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Neutral Reviews of Black Orchid by Tom Ford

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Quality fragrance for sure, but unfortunately for me it's reminiscent of the middle aged Sunday school lady who used to smack me on the hand with a ruler (and she sprayed way too much..). I could see a guy wearing this, but definitely not this guy, it's just a touch too fem. Still, I can appreciate it for the quality.
06th September, 2017
A bottle of Black Orchid was somehow sitting among other men’s fragrances by Tom Ford at a local Nordstrom. I’d never heard of it, and proceeded to give it a sample spritz. Yipes! Definitely not what I as a man would want to wear; and it turns out that this aromatic monster was indeed a women’s Eau de Parfum, which makes sense! That being said…

Black Orchid is a wild, deep, and rich monster that unashamedly announces itself to the world when worn. It's loaded with a potent combination of florals, spices, citrus, and gourmand notes that radiate wildly in a potion that must be smelled to be believed. Heavy, sharp, loud....these qualities come to mind when I sniff this potion.

Some men may consider this a unisex or even moderately male fragrance, as it may have a "metrosexual" daring and boldness to it. Not my cup of tea, as I prefer masculine elements to be present in what I wear, and this one waxes very feminine overall.

08th April, 2017
Orchid-based fragrances rarely appeal to me, but I scored a free sample of this and decided to give it a shot. I'm not too surprised that it wasn't a winner. It opened with a surprisingly fruity burst - I got melon, but maybe it was the mandarin? - which lingered into the dry down. Very sweet and a little bit cloying for this nose. Eventually it settled down to mostly amber and vanilla with a little hint of chocolate. The orchid/white flower note was present throughout - this was actually the nicest aspect of it for me, even though I often find orchid scents a little insipid. I do think that this perfume is skillfully put together (and worth a sniff if you love gourmand scents), but just not for me.

Lots of sillage, and it lasts pretty well.
24th April, 2016
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This had so much potential. The mix of oriental and fresh notes seems brilliantly least initially. It slowly starts to fall into the unpleasant Allure-like accord of "tropical" florals and vanillic basenotes. I get that it's intended to replicate the smell of an orchid, but it just doesn't work. They should have used the Voile De Fleur flanker as their main attempt. Thank goodness for the derivative, yet interesting events in the line like Sahara Noir, Grey Vetiver, and Noir.
18th May, 2015
This is a bomb. Definitely has the wow factor with its sweet flowery concoction but the mystery intrigues me. How can men wear this fragrance at all? It reeks of femminile appeal.

Once was a good selection for femme fatale types but now due to its uber popularity, i do not suppose women would like to smell like everybody.
03rd April, 2015
The first whiff was pretty loud with a medicinal note, but settled quickly to a nice fragrance that stayed close to the body. This is an old Hollywood fragrance despite being somewhat new. This is not office or work fragrance, but meant to be enjoyed while really dressing up. I don't see young girls enjoying this fragrance, it seems to me to be for the 30 and older crowd, and yes I get the unisex. It is very glamorous and moody fragrance that, alas, I can't pull off anymore.
08th March, 2014
Too sweet and intense for me

I so wanted to love this scent! The reviews were great; the bottle was beautiful; the combination of ingredients was intriguing. Of course I wanted to wear such a modern, luxurious, sensual fragrance. But, unfortunately, it was not to be. On me, this smells like bubble gum mixed with some baby powder and a room full of flowers. And it is intense! Nearly headache inducing. I was looking forward to the dry down, but it never came. I'll wear it and two days later it is still sickly sweet and synthetic. I have tried wearing it some 6 times during different conditions, both in the summer and the winter, but to no avail. It does smell a bit better when I sniff the bottle directly or even on a piece of paper. I get whiffs of incense, spice and can even identify the orchid among the flowers, which is why I am giving it a few stars. It is also the reason why I still am hopeful that it someday will turn into a swan, but I may just have to give it up for adoption.

11th September, 2013
A powerful, deep, fruity, patchouli and vanilla scent. It's a beautiful composition.

