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Reviews of F by Ferragamo by Salvatore Ferragamo

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Smells like cheap candy necklace candy (the kind that look like SweetTarts but aren't) and florals . I think the Jasmine and Orange Blossom aren't working for me in this (it may be the quality of the ingredients or the amount ..hmmm..)
I agree that it does go cheap and chemical.
21st November, 2011
Just by looking at the bottle, one could forgive you for thinking that this would be a strong, perhaps spicy or dominating scent.

In reality, F by Ferragamo is quite sweet, flowery and feminine.

The initial sweetness in the opening certainly took me by surprise. My nose was assaulted with something that smelt like a bag full of lollies. Thankfully this was a scent that I rather enjoyed.

Later a peppery, almost spicy note made an appearance, adding an unusual twist and providing a good introduction for the entrance of the orange blossom, jasmine and rose notes. I feared that this fragrance would become quite boring with the presence of such predictable florals, however the scent stayed true to its strange yet unique beginning.

I think this fragrance would suit anyone of any age, it has enough versatility to do so. It also could be worn all year round, throughout every season. I urge you all to give F by Ferragamo a try.

05th June, 2011
The instant association is pink bubblegum, which just lasts and lasts.
This isn't bad - it's just not for me. Too sweet, too much.
15th April, 2010
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Very sweet, candy shop opening. Dries down into a alto tone of white florals and musk. A bit on the heavy side.
07th November, 2009
I really love all of Salvatore Ferragamos fragrances with one exception......F by Ferragamo. This doesn't work for me at all. It really stinks!!!!!! It smells like a mix of overly sweet candy, florals, and cough syrup on my skin. There is also a stale or old note that I can not pinpoint. IMO, the mixture of notes do not flow well. Very heavy and sticky. All I can say is.........Yuck, and thats an understatement!!!!!!!!!!!!!
12th May, 2009
F by Ferragamo begins with a blast of candy sweetness, then settles into a lactonic symphony ~ in the back of my throat! Fortunately, it fades rather quickly. The base is weak. It leaves a dusty, stale smell like a cocktail table that has sticky-sweet-drink rings stuck to it, and it hasn't been cleaned in weeks. This frag is touted as a floral, with notes of rose, jasmine, etc...I'm not getting it.
04th June, 2008
Smells like a blueberry chewing-gum (hubba-bubba?) with a note of robinia (little). Way too sweet, way too sticky. Childish.
13th May, 2007