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I inherited a bottle of With Love from a trusted perfume friend. Her love of obscure indie perfumes made the fact that she had a celebuscent a bit of a mystery, but on smelling it, I can see what she enjoyed in it.

First of all, it's complicated. There's a creme caramel pink pepper base that's clear from the top, spiced with cinnamon and played against sandalwood. There's also a jammy plum rose with hints of wine on top, and it's all held together by a big dollop of moist tobacco and tonka.

The end result is a perfume that smells like a bunch of familiar ideas (Angel's caramel, Burberry Brit's pink pepper, and a rosy fruitchouli), but with all that tobacco and tonka and cinnamon taking it into unfamiliar territory. As such, it's got the elements of a fruity floral and a gourmand, but really isn't either. It's not really my cup of tea, but I can see how a tobacco/tonka fanatic with extremely advanced tastes could fall in love with this, so I understand my friend's infatuation.
10th June, 2016
I was not expecting to love this when someone recommended it to me as an autumn perfume, especially reading that it had spices and cocobolo in it. Boy was I wrong. This reminds me of being in a Middle Eastern style food market or bazaar, the mango keeps it slightly fruity so it's not overpoweringly woody, and the spices make it nice and warm at the same time. Dries down to a lovely soft woody smell that is still incredibly feminine and soft. Truly wonderful, especially for a cheap and cheerful bargain buy!
07th November, 2012
Tried this the other day.

Nothing special at all.

Smells like Pi by Givenchy but with a slight hint of tropical fruit (the mango?).

Anyway longevity, silage and projection are all poor. This is a skin scent.

Not worth owning IMO but it isn't horrid
13th August, 2012
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This is a little too spicy for my liking. It's not a horrible smell, the drydown was quite a likable deep amber, but there was something about With Love that just didn't seem right. Perhaps it's the strength of the overall fragrance, which is rather overpowering when first applied that ruins this fragrance for me. I could imagine myself liking this if it was a lighter EDT version.

26th April, 2011
When i try With love i think that my brother could wear this fragance. it's so complex,deep and sweet, the cocobolo and the spices make it strong and put a lot of personality to the fragance. Hilary Duff take a lot of risks in make this oriental spice, but i have to admit it is pleasantly different and enchanting if we compared 'with love' to the other always-the-same-fruity/floral fragance from pop singers.

The bottle is sooo classy and chic and that luxurious component is also caught in the scent..
28th January, 2011
When i first tried this i thought sheesh
it's another run of the mill celeb fragrance but never say never it has great
Silage very long lasting smells expensive
for a fraction of the price.

It opens with sweet mango then in a minute
spices i detect Chai adds to the quasi exotic atmosphere of this scent the mystery of the scent of Cocobolo the first material ever used in a perfume
always keep me guessing what does it
smell like? it conjours like a ancient
Aztec market selling spices dyed in brightly colored dyes with it's intoxicating smell drifting though like
an offering to the Goddess of fertility,

The drydown returns to the scent of mango due to the note of Mango blossoms
sweetening with amber musk is elusive
that's because of the domineering notes
of Mango and Spices it hides in diluted forms.

With Love is no Ordinary teen celeb
kind of fragrance with it's transitional
sophistication of a mature perfume and
yet with the marketing though young
teenage girls this scent Yells

"I'm not a Girl and I'm not yet a woman
03rd December, 2010 (last edited: 30th March, 2011)
I tried it in a store and don't have a sample. My impression is nicely done sugar fest. It's pretty, NOT obnoxious. There's a light dose of fruit (I guess the mangosteen). Then a not terribly deep or distinguished base of sugar amber woods. I felt it was missing a component somewhere..something that would make it truly a perfume, rather than a pretty scent idea. I like it. But it wears and feels pretty young. If I had a niece I might gift her with this...

07th October, 2010
Gorgoeus heavy bottle. a lid like a hunk of precious stone it feels so expensive in the hand I'm totally head over heels for the bottle, not so much for the scent which starts out pineappley sweet and is anchored my lovely milky musks but it wont last longer than half an hour on me. I was suprised With Love is this mature not the sort of scent a young Duff fan would go for its much more grwon up than that. I wear it post shower before bed and to the gym its hardly noticable there.
16th July, 2010
I don't think this fragrance deserves all these nice compliments. It was so synthetic. If you read any of my reviews.. thats really what i say about all the fragrances. But I stand by my words. Maybe synthetic isn't the word, it just smells bad though. I think it was too strong with no love. Like it's missing that warm feeling a sweet fragrance should have. It's harsh.

