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Neutral Reviews of Donna Karan Gold by Donna Karan

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This is a light, fresh and green floral, perfect for spring mornings.

A very light take on lily is supported by a cloud of mint, settling on cedar (the pencil shavings note some reviewers speak of).

The amber never comes to the fore to my perception, even though Turin dubs it "lily amber" and gives it four stars.

This is very nice, though nothing spectacular or exceptional, hence the neutral vote, and so very inexpensive that it is certainly recommended for women and is equally at home in the office and for casual wear.

Samples are difficult to find online, but a trial spray at the counter should suffice to give a solid impression.
05th November, 2015
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United Kingdom
I really want to like this scent, especially due to all the positive reviews but I find it very heavy and the smell of lily seems very concentrated. I will persevere with this as my bottle is still full and I don't hate it but I think I need to give it more time.
18th February, 2011

A lily fragrance that doesn’t respond well to my skin. The Casablanca lily, which smells enchanting on paper and on cloth, goes dusty, musty when it hits my skin – perhaps because of the spices. This staleness is not the normal experience I had with this flower. Because the lily is so prominent, there is no saving the fragrance for me – not even the jasmine or the “gold” build accords that can make up for the unattractive musty note that comes with the lily. The lily stays with the fragrance through the drydown, which doesn’t last long because I wash it off…

21st October, 2009
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except for the color of the actual perfume, i don;t find anything "gold" smelling about his. not that that's a bad thing, but perhaps a bit misleading.
this remind me of alberto VO5 balsam shampoo, voluptuous lily and gardenia scent with hints of cucumber....yes, i swear, cucumber!
not donna's best but then again cashmere mist is the only fragrance she's made that comes close to anything respectable.
more for an older woman than a young, might be to overwhelming.
05th October, 2008
ok initially, reminded me of a favorite of mine - Narcisse/Chloe. However, it settled down to a rather ordinary jasmine scent, Not the 'different' perfume I thought it would be.
03rd March, 2007
Very nice, smells great. Still, nothing outstanding or original. A good anonymous fragrance, good for everyday wear or at the office. Soft, floral, grown-up. For a woman with modern taste, in her 30's.
27th December, 2006