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Negative Reviews of With Love... Hilary Duff by Hilary Duff

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I don't think this fragrance deserves all these nice compliments. It was so synthetic. If you read any of my reviews.. thats really what i say about all the fragrances. But I stand by my words. Maybe synthetic isn't the word, it just smells bad though. I think it was too strong with no love. Like it's missing that warm feeling a sweet fragrance should have. It's harsh.

Note: I only smelt this fragrance through a tester strip.
18th March, 2010
An artificial mango scent...the promo material says mangosteen, an exotic fruit I've never tried, but it must be similar. With Love is pleasant enough, but not something you really want to smell on yourself, unless you're a teenage girl. Doesn't last long either. Luckily, mine was a free sample.
05th November, 2006
This perfume smelled nice on me for about 15 minutes, then was just way too much to handle. I had to run for the restroom to wash it off because it was so strong it started making me nauseous.
17th October, 2006
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