Note: I only smelt this fragrance through a tester strip.
18th March, 2010
I get a very different result than others have with this, so I'm giving a neutral rating. It's not for me, but apparently HD and I just really, really don't agree. All I got was pepper - spicy, sharp, freshly ground black pepper. I eventually washed it off after a few hours because I was getting ready to go out and didn't want to smell like I'd scented myself with a pepper mill. I was actually shocked when I read the notes list and didn't see any pepper, or the ubiquitous (nowadays) pink peppercorn, because the note for me was so overwhelming, I couldn't detect anything else. No fruits, no sweetness, no vanilla...just pepper.
31st October, 2009
I have to admit, I first smelled this in Seventeen magazine the year it first came out. I think Hilary was some kind of guest-editor for that issue. I was a freshmen in college and I loved it on paper... I didn't smell any too-fruity top notes and there was this warmth! It smelled so mature and non-celebrity that I went out and bought it. (My first non-gift non-mini!)

But then... I was confused because this wasn't the With Love... that I loved. It was so dang fruity in the beginning and even when it faded, it still didn't quite have that soft warmth I was looking for. Reading the complete lists of notes online, I think I love the cocobolo wood, incense, and amber...

Well, it's still a lovely fragrance, and if I lift the cap of the Jessica McClinktock my aunt got me, and sniff that first, before sniffing the "With Love..." bottle (without spraying it), I think I can smell that something that I fell in love with... But I can't go around sniffing the bottle...
18th May, 2009
To me it smells like apple pie... Nice, adorable, but somehow weak, not long-lasting at all... Can't feel it after 15 minutes... Maybe only on my skin, don't know...
14th May, 2009
It is an okay fragrance. It smells like a light-weight Versace Crystal Noir - however, it lacks a lot of uniqueness. It does not stand out. It does not have it's own personality. It is a "safe" fragrance. It is a fragrance that I would wear to bed because I love smelling great ALL the time - even in my sleep. Other than that, I would not wear it anywhere else. It just does not stand out. The price is good though, however, because the scent does not last long, the price fits what it offers which is a nice fragrance for shy girls that refuse to stand out. I am not such a girl.
30th April, 2009
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Like others, this one totally surprised me! It is so unique and warm. I barely know who Hilary Duff is, but after getting a sample--I just had to buy a big bottle. As I wear it the 'milky' warmth continue to radiate from my skin. I've even bought a second bottle to keep in my purse! I JUST LOVE it!

Update: After wearing this for a month or so, it has become one of my top 3 scents. I'm hoarding it now--won 2 more great deals on ebay, and got the gel and lotion.

There's something about this scent that reminds me of my favorite food--Thai food.
25th March, 2009
What a beautiful bottle, and even the box I received was frilly and fantastic, although I noticed that other versions of it are coming out in less fancy packaging.

However, we're here to talk about the juice inside, and it's taken me a while to put this one together. At first try, I detected no spice, and it came across as a nice melon/fruit floral, with only a very slight hint of annoying aquatic notes taking it into the spa/salon/toiletries realm. The candy note quite pleasant, not overpowering, and not so strong as to make it too girly. My conclusion upon first sampling was that it was a "rich teen" fragrance, smelling richer than it's price tag, but indeed a young fragrance.

Something, however, haunted me. There's a note there that reached for a memory. I couldn't place it, but somehow I *knew* it. After quite a bit of searching, and waiting and sampling With Love again on a different day, it finally hit me:

In the early 1990's, there was popular suntan oil, that despite it's brown plastic bottle and cute palm tree logo, had no noticeable coconut. No coconut at all, and instead was all exotic fruit aromas. The internet thankfully yielded the name in no time: Hawaii Blend Tropical Blend SPF 15.

