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This Is a hard perfume to descibe
a Peppery crisp fruiy sparkly hodgpoge
and then in a couple of minutes
it smells like provalone cheese
in my opinion. i'll it 3/12
16th August, 2010
This is an amazing perfume. I am a woman who has problems wearing many scents as I am allergic to them. This smells amazing with my chemistry AND no headaches. I receive compliments and men sniffing my hair constantly. Women love the scent too. Too bad Avon did a bonehead thing and discontinued this perfume. It is an amazing wardrobe completion for me. I guess I will have to go back to drawing board after I have bought all I can find on ebay and other clearance websites.
29th July, 2009
I like Crystal Aura- I smell lilies and berries
14th June, 2009
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katyas Show all reviews
United States
I really like this scent - it has a nice burst of florals with a hint of fruit that bursts through at the beginning and as the day progresses it mellows down to a sweet woodiness. I have received a number of compliments and people want to know what that wonderful perfume is. I number this among my favorites.
14th May, 2008
This perfume is way too heavy... It's a heady fruity floral yet I smell woody tones also. I usually like Avon's perfumes yet this one is a disaster. Sorry:)
22nd December, 2007