I did own it for a while but eventually found it a bit too feminine and could never find the right occasion to wear it, so I moved it on.
30th March, 2013
That's a monster in terms of sillage and lasting power. I smells sweet coconut and vanilla mostly. Beautiful scent but very very feminine.
29th October, 2012
I was referred this by an attendant at Sephora. I could pull this one off. I am a confident man and I can see myself using this. More so for the Fall and Winter. This is sort of a unisex scent.
25th September, 2012
5 overall rating, 3 longevity.
This would be great on someone else. I burn the fragrance off in a few minutes, which makes it smell too dirty, confused and just not me, hence the neutral.
There is also this one particular scent in it that I don't care for at all. It's in quite a few perfumes (good ones) and is a deal breaker for me. Wish I knew what the heck it was.
24th January, 2012
This one is a different fragrance, that's for sure. It started off very nutty to me, like coconut macaroons or hazelnut coffee. I didn't pick up any floral scent at all. That lasted for quite a while, then moved into a more floral tone, but still earthy and a bit nutty yet. Then the base slid into vanilla/chocolate and it's lovely now. The sillage is amazing! I love that someone four feet away gets it, but with three sprays from a sample vial, it's not overpowering.

I really like the final stage, but it took 7 hours to get here! This stuff must last forever!

I really love some gourmands, but I don't prefer to smell like a cookie. Especially for the price of Black Orchid.

I love the sillage, and the longevity. Just wish I like the top and middle better. Neutral from me.
30th August, 2011
From a male perspective I think that this maybe a bit too feminine to wear unless you want to be VERY daring. The smell its self is pleasant, powdery and very very strong to the extent that projection could actually be measured in miles. Its very 'Tom Ford' and would be more suited to an 80's supermodel as opposed to myself. To wear this I recommend you spraying it in front of you and walking into the mist, an hour before you leave your place and that applies to both men and women.
06th August, 2011
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I've been suggested to smell Black Orchid so many times, and when I finally decided it was the right moment to face this composition I got somehow disappointed by it. It opens with an interesting chocolate floral / fruits accord that may be pretty compelling expecially to anyone who is not familiar to the smell of the Oncidium Sherry Baby AKA The Chocolate Orchid (an epiphytic orchid of hybrid origins). After that, the scent turns to a pleasant, but conventional, sweet musky vanilla drydown. A nice fragrance that could have been great if they just have dared a bit more in the drydown. Nothing that I would never buy a full bottle of, but I'd surely appreciate on a person seating next to me for 2 (maximum 3) stops on the subway.
23rd April, 2011
Yes on most people, I agree disgusting. But for a rare few individuals such as myself, the sweetness is cut with the prey drive instinct. Call it femme fatal, but I swear, there is something about this one that is buried deep within it's layers that begs to be brought to the surface with the right sweat combo. On a cold dark night, in January I only hope my surroundings include this one. Syrup, burnt sugar, Cinnamon, Vanilla, white pepper, black Pepper, sweet tobacco, tarragon, brown sugar, and salt.
27th January, 2011
The smell itself is excellent, kind of a cotton candy and tropical fruit thing going on. The fragrance however, being marketed toward women, should stay this way. This stuff is very very very feminine imo. I can't see a man wearing this unless he's very flamboyant. This fragrance is not only marketed for a woman nd should be worn by a woman, but it's very loud and in your face too. Smells gorgeous, but I can't pull this one off.
12th August, 2010
The 21st Century's Poison? Ugh. I don't think so. BLACK ORCHID is probably the last fragrance I wish my date is wearing should we somehow get stuck in the same elevator. It is as dense as fog with a choking miasma of tropical flowers, overriped fruits and coconut cream. I wonder if every tropical-themed fragrance need to sport a coconut note - seems cliched to me. Besides, if a distinctive tropical floriental is what you're after, Kenzo Jungle L'Elephant is far less cumbersome and much more wearable.