And THAT is exactly what Hillary Duff With Love heart notes are. A clone of this suntan oil. Must be the mangosteen. Not a bad thing, actually. But definitely curious.
06th January, 2009 (last edited: 23rd October, 2009)
In the celebrity fragrance niche, this is by far my favorite. It's a warm, slightly dark, vanilla-y fragrance with top notes of some sweet fruit, but after the dry down the fruit is gone. It's actually a very comfortable smell and perfect for perfect for girls (like me) who don't like to wear big, bold, sillage monsters on a regular basis.
07th December, 2008
I guess I'm out of the target market for this, being in my late 30's. I was surprised to find that I do like it. It is an unexpectedly sophsticated amber scent with just a hint of sweet. The EdP doesn't have a lot of staying power, but it's not such a loud scent that you can't reapply it later in the day. Another good one for daytime/office wear.
27th August, 2008
The smelling is lovely and different but I like it.
01st August, 2008 (last edited: 10th August, 2008)
Well, at 40 years old, I'm not one of the "younger ladies", but I enjoy and will wear this perfume. Nicely balanced, with a spicy/woody drydown that is wonderful and will be especially nice for fall and winter. The perfumer that developed it, Rodrigo Flores-Roux, also created Donna Karan's Black Cashmere and her new Gold, so although they used a celebrity to market this, it's still a quality fragrance developed by professional perfumers! Well done in my opinion.
07th June, 2007
Don't really know what made me try this one...but it's actually nice. This composition reminds me of In Control Curious (Britney Spears). After sampling With Love, I was suprised to find amber in the base notes. It really dries down to smell more like Bath & Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar than any amber I'm familiar with. All in all it's a warm, user friendly fragrance in a pretty package! Decent price too. With Love is receiving a thumbs up ~ for the younger ladies!
05th June, 2007
Celebriscents either smell clueless or cheap...With Love is amazing, probably because it's done with careful restraint and balance. Nothing like a composition ruined by spiking it with fruit and/or florals that are overly voluptuous and headache inducing. Funny how I like WL...HD a lot more than the overly done Black Orchid by Tom Ford, which costs twice as much and not at all impressive to me. Because With Love has a woody amber tone at the base, there's also a familiarity to L'Occitane's Ambre and Armani Attitude for Men. With Love is well done, sophisticated and not at all girly-girly smelling of fruity gum drops and botanical hair conditioners.
05th May, 2007
I obtained a sample of this because I've heard some positive comments about it despite it being a celebrity fragrance. Although I think the bottle is beautiful and very classy, the fragrance was too sweet for me. It's got this fruity exotic sweetness and warm oriental base.

To Clare (the previous reviewer): I agree with most of your review but don't knock it for being an "artificial mango scent." If you just look up the pictures and some info - better yet, taste a fresh mangosteen - you'll realize they are about as similar as apples are to pineapples. Although both mangoes and mangosteens are have that tropical sweetness to them, they are completely different fruits with different scents.
30th January, 2007
This is one of the most wonderful fragrances I have ever owned or worn. I love how rich it smells. It's so complex unlike other celeb fragrances like heiress by paris hilton or fantasy by britney.

I love the mangosteen in the top notes and the amber is so light but with alot of kick to it. I also love it because of its wearability, I got it for christmas and not a single relative turned their nose up at it. my mom and I both love the vintage gold topped bottle and the perfect amount that it sprays.

I totally recommend this fragrance to anyone over 13 and under 35. a great investment that you will love wearing.
26th December, 2006
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United States
i'd just like to note that mangosteen is NOT that similar to mango. i had it this past summer in the philippines; it is a yummy white fruit in a purple shell-like skin that has a subtle, tangy edge contrasting nicely with its soft meat.

as for the perfume, it is alright but not too unique, nor do i detect anything particularly reminiscent of mangosteen. it smells mostly like a generic sweet candy.
25th December, 2006
An artificial mango scent...the promo material says mangosteen, an exotic fruit I've never tried, but it must be similar. With Love is pleasant enough, but not something you really want to smell on yourself, unless you're a teenage girl. Doesn't last long either. Luckily, mine was a free sample.
05th November, 2006
I needed some help from wikipedia on what Hilary Duff has actually done in her career.. but nevertheless fell in love with the olde world bottle design- meets-the contents of sweet amber notes more typical of the adventurous naughties. I find the basenotes somewhat similar to the male fragrance 'Laguna' by Salvidor Dali.

On the test strip 'With Love' smelt too sickly sweet, but blended with my skin it is quite subtle, feminine and alluring. A pity the yummiest topnotes don't last longer.
01st November, 2006
Very Woodys and fresh. I love this, seems to be a bit of fruit in it.

Fun, Loving, Beautiful just like Hilary Duff herself. This is a must buy for any Hilary Duff fan, good for ages 14-21
23rd October, 2006
This perfume smelled nice on me for about 15 minutes, then was just way too much to handle. I had to run for the restroom to wash it off because it was so strong it started making me nauseous.
17th October, 2006
One of the worst thing I have ever smelt this year. Overwhelming mix of hot milk, cinnamom, vanilla, coconut, pinapple, and mango. Smells like a car air freshner. Or a pinacolada.
13th October, 2006