've had a bottle of the old Nina in the nineties and bought one of the new. (It's a must for me because I'm called Nina myself.) The old one was very oldfashioned and reminded me of my grandmother and grandmothers in general. It was cool and fresh and distinguished. The bottle was white and cylindric and very similar to L'Air du Temps.
New Nina seems to be made for 15 to 25 year old girlies, very modern, fresh and fruity (like apple - fitting the bottle-design). In the dry down you find a dark and sweet, and somehow synthetic smelling musk. In the hole, it smells very synthetic, but not in a bad way.
20th January, 2007
Mitulove Show all reviews
United Kingdom
I really wanted to love this perfume because is so gorgeous, silly as that sounds. However, upon trying it I found it too sweet, and it was that sweetness that lingered on me. Ah well.
19th January, 2007