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Positive Reviews of Peony Roses by Sohum

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A SoHum SA informed me that a peony rose is a particular type of small peony (although later research indicated that 'peony rose' is merely an alternative name given to peonies because of their rosy fragrance). Anyhoo - I have not to my knowledge smelled a real peony, but if they smell anything like this SoHum fragrance, they are very sweet, very rosy and very nice indeed. However I didn't stick around long enough for the basenotes because I am not shopping around for any more rose and/or peony type frags.
29th May, 2010
An old fashioned floral scent - beautifully crafted. Very sweet on the top notes but with enough intensity and depth to give it some real allure. A rich powdery rose/peony - true to its name.
21st October, 2007