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Negative Reviews of Il Giardino by Michael Storer

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I smelled it. I cried. It smells like the packaging suggests. It smells like a garden from melted playmobile with aspartame on top.

Ok mr. Storer, your joke succeded. Can we move on now?
02nd March, 2009
I do get a sort of garden scent out of this at first—lots of heavy green. As it stays on my skin, it gets heavier and a bit bitter, as others have mentioned — it must be the violet leaf. When the florals enter in, I think that they are too floral for my taste. The drydown is sweet and musky and lasts a long time. Heavy green, bitter, too floral: All in all, I’m not very impressed with this fragrance.
20th November, 2007
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United States
Cute bottle in fun colors. Brilliant, sparkling, sweet, juicy top notes. Then IG quickly turns bitter on my female arm. Maybe "bitters" smell more appealing on a man?
17th June, 2007
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Yuck! I expected something green and fresh, but what I got was plasticky sweet berry-flavoured candy. This would be cheap-smelling even for a children's schampoo! I can't even imagine an adult smelling like this voluntarily, and I normally don't mind gourmany scents.
23rd February, 2007
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United States
Oppressively floral, almost to the point of being assaulted. Rather like the top notes of the Dreamer but without the payoff of the wonderful drydown. Good lasting power though you may wish different.
21st February, 2007