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I inherited a bottle of With Love from a trusted perfume friend. Her love of obscure indie perfumes made the fact that she had a celebuscent a bit of a mystery, but on smelling it, I can see what she enjoyed in it.

First of all, it's complicated. There's a creme caramel pink pepper base that's clear from the top, spiced with cinnamon and played against sandalwood. There's also a jammy plum rose with hints of wine on top, and it's all held together by a big dollop of moist tobacco and tonka.

The end result is a perfume that smells like a bunch of familiar ideas (Angel's caramel, Burberry Brit's pink pepper, and a rosy fruitchouli), but with all that tobacco and tonka and cinnamon taking it into unfamiliar territory. As such, it's got the elements of a fruity floral and a gourmand, but really isn't either. It's not really my cup of tea, but I can see how a tobacco/tonka fanatic with extremely advanced tastes could fall in love with this, so I understand my friend's infatuation.
10th June, 2016
Tried this the other day.

Nothing special at all.

Smells like Pi by Givenchy but with a slight hint of tropical fruit (the mango?).

Anyway longevity, silage and projection are all poor. This is a skin scent.

Not worth owning IMO but it isn't horrid
13th August, 2012
This is a little too spicy for my liking. It's not a horrible smell, the drydown was quite a likable deep amber, but there was something about With Love that just didn't seem right. Perhaps it's the strength of the overall fragrance, which is rather overpowering when first applied that ruins this fragrance for me. I could imagine myself liking this if it was a lighter EDT version.

26th April, 2011
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When i first tried this i thought sheesh
it's another run of the mill celeb fragrance but never say never it has great
Silage very long lasting smells expensive
for a fraction of the price.

It opens with sweet mango then in a minute
spices i detect Chai adds to the quasi exotic atmosphere of this scent the mystery of the scent of Cocobolo the first material ever used in a perfume
always keep me guessing what does it
smell like? it conjours like a ancient
Aztec market selling spices dyed in brightly colored dyes with it's intoxicating smell drifting though like
an offering to the Goddess of fertility,

The drydown returns to the scent of mango due to the note of Mango blossoms
sweetening with amber musk is elusive
that's because of the domineering notes
of Mango and Spices it hides in diluted forms.

With Love is no Ordinary teen celeb
kind of fragrance with it's transitional
sophistication of a mature perfume and
yet with the marketing though young
teenage girls this scent Yells

"I'm not a Girl and I'm not yet a woman
03rd December, 2010 (last edited: 30th March, 2011)
I tried it in a store and don't have a sample. My impression is nicely done sugar fest. It's pretty, NOT obnoxious. There's a light dose of fruit (I guess the mangosteen). Then a not terribly deep or distinguished base of sugar amber woods. I felt it was missing a component somewhere..something that would make it truly a perfume, rather than a pretty scent idea. I like it. But it wears and feels pretty young. If I had a niece I might gift her with this...

07th October, 2010
I get a very different result than others have with this, so I'm giving a neutral rating. It's not for me, but apparently HD and I just really, really don't agree. All I got was pepper - spicy, sharp, freshly ground black pepper. I eventually washed it off after a few hours because I was getting ready to go out and didn't want to smell like I'd scented myself with a pepper mill. I was actually shocked when I read the notes list and didn't see any pepper, or the ubiquitous (nowadays) pink peppercorn, because the note for me was so overwhelming, I couldn't detect anything else. No fruits, no sweetness, no vanilla...just pepper.
31st October, 2009
To me it smells like apple pie... Nice, adorable, but somehow weak, not long-lasting at all... Can't feel it after 15 minutes... Maybe only on my skin, don't know...
14th May, 2009
It is an okay fragrance. It smells like a light-weight Versace Crystal Noir - however, it lacks a lot of uniqueness. It does not stand out. It does not have it's own personality. It is a "safe" fragrance. It is a fragrance that I would wear to bed because I love smelling great ALL the time - even in my sleep. Other than that, I would not wear it anywhere else. It just does not stand out. The price is good though, however, because the scent does not last long, the price fits what it offers which is a nice fragrance for shy girls that refuse to stand out. I am not such a girl.
30th April, 2009
I obtained a sample of this because I've heard some positive comments about it despite it being a celebrity fragrance. Although I think the bottle is beautiful and very classy, the fragrance was too sweet for me. It's got this fruity exotic sweetness and warm oriental base.

To Clare (the previous reviewer): I agree with most of your review but don't knock it for being an "artificial mango scent." If you just look up the pictures and some info - better yet, taste a fresh mangosteen - you'll realize they are about as similar as apples are to pineapples. Although both mangoes and mangosteens are have that tropical sweetness to them, they are completely different fruits with different scents.
30th January, 2007
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United States
i'd just like to note that mangosteen is NOT that similar to mango. i had it this past summer in the philippines; it is a yummy white fruit in a purple shell-like skin that has a subtle, tangy edge contrasting nicely with its soft meat.

as for the perfume, it is alright but not too unique, nor do i detect anything particularly reminiscent of mangosteen. it smells mostly like a generic sweet candy.
25th December, 2006