Up close Black Orchid is tough on the nose though I thought the sillage is pretty good especially the chocolatey incense-patchouli accord. But the air around me soon thickens, and my vision starts to swim. Only then do I realise why they call this a dark fragrance...
26th July, 2010
Something plushly understated in this unappealing mess.
Gave it away.
14th May, 2010 (last edited: 23rd August, 2010)
Starts off with a tropical, sweet floral and ends with a simple fade out like a cult favorite B-movie.
24th April, 2010
I want to love Black Orchid, but I only like it a little. I wanted something different, a change from my old standards, Cinnabar, Opium, Aromatic Elixer, Knowing and the like. I ordered it online from Sephora, by ratings alone, but confident it would be wonderful. Well, it wasn't exactly wonderful, however it has grown on me. I enjoy the Hydrating Emulsion somewhat better. The thing smells like coconut to me. Even after a few hours. Weird. I get compliments on it but I smell like I'm wearing Hawaiian Tropic tanning oil. Hubby likes it so I wear it to bed, spray it on the sheets and in my linen closet. I may go to the mall and try the White.
06th February, 2010
Tried it on a blotter only. Didn't get to much notes here. It is sweet, rotten organics all in all. A bit fecal. If I would get aware of such a smell walking the woods I would be careful for each further step. The eponymous orchid might be nice in color or shape. But that doesn't tell what brew of insects are meant to be aroused by the very odor.

In some way it might be seen as a gourmand type of fragrance. Thumbs neutral for its provocative potential. I'm straight writing my opinion with this. It doesn't sing my body the way I want, nor does it attract me. With this I'm pretty sure that first a certain personal attitude and liking is key to an understanding and a trustworthy valuation.
25th January, 2010
I want to like this perfume, and it isn't that I find it bad. Of the reviews that I've read (here and elsewhere), I haven't found anyone else who shares my opinion of the scent. On my skin, Black Orchid is completely linear. I've sampled it three times now, and I don't notice a change from the top notes to the base notes. If I had to pick one dominant note, I would say gardenia (and I adore gardenia). I also notice the vanilla and patchouli, and they work well with the gardenia. But somehow this perfume misses the mark: I wish it would evolve on my skin, I wish it had a little extra oomph, or that it was a tad darker. It does have amazing lasting power on me (and not too many perfumes do). I do agree with other reviewers that the bottle itself seems a tad cheap.
09th August, 2009
Today, after dabbing on some Black Orchid, I've decided that it's the opening that has kept me from reaching for it for months. I don't like the opening as there are too much fruit flying around: plum, raspberry, black currant...whatever. But you can't get to the delicious drydown that's fit for a Film Noir femme fatale without it.Sometimes I'm in the mood to wait and sometimes I'm not. I just wish Tom Ford would come up with a version of this that's a little less Baroque and cuts to the sensuously woody chase that starts at the drydown.
16th March, 2009
This is a very bizarre scent. It opens beautiful as it's name suits it: like a mysterious black orchid. All of a sudden, in acidic, leathery berry wearing soggy wool emerges. After about an hour, the berry goes away and the woolens dry and I'm left with a long lasting powdery, musky flower...can't decide what flower, though.
09th October, 2008
If the manufacturer claims their product is a "classic" I am immediately skeptical.
The truffle note is a stroke of genius, but it's strong enough to make me think of exactly what it is: fungus.
Heart and dry-down have a happy (unsweetened) chocolate vetyver harmony rounded with orchids and berries in such a way as nothing is too sweet; nothing to dry. Nicely rounded, and stays put for hours. Pricey.
Too pretentious to deserve a thumbs up.
06th October, 2008
I tried this on a whim at Sephora and left the store so I could experience it while shopping. As it was on my left wrist, I was checking it periodically, and was quite obsessed with its development. I have never had this sort of intriguing experience with a frag, even when I smelled something distinctly vetiver (abhorrent), I couldn't resist it. Will try this one again.
29th July, 2008
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United Kingdom
I don't know how to rate this - I loved it on the blotter; loved its opening, adored its heart... and right at the dry down when I was left with what the perfume would "smell like on me", out came a chemical spoiled fruit dipped in nail polish remover. Oh. Bugger.

Want to wear it; my skin disagrees.
05th July, 2008
I've eaten something like this before.
And it's not dark chocalte, Vanilla, or truffles...?...hmm...

This maybe could work on the right girl.
It's edible, sweet, but not soft enough, the base is too dark, thick, and cloying.

A fresher, softer version is in order.
13th December, 2007